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Women's Two Piece Sets

Ruthless Top to Bottom!

Why pick up the pieces yourself when you can have the puzzle solved with just a couple of clicks? At Devil Walking, we know how to make fashion: 2-Piece, and 1-style - brutish! Ready to step up your game and become the hotshot of the upcoming festival? You got game, and we got gear! So, let’s give these boys some goosebumps!

Why are Co-ord Sets Cool?

Co-ords are a game-changer for many reasons. First - yea! - they require zero effort for styling up. Rady-made perfection won’t waste ur precious time ever again. Then second - double yea! - they are a spotlight-stealer. Wanna make it to that livestream from Burning Man? Co-ords are how you become capturable AF!

Matching 2 Piece Sets: Made To Double The Pleasure

Your hand-picked selection of rave garments is always there to save the night. But girl, those rave outfits will give you way too many bonus life points! Make it double and jump straight in the trouble - because we are playing Immortal Combat here, and we know how to make you finish ‘em! Fatality guaranteed. 

Tops & Leggings Two Piece Sets

Printed Leggings are what they are: unmatched. Oh, but wait... What if you actually match them? Add the perfect finish to your elastic waistband: be it a bra top or a silken hoodie, be it long-sleeve or sleeveless, be it witchy or bitchy. All you need to do is grab the pack and bite the bullet. In for the kill?

Tops & Biker Shorts Matching Sets

A biker, a hiker, a striker, or a bold disliker - we got you covered, and we got you covered well! Pair up your biker shorts with the savage crop tops they deserve - because a picture can never be perfect when it lingers unfinished. You are two steps from hell now, and you’re walking the edge! Let’s start the ball rolling, won’t we?

Tops & Booty Shorts Matching Set

Women from all hells, unite! At the fashion boutique of the devils, clothing is not what it once was. Uncover, unveil, and unwind - in sexy booty shorts with tube tops in matching patterns! It doesn't matter what they say; it doesn’t matter what they play - all that matters here and now is that you slay!

We Got It All!

Elevate your style and devilize your experience now by purchasing your favorite form and your favorite print from Devil Walking! We have conquered the world already, and you are welcome to join our limited edition devil squad - with fast worldwide shipping and a full satisfaction guarantee. Browse our ever-growing selection of high-quality matching sets for women, and enjoy every next version of yourself - because they are all unholy enough to beat ‘em to the punch!

Is a matching set the same as a co-ord?

Basically, yes. These are multi-garment outfits that share a concept, a theme, a print - or all of them at once. They can consist of a top and a bottom but can also include some additional accessories - a neck gaiter, a face mask, thumbhole sleeves, etc.

How to style co-ords?

You don’t actually need to - your style has already been taken care of! All you need to do is pick the appropriate footwear and do the details - hair, makeup, and a suitable jacket for the cooler months. Adding a pair of crew socks might also be a good idea if you want to keep it cheekily old-school.

Are two-piece sets in style?

Boy, aren’t they? Along with full-body costumes, two-piece sets have made it to the top picks for raves for decades now. The diversity of cuts and prints will help you stick to your unique style while limiting the precious time for picking up the pieces - and convenience is always in style!