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Men's Halloween Costumes

Have a Splash with the Wildest Men’s Costumes in Town!

The time for tricks has come, so treat yourself - with our powerful collection of spandex costumes for men, made to make Halloween hotter than ever before!

Our picks are made of the highest-quality spandex, provide a solid firm fit, and come in a variety of mind-blowing all-over prints. From the past to the future, and all-world-round - they are designed with care for detail and perfection from the fashion boutique of the devils.

So, what do we have on the list here?

The Robots, The Droids & The Warriors

We took the best futuristic, anime, and robotic motifs and catered them to the Halloween spirit - spooky enough to make ‘em shiver and sexy enough to make ‘em bow. With durable graphic prints and a concealed zipping, our mechanical models will give you a sweet second-skin feel and an omnipotent rave vibe.

They are all made with UV reactive inks on a non-see-through structure that is sleek, streamlined, and thoroughly epic.

The Skeletons & The Skulls

We’ve blended the good old Halloween vibe with hi-tech fashion to make you stand out among all hallows. The skeleton-printed costumes for men are an all-time classic with a precious contemporary twist - digital glitches, white noise, and pitch-black emo horror. They are boldly bodycon and made to fit the shapes like a glove - suitable for all body sizes and types.

All you need to do is fill your costume with mood, and then go make Halloween history!

The Devils & The Demons

At Devil Walking, things tend to get a bit devilish, you know. Our demonic Halloween costumes for men are anything but ordinary - vividly dark, ominously smooth, and ravishingly refined. With realistic 3D prints and a dedicated design, you are guaranteed to wear a piece of pure horror art while enjoying breathability, pliability, and superb elasticity. 

Once you jump into your one-piece, you are ready to psych out like a pro!

Get ‘em Fast, Use ‘em Long

Make your purchase with fast worldwide shipping, and grab your creepy gear with a full guarantee of durability of color, shape, and form. We only provide you with top-line garments that are wicked enough to inspire mischief and silken enough to give you the freedom to paint the town red. 

Ready to walk with the devils?