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What To Wear To A Scary Halloween Party in 2021?

What To Wear To A Scary Halloween Party in 2021?

At Devil Walking, Halloween is more than just a dress-up occasion! It's a feast of wickedness, a celebration of horror, and a blowout for all the alternative girls from our thoroughly mischievous crew!

So, we celebrate! Today, we take you on a little tour through our brand-new Halloween collection of  womens scary Halloween costumes - made of the highest quality spandex, printed with the most brute realistic designs, and ready to take you feasting back in black!

Our promise is simple - by the end of the following paragraphs, you will never again have to ask yourself what to wear to a Halloween party. So, here comes the boom!

Steampunk Kicks In!

Steampunk is not something one wears as a costume; it is something one wears as an inherent passion. So - we got your little kink covered with the most mad-hat steampunk outfit ideas, freshly picked from the fashion boutique of the devils!

Steampunk Princess Costume

The brighter the suit, the darker the night! In this golden-plated, glistening, and detailed steampunk wear, you'll be sure to have a tremendous Halloween blast. It has an all-over gear armor print with flaxen angel wings on the chest and a concealed, hidden zipper on the back.

Needless to say, you can get it slim to plus size - cuz the bad babes' Halloween party knows no exceptions and no limitations.

Woman wearing steampunk costume one piece

Electric Blue Steampunk Outfit

When looking for a Halloween costume to snack souls in, electric blue is always the perfect place to start. Once rounded out with delicate golden ornaments, hard-ass automated sprockets, and a crackling x-ray spine, you will have a look that's both sinful and divine.

For bonus life points, don't forget to put on your craziest steampunk glasses and your favorite villain top hat!

Blue steampunk costume for Halloween

Steampunk Skeleton Halloween Costume

Are you still looking for a way to get creative in blending steampunk and Halloween costume motifs? Then, we've just made things simple for you! Show off your hardest of cores in this graphic copper skeleton print, put on a raven black bodycon base - sharp, breathtaking, and jaw-dropping as hell.

Pair it with your old-school rave boots, and run around painting the town red!

Halloween costume with skeletons for women

The Most Brute Skeleton-Themed Halloween Costumes

Now, back to the classic kind of Halloween party, shall we? Wearing an x-ray skeleton Halloween costume is a white-hot thing to do, as long as you do it the right way. The great news is that we know the right way, and we'll deliver it straight to the palms of your hands.

Glitch Skeleton Halloween Costume

A cyber party with a creaking bone soundtrack is how rave girls make Halloween worth it! Your insides will be glitching to the rhythm of the Matrix with this next-level look - made to suit your affection to all of the impossible worlds out there.

Wear it like a second skin, and feel it like second nature - cuz we're all beautifully malfunctioning in the skin-deep space.

Glitch Skeleton Halloween Costume for Women

Fire Skeleton Halloween Costume

Some girls just want to set the party on fire! Utterly dark and cruelly flaming, the fire skeleton costume is a must-have for the top-line mischief-makers of all hallows eve. Its realistic prints of a dissolving skeleton melting down to a stream of lava are gonna make them get your point - u better burn in flames than flicker in the darkness.

Gather your family, bring your friends; tonight, you are the burning man!

Halloween Costume for Women with Printed Skeleton in Fire

Purple Skeleton One Leg Halloween Jumpsuit

No creative outfits are good enough for your level of alternativeness? Hold our beer.

This one has one shoulder, one legging, and one style - the gloriously sinister! Printed with a glassy x-ray skeleton in amethyst purple, it will make your attendance worthy of the front page. Just loop your posh look with mind-boggling Halloween makeup, and give 'em a new idea of what a horror royalty looks like!

Woman wearing Halloween jumpsuit with one leg and one shoulder with purple skeleton print

Black Skeleton 2-Piece Halloween Costume

One-pieces are indeed a deal-maker, but let's not forget about the other side of the epic Halloween win coin. A pair of printed booty pants finished with a backside short skirt and a sexy hooded crop top - our black skeleton outfit is how you dress to impress.

