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Drawstring Bags

We know a good night out requires a good stack on your back. So, we’ve designed the most wickedly fancy way for you to carry your stuff in style - the printed sports string bag!

A high-quality drawstring bag has multiple advantages for both your comfort and your looks. It is amazingly lightweight and comfortable on the back and contains your belongings flexibly and pliably. In addition, drawstring backpacks have an ideal size vs. capacity ratio, thus allowing maximum carriage with minimum hussle.

By using high-quality fabric blends, we’ve also achieved excellent durability. As a result, Devil Walking’s drawstring bags won’t wear out, fade, or tear anytime in the near future - so in addition to stunning, they are also eco- and budget-friendly.

Last but not least - let’s talk about prints! Our unisex sports bags are works of professional designers, and you can quickly tell this with a single glance. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the most hair-raising Halloween bag or the most cheeky rave pack for your next EDM. You’ll find it right here, and you will make it your signature accessory from the fashion boutique of the devils!

What is a drawstring bag?

Drawstring bags (also called cinch-up bags) are a sporty type of backpacks, made of soft fabric cloth with no fixed shape. Their opening regulated with a pair of strings you can pull back and forth to open or close the bag.

How to adjust a drawstring bag?

Adjusting your drawstring bag is as easy as pie. All you need to do is tie the string knots at the desired position and enjoy.

How to wash a drawstring bag?

Always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions, provided on the label of your drawstring bag. The products of Devil Walking are always performing their best when treated with cold washing, with no centrifuge and harsh abrasive chemicals.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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