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how to style biker shorts for women rave summer festivals

How to Style Biker Shorts for Summer Festivals?

Biker shorts are designed not only to improve one’s efficiency while cycling. They are also here to improve your efficiency while having the time of your life, you know?

In recent years, biker shorts turned out to be a rave and festival trend that is here to stay. Skin-tight, flexible, comfy, and supportive, they are perfect for all the jumping, dancing, and mighty exploding you’re about to engage in during the next summer festival.

Do you still have some second thoughts about the styling of these babes, though? Below, we will give you some pro tips on wearing biker shorts like an EDM master. It’s the time to take notes and pick sides!

Put a Cheeky Crop Top On

cheeky crop top for rave styled with biker shorts

Crop tops are usually choice number one when styling biker bottoms for summer festivals. They simply go so well together - especially if you manage to match the fabrics and hues wisely. 

The good news - basically any type of crop top is a match. Cutout, asymmetric, cold shoulder, and bra models will all look savage with a pair of biker shorts. With a bra top taking a bit of a lead in the race, though. 

Go For a Foxy Boob Tube

boob tube crop top with biker shorts for festivals

The longer the shorts, the shorter the top? We have the perfect balance settled right here, right now.

Biker shorts and boob tubes are a couple made in heaven - both when it comes to comfort and when it comes to looks. The only way to make your styling even hotter is to add a suitable choker or neck gaiter before you go break somebody’s heart. 

Round ’em Out With an Oversized Tee

When wearing booty shorts, long or oversized tees are more of a no-no. Thankfully, your favourite multiple-XL t-shirt will love to dance along with your biker shorts.

In this case scenario, you will have a more freestyle and sporty look - kind of gangsta, kind of rave… Kind of one of a kind. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Matching Set

sexy rave outfit with long sleeves crop top and biker shorts

Thoughtful and time-consuming outfit styling is not actually your thing? We got you covered, gal! There is no way to make a wrong move with a pre-combined biker shorts set with matching prints.

We have them all - spectrum colors, mind games, and city lights. All you need to do is determine your style preferences and leap far beyond the basics. 

Is Winter Coming?

If the weather forecast is not favorable during your outdoor summer festival, you can style the biker shorts with multiple long-sleeved tops. Need some ideas? Here they come!

  • A gangsta hooded top - oversized or not;
  • A suitably coloured cardigan;
  • Your favourite blazer;
  • A wind jacket or a rain jacket; 
  • A vintage monochrome shirt; 
  • And even a sweater, if you feel like it!

Basically, biker shorts can handle any kind of top that suits your taste. Rave is all about unlimited freedom, remember? And so are high-quality bottoms, made of printed spandex. 

What About The Shoes?

Once again - there is almost a zero risk of making a mistake here. Depending on the rest of your outfit, biker shorts can look fresh and chic with diverse sorts of shoes - from sports models and ankle boots to artful high heels. 

A gentle reminder here - whatever festival shoes you decide to put on, always consider convenience first. You better feel free to dance like crazy than feel crazy about not being able to dance freely!

And Finally: The Accessories

The very best thing about biker shorts is that they are a distinct shape-shifter. 

Do you wear them with a glitter crop top? You’re sexy and glam.

Do you wear them with a cotton hoodie? You’re so Eminem, man!

Do you wear them with a black leather spiked bra? You’re the dominatrix.

So, you probably get the idea already. Any accessory is OK, as long as it is tailored to the overall concept of your outfit. After choosing the top and the footwear, you can style biker shorts with everything - from a printed bandana to a pearl necklace. 

Find Your Next Favourite Biker Shorts in Devil Walking

Now that you are already browsing the fashion boutique of the devils, why not keep exploring the craziest biker shorts in the underworld?

They are all-over printed, high-waisted, durable, squat-proof, non-see-through… And sooo not basic! 

What’s more - you can purchase them with a couple of clicks, get them in a couple of days, and have the spotlight all to yourself! Because the next summer festival is just peeking around the corner, and you need to be prepared to make it as epic as it could get.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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