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Oversized graphic tee for women with printed smoking alien

How To Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee?

Graphic tees are a handy, stylishly versatile, and all-purpose garment choice for looking prodigious on multiple occasions. They are good for a casual stroll downtown, they are good for clubbing, and they are - of course - good for rocking the show during all sorts of raves, EDMs, and music festivals.

So when you find your wardrobe plugged with some gorgeous graphic tees for women, all that’s left for you to do is think of the perfect styling. Below, you will get some practical tips on matching your top alien clothing with appropriate bottoms, shoes, upper garments, and accessories.

Ready to go far beyond the ordinary with the fashion boutique of the devils?

How to Style a Graphic T-Shirt or a Cropped Graphic Tee?

Cropped graphic tees and classic graphic T-shirts are an all-time favorite in a raver’s closet. They merge freedom of expression with a comfy and relaxed fit that’s not too requiring in terms of styling. In fact, you can combine these babes with virtually anything, as long as you keep an eye on how colors and fabrics go together.

So after you pick the cut, fitting, and prints of your tee, you can go through our checklist of bottoms to try and choose from.

Booty Shorts

Booty shorts and cut-out crop tops are a front-cover rave gear, but you already know that. Still, some ready-made two-piece sets might feel too revealing or awkward for girls who are not used to these types of cuts. But, then, the booty shorts + a cropped graphic tee is just the middle ground you’re looking for.

When colors are concerned, putting a pair of single-colored shorts below a graphic tee is the safest way to go. You can either stick to classic black or white or pick a color from the tee’s palette - be it the main or a secondary one.

model posing with a pink cropped tee and black booty shortsPink Outer Space Cropped Tee

Spandex Leggings

No surprises here - you can simply never go wrong with putting printed spandex leggings with any rave top design out there. Graphic tees make no exception, be they cropped or not.

In order to sidestep style police, you can observe the same color-matching logic described above. Namely - stick to one-color leggings if your graphic tee is excessively colorful and kaleidoscopic, and put patterned leggings if your tee has just a statement front print instead.

Of course, you can also find plenty of well-coupling tees and leggings with matching prints, hues, patterns, and motifs. No epic is too epic, you know?

Denim Bottoms

Last but not least - women’s graphic tees can be successfully styled with all types of short, mid-length, and full-length denim bottoms. The structure, the design, and the wash of the jeans are yours to choose from, as you can typically make no mistake here.

In fact, the thorn denim shorts + cropped graphic tee outfit is an evergreen go-getter streetwear that also fits the vibe of all types of raves, parties, and festivals. It goes equally well with your sporty flat sneakers, rave boots, and even platform heels. And it feels just as fantastic as it looks!

How to Style an Oversized Graphic Tee?

Styling an oversized graphic tee is slightly more challenging than styling a traditional or a shortened model, or at least it may seem so if you’re not experienced enough. Although you can experiment with looks as boldly as you’d like to, there are a couple of time-tested oversized tee combinations that you can jump straight into and make your fashion splash.

Biker Shorts

As booty shorts will be fully hidden under the long graphic tee, they are not the best option to consider. Instead, you can try to style your top with stretchy biker shorts that reach just above the knee.

As a result, you will get an old-school sporty look and a top-tier feeling of comfort, freedom, and flexibility of movement. Needless to say, your platform sneakers, skate shoes, or even running sneakers will be the ultimate culmination of the outfit.

two models with oversized graphic tees and black biker shortsGreen Alien Heads & Drippy Aliens Oversized Tees

Denim Shorts or Jeans

It doesn’t matter if you let your oversized tee hang freely or you prefer to tuck it in - it will always look cool af with a pair of worn-out jeans. Slim fit, loose fit, patched, or wide-leg - all cuts go well, as long as you stick to your original styling idea for a more girly or a more gangsta look.

For a more cheeky festival appearance, you can stick to short denim jeans, put a pair of sexy fishnets below, and tuck your long tee in on the side. Then put your riding boots on and show them what a party means!

Or Just Wear It as a Short Dress

Oversized tees are a two-in-one garment you can easily wear as a short and spacious dress. In this case, you virtually need no extra styling, except for a fitting pair of footwear and a cute backpack to wear your stuff around.

Of course, you can always upgrade your look by adding some accessories - an elastic bandana, a pair of playful crew socks, or a set of bracelets in spectrum colors.

oversized tee dress with printed aliensAlien 420 & Black Alien Heads Graphic Tees

Styling the Perfect Graphic Tee Outfit: Extra Tips and Tricks

Selecting the bottom might be the most crucial part of styling a graphic tee, but it is just the beginning. After you have the basics, you can start adding up layers and altering your fashion concept with little accessories.

So, here are some little hacks you can try next time:

  • During spring and autumn, you can try putting a long-sleeve blouse below your tee or a chosen type of jacket or vest above it.
  • If you’re up for experimenting, you can try different front and side knots on your tee, thus transforming it into multiple different designs.
  • A cropped graphic tee is something you can wear under your short or classic overalls - be it knotted or not.
  • For better silhouette shaping, you can use a waist belt on occasions when you wear your oversized tee as a short dress.
  • In case you’ve been wondering - yes, you can wear your graphic tee with all kinds of long and short skirts, including some brute rave picks.

Finally - don’t forget that festival fashion has nothing to do with everyday styling. If you’re purchasing your graphic tee for party purposes, dare to experiment with makeup, face jewelry, hats, and sunglasses to make it look even more stunning than it already is.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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