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what rainbow outfit to wear to the pride parade in June 2022

Pride Month: 6 Adorable Rainbow Outfits to Rock in Pride Parade

June was first declared LGBT Pride Month by President Bill Clinton back in 1999 and 2000. Somehow, more than 20 years managed to pass from then on, and Pride Month is still being celebrated not only in the USA but also worldwide.

As time went by, Prides became a spectacle of expression. Bright, vivacious, daring, and unrestricted, they are putting out a lesson on how we should accept ourselves as we are and rock out in some sexy Pride outfits while doing so.

Today, we are giving out some hints about the best rainbow outfits of the season - brave enough to stand out, even at the eye of the spectrum.

#1 The Rainbow Spectrum Mini Dress

pride parade rainbow mini dress

Everybody loves sexy cut-outs, and when you add them to a body-tight mini dress, you get nothing but a spectacle.

The Rainbow Spectrum dress has underboob cuts, a deep scoop back, and a classic mid-thigh length. Its easy-to-outfit one-piece design asks for nothing but the right pair of boots. Then you’re all ready to lead the Parade!

#2 The “Love is Love” Set with Thong Shorts

love is love outfit for gay parade

This one brings together the all-time classic halter neck top and the super brazen thong short design to make your Pride experience worth it.

The high-waisted shorts are supportive for the tummy area, while the halter top allows for great fit personalization with two pairs of elastic ties - one for the neck and one for the back.

#3 The Rainbow Liquid Set with Bra Top

rainbow liquid outfit for pride parade

If you want to keep the thong short design and add something even sexier above it - now you can purchase a pair with a brutish bra top and a multipurpose bandana.

All pieces of the set are all-over printed with a liquified rainbow pattern in neon hues, and all the inks in it are UV-reactive. Plus, you can wear this mesmerizing co-ord on literally every rave and EDM festival on your calendar for years to come!

#4 The Rainbow Splashes Sleeveless Catsuit

pride parade outfit catsuit in rainbow pattern

The long-legging catsuit offers the perfect second-skin look for everyone who cherishes a bit of extra streamlined appearance during Pride Month.

Its construction is solid and non-see-through, while the high-quality spandex offers an additional shape-molding effect. The model looks stunning on all body types and fits all shapes and sizes ideally fine. All you need to do is check the sizing guide and make sure you stick to it while you make the purchase.

#5 The Rainbow Skeleton Shortalls

rainbow skeleton short overall for pride month

Are you looking for the crosspoint between mighty rave vibes, a spooky Halloween mood, Pride Month style, and cutesy girly fashion? We have it right here, and you will love it.

The Rainbow Skeleton shortalls are designed in baby pink, with an added graphic print of spectrum bones, including a ribcage, a spine, and a pelvis. The prints are neon bright and perfectly psychedelic - because you’re about to transcend realities, and so is your glamorous Pride outfit!

#6 The Rainbow Overflow Set with Skirt

shorts skirt in rainbow pattern perfect outfit for pride month 2022

Backside short skirts are a fine blend between classic booty shorts and short skirts. So the only way to make them even better is to add a rainbow overflow to build up the mood.

The two-piece Pride set is completed with a cut-out bra top with a wide elastic band finish on the abdomen. It is lightweight and breathable enough to make you feel comfortable, as well as jaw-dropping enough to grant you the spotlight wherever your Pride party ends up happening.

Love The Prints But Need Another Cut?

We have it! All of the color palettes and print patterns in our Print collection come in a variety of designs - including cut-out bodysuits, sets with biker shorts, and short-sleeve spandex dresses. Some of them show off some more skin, while others keep it more discrete - so whatever your style, you can show it out and enjoy it.

The Devil Walking team wishes everyone a happy Pride Month! Celebrate yourselves, celebrate others, build respect, and enjoy a world of radical acceptance - because that’s what rave culture has always stood for, and that’s what a better world is all about.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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