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Spooky Halloween T-shirts for Men And Women

New Sexy Halloween Costumes 2022 - Ready To Slay?

It must be the season of the witch because the brand-new Halloween costumes are coming, and they are about to sweep you off your feet!

It’s no secret that, at the fashion boutique of the devils, we are always super excited about rocking out on All Hallows’ Eve. So, we are once again ready to equip you with a brand-new catalogue of high-quality Halloween costumes - designed specifically for the wicked ones.

Are you ready to level up your trick-or-treating game this year? Here is what we’ve got for you in 2022!

Graphic Halloween T-Shirts for Women and Men

couple matching halloween t-shirts

We love putting all-over graphic prints on a luxurious spandex base, and oops… We did it again! In the 2022 Halloween collection of Devil Walking, you will find plenty of printed oversized tees for men and women; all of them - horrifically gorgeous.

Women’s graphic tees come in a breezy, oversized design that allows for ease and freedom of movement. In addition, they have baggy sleeves reaching the elbow and a mid-thigh length, automatically turning them into the perfect short dress if that’s how you like them. Finally, you can round out the outfit with a pair of matching thumbhole sleeves made to assemble a complete Halloween look.

Men’s oversized tees, on the other hand, come as the easiest way for boys to dress up with minimum effort and maximum character. Be it a zombie, a tie-dye Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin, or a hi-tech skeleton - we have it all, and we have it good!

Printed Halloween Overalls & Shortalls

sexy skeleton halloween overalls for women

Printed shortalls and overalls might be perfect as rave apparel for EDMs and festivals. But they are equally unmatched as a Halloween costume alternative!

This being said, bib-and-brace overalls have a very special place in our 2022 Halloween collection. You can find them in a variety of sci-fi, monstrous, and cutely horror prints, all of which stand out with sleekness and glamor. Long legging or short, those babes swell as hell and highlight the body shapes while providing a mild supportive and sculpting effect.

If you’re wondering how to style dungarees for Halloween, the answer is quite simple. All you need to do is put on a base top and grab your mischievous mood on the go.

Matching Multiple-Piece Sets

green skeleton halloween costume for women

If one-purchase Halloween solutions are your piece of cake, you’re welcome! With a matching set, you won’t need to spend extra time on combining and styling garments; instead, you’ll only have to hop in and go.

Of course, ready-made doesn’t mean indistinguishable. Just on the contrary - around here, you will discover all the diversity you’d need to pick what suits you best. Our printed Halloween sets come in different cuts and different prints, thus forming a broad spectrum of ways to be horrifically exquisite.

You can choose between cold-shouldered crop tops with short or long sleeves, combined with biker shorts or flare pants. And - finally - you can also intermix prints and one-pieces to design your own version of a dreadful darling.

Bell Bottoms and Skater Dresses Are Back in the Game

black and white skeleton skater dress for halloween

So far, so good. But now... Now it gets even better!

For our Halloween 2022 costume collection, we’ve unleashed some well-kept closet trends that come straight from the realms of the evergreen. These are the girly skater dresses and the snappy bell bottoms - for all the ladies who’d love a high-tech throwback!

  • The printed Halloween skater dresses fuse immaculate grimness with fetching sex appeal - with plenty of witchy, goth, rattlebone, and cyber fiction designs made for dropping jaws.
  • The printed Halloween bell bottoms are old-school enough for a fashion time travel and modern enough for a trendy splash. Plus, their high waist and solid fabric structure make them super comfy to wear.

Both garment types are festival-friendly and will serve you well long after Halloween has come to pass. Because all occasions are perfect occasions to have all eyes on you!

And More of the Costumes That Never Get Old

blue oversized tee for women with skeleton print for Halloween with sleeves

Halloween fashion wouldn’t be the same without the state-of-the-art printed one-pieces that cover the body in 3D perfection. This year, we have them in glam robot prints, snazzy zombie patterns, and terrific skeleton bones!

All the inks used in the costumes are UV-reactive and shine out near an intense UV light. Thus you will keep up your vicious look throughout day and night while feeling confident as the antagonist in the story.

Moreover, you can culminate your Halloween look this year by adding a matching drawstring backpack. The brand-new accessory in our online shop is lightweight, durable, and functional - with plenty of space to contain your treats and plenty of style to unfold your tricks.

Ready to Rock Your Outfit for the Day of the Dead?

day of the dead dress to wear

Inspired by Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead brings an entirely different type of merriment into the night of horrors. So, we used the inspiration boost to translate this tradition into a fashion statement, complementing our 2022 Halloween collection.

The Day of the Dead prints are jiggly playful, colorful, and totally out-of-the-box. They blend together anime skulls and skeletons with merry lights, spectrum-hued detailing, and added ravishing cuteness.

All that’s left for you is to choose your design and wear it as you mean it!

So, are you ready to celebrate Halloween night like you never did before? Stay tuned because our new Halloween costumes for 2022 are hitting the web, and they will blow your mind before they blow everyone else’s!

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