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Alien Clothing & Outfits



Do you often feel like you belong in galaxies far, far away? It’s about time you make Earth feel like home - and do it by bringing your own spaced-out style along everywhere you go!

Our alien rave outfits and fashion picks are a ready-made solution for showing off your extraterrestrial origin. All that’s left for you is to pick your style and make ’em earthlings follow the trend!

Alien Rave Outfits 4 All!

There is a world of ways to look epic in a printed alien outfit, and we know them all too well. So we’ve put theory into practice by creating a rich catalog of garments with little green men, galaxies, space voids, and UFO motifs for every taste!

Here is what you’ll find around in our Rave Alien collection:

Booty Shorts & Tops Co-Ords

Shape-underlining, cropped, and strikingly sexy - our alien booty shorts and short crop tops are a couple made in the intergalactic fashion Shangri-la. They follow the latest rave trends and cater them to the evergreen cosmic exploration theme - because EDMs are all about transcending worlds, and so are you!

Sexy Alien Costume Picks

An alien costume is all you need in order to merge festival fashion, cosplay vibes, streamlined appearance, and psychedelic rave tradition. It comes in a one-piece, full-body cover design that feels like a second skin and looks like the best way to showcase your freakiness with no second thoughts!

Spaced-Out Rave Shorts

The best thing about rave shorts is that they look equally well with a graphic tee, a cut-out crop top, or a wrap-around triangle top. The second-best thing is that no one will actually be looking at your top... Because everyone will be way too busy appreciating what a pair of booty shorts can do for the appearance of your lower body parts instead. 

Off-Beat Onesie Designs

Soft, spacious, cushy, and totally nuts - onesies are here to prove that there’s nothing wrong with rocking the spotlight in your favorite pajamas! Now add the graphic alien prints and the outer space monster looks… And you have the recipe for making all jaws drop harder than the beat itself. 

Extraterrestrial Tee Shirts

If anyone ever told you that a t-shirt seems too basic for festival wear, invite them over and wait for the apology! Both cropped and oversized printed tees in our Alien collection are designed to bring together style, convenience, and cheekiness. And they do it like they do it on the ether space channel!

Alien Spandex Leggings

No rave fashion collection can ever be truly legendary without the evergreen top pick off all pro ravers - the printed spandex leggings. So, we have these babes around here, too - but with a cosmo plot twist! They are as snug and supportive as always - with their trim high waist, mild tummy-control effect, and 100% solid, non-see-through design.

So, are you in for the deep space jam? Cuz now all that’s left for you to do is to add some glory to the cart and wait for it to arrive at your door!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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