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Why do we LOVE Two-Piece Sets?

Why do we LOVE Two-Piece Sets?

Styling the perfect party outfit may sound easy for someone who has the time, the skills, and the overall passion for planning all the details. So if you happen to be in the group of the chosen ones - go grab a beer and celebrate yourself! Anyway, if you are not - today, we will gently draw your attention to the simplest and yet most sophisticated way to look polished as hell. 

And it’s called, rave ladies and gentlemen, two-piece sets!

They Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Okay, first of all - your opportunities here are literally infinite. Both of the pieces of your outfit can have different cuts, fits, lengths, and designs.

A sleek long-sleeved top or a cheeky boob tube? A pair of polished long leggings or a pair of savage booty shorts? You can find the perfect combination that suits your body type, your overall concept, and your party mood - then go put that two-piece perfection in your shopping cart and enjoy it while you enjoy yourself. 

Women holding a bat and wearing leggings set
@sarahsergey wearing Black Newspaper Leggings Set

Boy, They Do Have a Spirit!

The design is essential indeed. But the print makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

In the fashion boutique of the devils, we pay special attention to the details that make it picture-perfect - the colors, the patterns, the motifs… And the vibe. Because everyone’s perfect two-piece set is perfect in a different way - a cyberpunk way, an enchantress way, a space travel way, or a chic monochrome way.

All you need to do is keep an eye on your appetites and then make sure to feed the hunger. 

Front View of a Girl Wearing Rave Two Piece Set
@ekarantina wearing Psy Trance Leggings

No Need for Additional Styling 

By picking a pre-assembled two-piece rave set, you will spare yourself the trouble of staring at the mirror and wondering if you have a match. Instead, you will obviously have the ultimate one. 

No matter if you choose to wear a mono-patterned or a poly-patterned top and bottom, a professional designer will have left their mark on it. As a result, colors and shades will go together perfectly, the contrasts will shine with glamor, and the fashion concepts will be on point. Sounds easy, does it not? And it is!

And Did We Mention That You Can Swap Them?

No amount of two-piece sets is ever a sufficient amount of two-piece sets, a wise man once said. All we do is merely buy their genius theory. 

Once you’ve set up the rave wardrobe of your dreams, you can experiment and start exchanging tops and bottoms between sets to form an entirely new way to be mind-blowing - your way. 

That being said, swapping tops and bottoms is a wise thing to do if one of your sets has a single-color part or if both of your sets have similar overall ornamentation. Always keep in mind that at least one color shall overlap and that goth leggings don’t usually go flawlessly with pink leopard tops. Or do they?

Women Wearing Pink Hat, Hoodie Top and Black Shorts
@ekarantina wearing Black Booty Shorts

… Also, They are an All-Time-Classic

Rave fashion has brought a massive abundance of trends to life, but it definitely did not invent two-piece sets. These babes are a traditional way to brighten your look and stand out in any environment - a summer festival is simply no exception.

Or else said: wearing two matching pieces of clothing might simply be the only thing that rave fashion and conventional fashion have in common. Don’t let that fact bring you down, though - rave sets may be coming from the pastry shop, but they are still a different piece of cake!

And they ROCK!

This long story can quickly go very short: 2-piece rave apparel is nothing but superior. 

You can combine it with all types of extra coats and blazers, wear it with all kinds of footwear, and finish it with all sorts of accessories. Thus, you will rock with style while also being able to show off your final, personal touch to your looks. Easily, swiftly, and absolutely with no restrictions!

Find the Ultimate Two-Piece Rave Set from Devil Walking

Our catalogue is finely packed with state-of-the-art pieces of rave fashion, made of high-quality Italian lycra. To the immaculate style of two-piece outfits, we’ve added perfect lightness, freedom, flexibility, and sex appeal.

Our printed spandex babes fit like a glove, provide fantastic body support, and have the power to also gently sculpt the silhouette - because feeling good is just as essential as looking glorious!

Are you beginning to feel inspired yet? Then, we suggest you keep on the journey by exploring our catalogue and enjoying rave fashion the way it was always supposed to be - designed to bring life to the party and bring the party to life!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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