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rave outfit inspiration what to wear to a festival

5 Prodigious Fashion Trends For Music Festivals

EDM and rave culture are heavily about self-expression, self-experience, and the freedom to storm out way beyond the ordinary.

To entertain and build up this concept, festival fashion has always been a vital part of preparing for a music festival. Bold, bright, vivid, and extraordinary music festival outfits are gradually getting more and more mind-blowing with every following season.

Until today, when we are once more summarizing the most staggering festival fashion trends you need to know about right here, right now.

#1 A Co-Оrd Set

blue trippy rave outfit for women in two pieces

A matching outfit with multiple pieces is an excellent way to show off a concept without dedicating too much time to preparing. Instead, the so-called co-ord sets come as a ready-made solution packed with spirit and vibes.

Decades ago, festival co-ords were primarily made of cotton or denim, with an occasional match of colors between a pair of baggy pants and a crop top. Today, things are different. You can shop a mind-blowing variety of festival co-ords with different thematic motifs, prints, and garment pieces made to measure your taste.

Some of the widely preferred co-ords this season combine a pair of printed leggings or booty shorts with a crop top with foxy cut-outs. When you add a high-tech print pattern with UV-reactive inks, all you get is perfection.

#2 A Printed Jumpsuit

purple catsuit for festivals in cool print

Elastic one-piece jumpsuits are a great middle ground between festival costumes and everyday alternative wear. They are easy to hop in, easy to style, and gorgeously looking, along with being comfy and super sleek in appearance.

When it comes to raves and EDMs, the color palette of a printed jumpsuit can get wilder than your imagination. From digital glitches and sci-fi motifs to space-age prints and skeletons, it will be all about your own perspective and will surely level up your looks no matter the motif.

When buying a printed jumpsuit, you will also see abundant out-of-the-box designs, including asymmetric cuts, one-leg and one-sleeve jumpsuits. So, how wild can you get for your next festival?

#3 А Steamy Cut-out Bodysuit

festival rainbow bodysuit for women with cuts

Wearing a festival bodysuit is one thing, but wearing a come-hither cut-out rave masterpiece is something else. At the fashion boutique of the devils, you will find some of the most brute designer interpretations of a party bodysuit, created exclusively for the purpose of being flabbergasting.

Some trends in festival bodysuits fashion design you need to know about include:

  • Spandex bodysuits with large cuts on the abdomen, the back, and the underboob area;
  • Tie-up back bodysuits, easily adjustable for all body shapes and sizes;
  • Cold shoulder rave bodysuits with long or short sleeves;
  • High hip and thong model designs for extra cheekiness, etc.

Last but not least - many festival bodysuits come with matching accessories such as hand warmers, thumbhole sleeves, bandanas, or drawstring bags for a complete outfit.

#4 Adult Onesies

printed adult onesie for festivals

Adult onesies have been causing a stir in the fashion world for more than a few years now. Are they Halloween outfits? Are they pajamas? Are they professional stage wear for the entertainment industry? Or are they the wildest festival wear ever?

Well, as you may already suggest, adult onesies are all of the above - simultaneously and with zero regrets.

They are super spacious, amazingly soft, and honestly savage. They provide the ultimate freedom of movement, they look otherworldly, and they will instantly put the spotlight on you wherever you choose to rave on. Is there anything more you can ask for in a music festival outfit?

#5 Printed Leggings

black printed leggings with aliens for rave festivals two piece outfit

It would be dubious to talk about festival fashion trends without mentioning their majesty - the leggings. But leggings are not made equal. Nowadays, you can buy some pretty fierce masterpieces that fuse fashion, arts, and culture together in an inseparable knot.

The best leggings for a rave are high-waisted, form-fitting, supportive, and 100% non-see-through. But they are also outrageously stylish, all-over printed, and covered in stupefying details that make them look alive!

When you dive deeper into the world of alternatives before you, you will find the best news for a music festival enthusiast - that your outfit won’t be merely a piece of fabric anymore. Instead, it will also be a piece of character you can entertain, play around with, and make your own, even if for just a little while.

Have an inspired festival shopping and pinch us with a photo as you paint the town red with the most brute festival outfits in town!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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