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best EDC outfits for wear at 2023

EDC Outfits: What To Wear To EDC 2023

In the last year before the pandemic, Electric Daisy Carnival managed to draw an estimated 411,400 attendees over the three festival days. After a digital event in 2020 and a hesitant return to normal in 2021, this year, EDC is about to paint Las Vegas red to its full potential.

As one of the most popular and exciting music festivals in the world, EDC is unsurprisingly a bucket list item for many festival-goers. The global hype is not just about the music - it's also about the experience, expression, and - of course - fashion.

So, choosing the perfect EDC outfits can be both an exciting and a challenging task. To help you out with it, we are shedding some light on the current festival fashion trends when it comes to designs, patterns, prints, and accessories.

Ready to dance the night away in style at EDC 2023? Put your festival playlist on repeat, and let the inspiration kick in!

What Is EDC and When Do We Expect It This Year?

Electric Daisy Carnival is the only music festival to win the Best Music Event award for seven years in a row - from 2010 to 2016.

Stats from a decade ago point out that the festival used 18,000 milliwatts of lasers and 15,120 pounds of paper confetti to entertain its visitors, along with 1,220 production crew members and 692 volunteers.

In 2023, EDC will be held between May 19 and May at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Some of the headliners in the lineup include Tiësto, Chris Lake, Zedd, Marshmello, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Excision, Netsky, Borgore, DJ Isaac, and many more.

There are still some tickets available to give you a spot on the festival grounds, so all you need to do is fashion up and grab some good mood in your backpack.

edc las vegas 2023 lineup

Top Festival Fashion Picks For EDC 2023

EDC Las Vegas is known for its vibrant and energetic atmosphere, so dressing up in snazzy and eye-catching outfits is integral to the experience. If you're still looking for the push, here are some festival fashion picks that will turn heads at EDC 2023.

#1 A Full-Body Printed Costume

red serpent edc outfit for women

If you really want to stand out in a crowd of festival-goers, we have some good news for you. Printed festival customers are the most uncomplicated way to look groundbreaking with zero effort - you just need to hop in and be fabulous.

These costumes are usually made from stretchy and air-permissible materials like spandex or lycra, allowing maximum movement and comfort. The prints can range from gutsy and kaleidoscopic designs to more finely nuanced patterns, so you can choose a style that matches your taste.

Some popular options for full-body printed costumes are psychedelic prints, futuristic prints, and alien-themed prints. You can also enjoy a variety of animal print patterns, trippy layouts, and UV-reactive neon picks. Though diverse in palettes and designs, all of the options have one thing in common - they will make you a highlight of the show.

When it comes to accessorizing a full-body printed costume, the options are endless. For example, you could wear a pair of neon-colored sneakers or boots, a matching belt or harness, or a set of colorful wristbands. You could also add some glitter or rhinestones to your face or hair to give your getup a bit of extra sparkle.

#2 A Matching Rave Set

trippy rave outfit for EDC festival@gaybassqueen Wearing Lotus Leaf Set

A matching set or a co-ord is a classic festival fashion choice that never goes out of style. Hi-tech rave sets usually include a top and a bottom made from matching fabrics that feature mesmerizing designer patterns.

Some widely preferred textiles for rave sets include metallic fabrics, holographic materials, and sheer mesh. But spandex is still the undisputed winner when it comes to combining convenience with durability, supportiveness, and looks.

One great thing about a matching rave set is that it allows you to express your style while still feeling comfy and confident. You could choose a set with comfortable biker shorts and a cold-shoulder crop top or go over the roof with a combination of sexy thong shorts and a strappy triangle top.

No matter your choice of set elements, don't forget to accessorize with some bold jewelry or hair accessories to add the final touches to your look.

#3 A Sexy Bodysuit

blue bodysuit for women perfect EDC outfit

If you want to show off your curves at EDC 2023, wearing a cut-out bodysuit could definitely be your top choice. Bodysuits are form-fitting, cover the torso, and often feature a thong-style bottom. In addition, they come in a wide range of materials and designs, from simple cotton bodysuits to more elaborate spandex, lace, or mesh designs.

One well-favored trend for bodysuits at EDC is to choose a style that features neon or UV-reactive materials. These materials will glow under the lights at the festival, making you stand out as a next-level EDM fashion hero.

You'll want to keep things simple and streamlined when it comes to accessorizing a bodysuit. A pair of comfortable sneakers or boots is a must, as you'll be on your feet all night long. You could also wear a couple of simple hoop earrings or a small pendant necklace to add a touch of elegance to your look.

Finally, don't forget to wear some sunscreen, as bodysuits often leave large areas of skin exposed to the sun.

#4 A Cut-Out Spandex Dress

spandex cut out dress for edc outfits@kandi_diva Wearing Black Marble Mini Dress

These dresses feature cutouts or sheer panels in strategic places - the abdomen, the back, the sides of the torso, or combinations of them. Needless to say, their designs produce a playful and flirty look skyrocketing your allure straight to outer space.

Spandex dresses can come in simple and sleek designs or more elaborate and ornate options. Some dresses feature intricate beading or sequin work, while others feature hyper-realistic 3D prints or patterns. You could also choose between mini dresses, bodycon layouts, or breezy maxi dresses with cheeky cutouts.

When it comes to accessorizing a spandex dress, the key is to keep things simple and let the dress be the star of the show. Of course, a pair of comfy shoes is a must, as well as some simple jewelry like stud earrings or a multipurpose bandana.

What Do EDC Organizers Say?

When it comes to fashion and function, the official EDC website is being very clear and straightforward:

“Come prepared for all types of weather, and definitely dress for comfort. Wear lightweight, breathable clothes that make you feel good. If you choose to wear heavy fabrics and faux furs, remember to stay hydrated. Comfortable sneakers are the best way to go, especially if you’re planning to tear up the dancefloor. Sandals and flip-flops can make for sore feet.”

EDC is all about letting loose, dancing the night away, and enjoying the company of fellow music lovers. So - put your comfort above all and get ready to lose and find yourself among the beats this May!

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