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10 Super Creative Gifts for a Rave Girl

10 Super Creative Gifts for a Rave Girl

Is the rave girl in your life throwing a birthday party soon? Or you’d probably want to surprise her with no need for a special occasion? Good!

But keep in mind that rave & EDM culture is a way of life - so a rave chic is nothing like an ordinary girl… And your gift is also expected to be special and well-thought-out.

Below, you will get our ten on-spot ideas for rave girls’ gifts - cheeky and extraordinary enough to suit the person who receives them!

#1 A Festival Ticket

Obvious, isn’t it? Rave girls tend to value experiences way more than they value belongings, so giving her a ticket for an unforgettable weekend away is definitely a deal-maker. Of course, the safest way to go is to buy a ticket for an event she’s already shared she’d like to visit.

If not - you can shoot for nearby events and local festivals, just to make sure you won’t be creating a burden instead of a pleasant surprise. Then all that’s left is to organize a wow-effect present arrival and enjoy the reaction.

#2 A Brutish Rave Outfit

sexy girl wearing two piece outfit with booty shorts and underboob wrap around crop top@jaklin_petrova Wearing Indigo Dancer Set

And if you think that a next-level festival outfit is a belonging, you’re wrong. It’s an experience too! Printed two-piece rave outfits are not only a hot fashion trend for EDMs but also a rave girls’ must-have now that full-length live festivals are back.

If you’re about to purchase a rave set for a gift, make sure you do your research about the size and choose a print according to your girl’s taste. Remember - her taste, not yours. Whether trippy and psychedelic or cyber-realistic and punk - your spectrum of choice is broad enough to make it speak volumes of her and make her happy.

#3 A Thematic Printed Overall

Printed overalls are another great gift for rave girls, as they can be worn both during a festival and as everyday gear. Moreover - they are classy, offbeat, and super comfy, especially if you choose a springy and spandex-made alternative.

If you want your gift to be full, you can also pick a suitable bra top or boob type as a base layer under the overall. In Devil Walking, you can choose between tens and hundreds of options to form the ideal outfit for the rave girl you’d like to surprise.

#4 Foxy Printed Socks

alien graphic oversized tee dress and socks@eliseelicious Wearing Black Alien Oversized Tee & Crew Socks

Sometimes, a gift doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars to be epic. Printed crew socks are just enough to make the perfect rave gift and just enough to go gently on your bunded without downgrading your present.

When choosing printed rave socks, you can browse through many printed themes and motifs - from spaced-out alien prints to cutie horror patterns, splashing brains, and everything in between!

#5 A Rave Shopping Voucher

If you’d like to buy festival fashion pieces or outfits, but you feel unsure about the size or the theme - you can just opt for a rave shopping voucher as the smartest alternative around. It will give your rave girl the freedom to pick her dream outfit or accessories without spending a penny, and it will 100% provide her with the right kind of buzz!

Another great thing about rave shopping vouchers is that you can receive a digital format, print it, and have your gifts in minutes. Or else said - it’s a super-smart option for a last-minute gift if you missed the right moment to prepare yourself beforehand.

#6 Festival Camping Essentials

There are hotel-booking festival-goers, and there are real-deal rave girls who still prefer the camping grounds. And the camping grounds take their toll - especially in matters of preparations and equipment.

So - find your way to ask the girl about the missing pieces of the puzzle if you don’t already know them. These might be all sorts and sizes of camping gear - from a rainproof tent to an enamel mug, a sleeping bag, or a solar charger.

#7 Rave & Festival Accessories

Rave girls are usually super creative when it comes to accessorizing and leveling up every festival outfit. Your challenge will be to prove yourself even more creative and surprise them with something they haven’t thought about until now!

Some ideas might include LED-light sunglasses, a pair of thumbhole sleeves, a badass wig, or a glitter makeup palette. If you’re brave enough, you can also consider face jewelry and tattoos or even a hydrating backpack for hitting the Burning Man desert city.

#8 An Instant Camera

She doesn’t need to be a hipster queen to enjoy the instant camera benefits during a music festival in the middle of nowhere. The thing brings out the photos right away, it doesn’t need an electrical charger to run smoothly, and it feels super creative and cute!

Depending on your budget, you can choose between different models and sizes. It’s all good when it functions properly and looks funky enough to suit its recipient!

#9 Festival Art Gifts

Rave festivals make memories, and memories feel good coming back to. Indeed, festival art is a fine way to bring extraordinary experiences into ordinary everyday life, and sometimes that’s a priceless gift to make.

We’re talking festival photography, art pictures and prints, traditional and digital art… Or anything that can be framed and put on the wall as a reminder of what good life is all about. We are also talking rave keychains, dope embroideries, laptop stickers, or anything that can surround your girl in her everyday life to bring to mind the good times and make her dream of them all over again.

#10 Artist Merchandise

Last but not least - you can always browse for some fabulous merch of your girl’s favorite artist or band. It can be a logo or a graphic tee, a porcelain mug, a little figure, or simply a music CD. It could easily be a streaming platform subscription as well!

At the end of the day, you can get as creative as you’d possibly could - because the more personalized a gift is, the longer-lasting impression it leaves. Make it special, make it brave, and make it good - for the best gift is that one that says more than a thousand words!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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