As you may already guess, you can easily wear it time and time again after the Halloween party is over. It is excellent for every rave, festival, and cosplay event in the wide, wide world - both in 2021 and beyond.

Two piece set hooded crop top with bandana and skirt for Halloween with black skeleton print

The Future's Dressed in a Halloween Costume!

You've presumably noticed that at Devil Walking, we have a special thing for sci-fi, so fasten your space rocket seatbelts. This Halloween party is launching straight to other worlds!

Interstellar Warrior Halloween Costume

An ethereal white look and a diabolical grim vibe walk hand in hand, and you're touring them around town! In this futuristic one-piece, we've sprinkled equal parts of elegance and menace - the yin and the yang of a luxury sci-fi Halloween costume.

You choose what the future brings, and you make it storm in with you!

Future Fashion Interstellar Halloween Costume 2021 for Women

Space Girl Sci-fi One Leg Jumpsuit

Want to just space out into the night? Good for you then, as we got your extraterrestrial costume all ready to launch. Galaxies are awaiting, and realms are overlaying in this lucid one-leg one-shoulder costume, printed in kaleidoscopic purple, red, and orange avant-garde details.

Some outfits are just better than others when you want to keep your head way above the clouds.

Cyber Soldier Costume - Female Halloween Costume 2021

Reflective Fembot Halloween Costume

All eyes will be on you in this auroral costume, printed all over with bionic elements in royal purple and ink black. Its high-tech reflective surface glows in the dark when near an intense UV light, and its streamlined cut will give you an even more powerful shine in the darkness.

Your cosplay Halloween dress-up mission will be remarkably easy with the hidden back zipper and the red-hot mock neck finish on top.

Halloween Costume Fembot with Reflective Print

Army Bodysuit

Old-school camo mask patterns and futuristic troop armors make a great duo, don't they? With the futuristic army bodysuit in Devil Walking's new collection, you will make 'em shiver without ever moving a finger.

It has an alluring sleeveless design with medium-length shorts and a wide opening on the back - just bring your family of brutish warriors, and go for the attack!

Army Bodysuit for Women

Hell is Empty... And all the Devils are Walking!

Some Halloween costumes are dark; others are pitch black! So, if you want to dress for the perfect fatality, we have a couple of awe-inspiring ideas for you!

Devil Woman Halloween Costume

Our signature masterpiece is not merely red-hot; it is straight deadly! It is covered with a diabolic horn braid outline, put on a base of infernal black-blue and burning blood red. Just as lifelike as body art makeup and just as ominous as the devil himself, it is the ultimate dress-up choice for the girls that prefer pure evil before cutesy horror.

So, how black can you get?

Devil Woman Halloween Costume

Demon Knight Halloween Costume

Our demon knights', witch hunters,' and sirene callers' family is ever-growing, and you are always welcome to join our little freak holiday party! A blazing white steel corset and a silver-plated bewitchery are more than a distinctive way to dress before you show up.

For an even hotter look, you can add arcane makeup detailing, a freakish wig, and a little to a medium pinch of cruel intentions.

Demon Knight Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Ouja Hoodie Dress

Joining a good weirdo and looney holiday doesn't mean you can't feel snug, homey, and cheekily vile. With an oversized hoodie dress, you get both the feeling of spacious comfort and the look of a psycho muffin.

Plus, you can keep using it for a kick-ass goth look in your everyday life once Halloween is over.

Black goth hoodie dress in Ouja board and coffins print

Inspired for What to Wear to a Halloween Party?

Your bad-to-the-bone apparel for Halloween 2021 is safe in our hands! All you need to do is pick your style, purchase it with just a couple of clicks, and enjoy a fast worldwide delivery straight to the front of your door.

Join our global mischief-maker community now, and let us all go perfectly unholy!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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