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What Should I Be For Halloween: 10 Kick-Ass Ideas

What Should I Be For Halloween: 10 Kick-Ass Ideas

Ready to get spooky? Halloween is this day of the year when you can put your savageness out in the spotlight and drop ’em jaws every step of your route. 

Today, we are about to give you ten state-of-the-art alternatives for dressing yourself like the badass you are. Because women’s Halloween costumes are all about you and your way to make it out alive during the night of monsters, ghosts, demons, and freaks.

We’ll guide you through like a pro - in the fashion boutique of the devils.

1. Skeleton

Your soul might be black as the night, but your bones will radiate like pure gold in this badass golden skeleton costume for Halloween. The epic spandex one-piece has a hidden zipper on the back and a shape-forming elastic construction that will fit your body like a glove. 

You can wear it with your brute combat boots, matching platform shoes, or even high heels for extra voluptuousness. Because skeletons and bones are an all-time Halloween classic, and now you can have it in an ultra-modern sleek version that will make ‘em mortals bend the knee.

Women Posing with Gold Skeleton Costume in Dark Room
@gaiapatra wearing Gold Skeleton Costume

2. Robot 

Wanna throw ‘em off their shoes in a savage futuristic look for Halloween? A realistic robot catsuit printed all over is all you need to make an ever-lasting impression. With long tight sleeves, a sexy mock neckline, and solid non-see-through material, it is the ultimate sci-fi garment for all the robochicks out there.

You can finish your appearance with a special Halloween face makeup design, then go show ‘em how the future looks like.

Women Posing with Cyber Costume with Weapon
@lunasith wearing Dominator Cosplay Costume

3. Dark Angel

One-piece doesn’t necessarily mean full-cover. In a sexy cutout bodysuit, you will have Halloween just the way you like it: hotter than hell. So here comes the dark angel you are - a little show-off, a little badass, and a little psychic. 

This piece of evil art has a broad circular cut on the front and cheeky trims on the sides: cuz there’s nothing more dangerous than a good girl gone bad, right? All you need to do is make yourself proud of your freshly rediscovered devilry.

Black Haired Women Posing with Cut Out Bodysuit
@shellydinferno wearing Angel Long Sleeve Bodysuit

4. Voodoo Doll

Black magic, witchcraft, voodooism, and necromancy - sounds sweet as candy, doesn’t it? You can show ‘em what you got when you show up in this voodoo doll Halloween costume printed all over with stitched patches. Its realistic pattern and quality materials will make you feel free and unrestricted while you look savage as the devil you are.

You can add a colorful wig in a chosen vibrant color for bonus life pints - be it hot pink, burning red, or even toxic green. That’s how you make ‘em evil spirits howl in terror!

Pink Haired Women wearing Voodoo Doll Costume

@asamgankster wearing Voodoo Doll Costume

5. Fairy

Not all fairies are kind-hearted, and you already know that. This Halloween, you can be the darkest kind of leprechaun out there by putting yourself in a silken all-over made of quality stretchable lycra. Mesmerizing head to toe is what you’ll be - with the contrast neon colors put on a pitch-black background of snug, shape-fitting construction. 

Don’t forget to put on some extra black makeup and blood-red lipstick - because dark is the new sexy, and fairies are the new devils.

Black Haired Women Posing with Fairy Costume in Forest
Fairy Costume

6. Mermaid

Screw Ariel because mermaids are not what Disney made you believe. Remind ‘em what a real siren looks like - spooky, deadly, steamy, and luscious. Taking ‘em mortals down deeps has never been easier - all you need is a printed mermaid catsuit covered all over with psychedelic marine elements. 

Don’t forget to polish up your apparel with a chosen set of accessories: from the kick-ass wig to the spooky face jewelry and the matching graphic makeup. Then go out there and give ‘em the underwater goosebumps!

Women with Long Pink Hair wearing Mermaid Costume

@ekarantina wearing Mermaid Costume

7. Mummy

Now that you’re ready to return to the world of the mortals, you can do it like a boss - in a super-realistic and bone-chilling Mummy outfit. Spooky and spicy, brute and alluring - it can be either a catsuit or a bodysuit, depending on your personal preferences of design and coverage. 

It has added elastic elements to put on your face and your palms so that you can achieve an extra lifelike effect. All you need is the proper face makeup to finish up the picture.

Women Posing with Mummy Costume in the Dark
Mummy Costume

8. Zombie

The only thing better than a zombie costume is a glow-in-the-dark zombie costume. So, why not take their breath away in a UV-sensitive one-piece covered all over with a hair-raising decomposing body print? The rotting flesh, the creepy bones, and the disassembling insides will make ‘em have a hunch - because Halloween is all about being the freakiest freak on the block.

The good news? Zombies come in all shapes and sizes - costumes, bodysuits, leggings, tops, and even matching two-piece sets. Grab the zombie costume for children to form the ultimate living dead family!

Women Posing with UV Reactive Zombie Costume in Dark RoomPunk Zombie Costume

9. Bionic Prototype

Wanna show ‘em how a time machine works like? You can now kick the door down in a mind-blowing bionic costume - cyber realistic, enchantingly mystic, and, well, slightly sadistic. Its form-fitting design is suitable for all body shapes and body sizes - because the future knows no boundaries, and neither do you.

You can also enjoy your favourite bio-robotic print on a tight bodycon dress with long sleeves and a sexy mock neckline. It’s perfect for your cyber Halloween cosplay afterparty - and all the cosplay parties that will follow.

Women dancing with Sci Fi Costume

@katiekansas wearing Bionic Prototype Women Costume

10. X-Ray Skeleton

Did we already mention skeletons? Okay, let’s mention them again - this time with x-ray flowers and butterflies included. You can wear the best of all worlds - diabolic and divine, lifeless and sprouting, entombed and airborne. Be a walking paradox - because your yin matches your yang; because your second skin matches your slang!

Women Walking with X-Ray Skeleton Costume
@ekarantina wearing X-Ray Skeleton Costume


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