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printed leggings ideas for summer

How To Wear Printed Leggings In The Summer

Spandex leggings with all-over prints are on the list of summer must-haves for rave girls, and that’s hardly a coincidence. This is probably the garment that best combines an eye-catching style, perfect comfort, and multi-purpose looks for both everyday wear and explosive summer parties.

So, there is only one question that needs to be answered before you go out and show off your new pair of printed leggings for women. And that’s the question about styling.

Below, we will take you through the essential steps of outfitting your graphic leggings so that you’d be the hottest party-starter around town.

Step 1: Choose The Best Printed Leggings

octopus printed leggings for women@kimiperi Wearing Octopus Leggings

Logically enough, your leggings outfit will be built around the leggings. However, to make your further effort fruitful, you will first need the right pair chosen under the following criteria:

  • The season. Summer leggings shall be as light, breathable, and flexible as possible. Choosing a lycra or spandex blend will be the perfect way to go for warmer months, as it provides ideal moisture-wicking and keeps sweaty odors away.
  • The see-through extent. You’ve probably seen how transparent leggings can ruin a look, so don’t do that to yourself. Instead, make sure you purchase a pair that’s solid enough to outline your shapes without making your underwear a part of the party.
  • The size. Printed leggings are supposed to look like a second skin and have a really gentle shape-molding effect on the tights and the tummy. You’re wearing the wrong size if it looks loose and baggy, and you’re wearing the wrong size if it forms muffin tops on your waist.
  • The design. Except for fabrics, leggings can differ by waistline and length. The variety is not super extensive, though - you can choose between Capri leggings that reach to the calf or opt for full-length models that get to the ankle. High-waisted models are super trendy and makeup up to 90% of the good models on the market, so you probably won’t be hesitating too much about this feature in 2022.
  • The occasion. There is no fixed rule telling you not to hit the streets with cutout biker shorts or not to hit the gym with festival leggings. Anyway, you’d probably like to consider the event you’re buying your leggings for and make sure you feel comfortable and glamorous.

If you need a gentle reminder that leggings are not considered formal or professional attire, here it comes. Wear them for a casual urban stroll, for an EDM, a cosplay gathering, or for sports activities. But avoid putting them on during formal events - except in the cases when you’re intentionally rebellious, of course.

Step 2: Pair Your Leggings with the Perfect Top

High-waisted printed leggings are relatively easy to style, especially if you already have a favorite cut or looks you’re trying to achieve. If not - here are a few ideas you can use as inspiration.

A Graphic Crop Tee

A high waist and a short top look perfectly trim together. And if you’re not looking for a super bodycon look, a graphic crop tee will be your piece of cake. It is short, spacious, and super cute, so all you need to do is choose the fit for your leggings.

You can follow a simple rule - if your leggings are patterned, your tee should be single-colored or printed just on the front. Mixing up patterns is rarely a good idea, so if you’re not buying a ready-made set, stick to adjusting the main colors and keeping one of the garments simpler than the other.

An Oversized Tee

Coupling printed leggings with oversized tees is also done often - because it looks totally badass! That’s more of a gangsta tomboy outfit that gives you more space and does not underline your shapes but your rebel vibe!

You can wear your oversized tee fully down or make a knot if you want to make it shorter. Of course, you can experiment with different long tee looks and make the combination look different every time. A simple knot will turn your short tee dress into a spacious short top, so use your imagination and run wild.

A Sexy Crop Top

sexy sci-fi leggings with futuristic cyborg print@itscharenho Wearing Gold Cyborg Two-Piece Set

Last but not least - printed leggings and sexy crop tops are an ell-time festival hit. They are often sold in pre-made matching sets, and the variety of tops to choose between is simply mind-blowing.

So - a bra top, a cutout underboob top, a halter neck top, or a strapless boob tube? Browse through some sexy festival looks, choose what suits your taste best, and do your own leggings outfit made to measure your fancies!

Step 3: Pick the Right Pair of Shoes for your Outfit

Now that you have the leggings and the top, it’s time to spend some time picking the right footwear for your inclinations and purposes. The good news is that printed leggings can look equally good with anything - from flat canvas shoes to patent leather dance boots.

Some might say that you shall match an oversized tee look with sporty skater shoes, and you shall match a crop top look with girly high heels. But, of course, this would be such a narrow-minded piece of advice that you’d better ignore it.

The truth is that oversized tees look epic with leggings and heels, and foxy underboob tops too look epic with soft running shoes. So your only mission is to find the shoe model that you like and cater it to the color palette of your outfit.

Step 4: Accent your Outfit with Some Final Accessories

When you’re done with the garments of your outfit, all that’s left to do is to accessorize a bit… Or accessorize a bit more.

A statement necklace for everyday purposes, neon jewelry for music festivals, or simply a light jacket for a chilly summer evening - everything’s an accessory if you’re creative enough.

Some of the most popular leggings outfit accessories include little backpacks, stylish sunglasses, printed bandanas, or different types of hair accessories. The good thing about printed bandanas, in this case, is that when buying one, you’re purchasing a wristband, a neck gaiter, a face mask, a hair accessory, and even a beanie - all at once.

So, are you ready to show off some summer style in your favorite printed leggings? Don’t hesitate to show us your interpretation of a brute Devil Walking leggings outfit and see yourself shared on our social media!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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