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Neck Gaiters

Going out for some outdoor activities brings some special equipment. You know – the shoes, the Windstopper, the shades. And one crucial adding one can easily forget about – that funny little thing called buff. What for a face covering, you may ask. Well…

Breathable Neck Gaiter

Our neck fleece gives more than one advantage to its cool wearer. First of all, is the obvious current reason – you can simply put it as a face mask and protect yourself and the others. Then again, it’s not only flying germs it stops – it’s your cool shield against dust and soil – especially when running in the outdoors, riding a bike, or partying at a summer festival. Plus, it is a swanky neck warmer in colder weather and has a cooling effect with its UV Resistance.

Summer Rave Accessories

The neck fleece will be a hell of a friend of the modern women for the summer heat and dust. It protects, cools down, warms up, has a moisture-wicking effect, but it also gives you a glimpse of the devil’s look there – just browse these wicked designs the microfiber tube comes in. Now you can get your nose and mouth covered and still look cool – or hot for that matter, making neck gaiters the ultimate rave accessories for a summer festival.

Cooling Neck Gaiter

The breathable, 100% microfiber polyester material of our face coverings will make sure you won’t get your neck sweaty. They keep your face and neck skin clean and warm, but they also have a cooling effect. This includes the vision because they do stay devilish cool.

Protecting Neck Gaiter

For outdoor activities, we need masks. Either running, riding a bike in nature, or even a big open-air music festival, when thousands of people while dancing like the devil lift up clouds of dust. And these are the moments you breathe deeply. So, don’t inhale dirt; put on a fancy buff and enjoy the ride and the fun.

How to Use Neck Gaiter

What does a neck gaiter do, except for covering your face? Well, with it, you can hold your hair like a bandana, put it as a beanie, make use of it as a neckerchief, adding to your outfit. Or corresponding to today’s craze, make it a cool-looking face mask to cover your mouth and nose while hanging out. Or even wear it as a wristband. So many choices!

Cool Looking Neck Gaiter

Face masks are boring, yes, but the neck gaiter is all about being comfy, keep you cool and look darn nice. Just see those prints in electric colors, liquid forms, or dark shapes. Just choose the ones that suit you best and go get that sun and air!

Getting sunbeams but not the UV rays, breathing the mountain air but not the dust of the dirt road, jump in the dance area without breathing in the dirt, and look devilishly cool while doing it – this is what your neck gaiter adds to your outfit. Put it on and make the outdoors your home!

How to keep the neck gaiter from slipping?

Yes - you’ll be doing a lot of dancing during a rave, and you’ll be needing your accessory to stay in place. The steadiest position can be accomplished when you put the front of the gaiter slightly higher from the neck - up to your chin - while you fix its back side toward the back of your scalp.

How to wear a neck gaiter with long hair?

Long hair won’t go in the way if you wear the accessory as a neck tube. Anyway, if you’d like to use it as a face mask, it would be wise to split your hair into two halves, place the back side of the gaiter in between, and let the upper half stand above it to cover the fabric. Of course, if that’s too much trouble, tying your hair up is always an option.

What are some non-party ways to use a neck gaiter?

This multipurpose accessory is not strictly reserved for raves. Many people employ it as a tactical tool, a sports gear during all seasons, a hiking, cycling, or fishing accessory, and even an everyday apparel booster perfect for all-year-round use.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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