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rave girl wearing sexy rave dress in black and white

Maxi vs. Mini Dress: Which One To Wear At A Rave Party

As of 2022, printed rave outfits are officially the number one choice for both old-school and new-generation ravers all around the world. Sexy as hell and off-beat to the fullest, they bring together rave and cosplay culture to form a brand-new experience for every EDM festival or rave party on the calendar.

All-time rave fashion hits like sexy booty shorts, matching two-piece sets, and printed leggings need no introduction here. Anyway, there is another group of often underestimated printed garments for raves, and these are the rave dresses.

From the cutout mini dress to the long royal cloak, there is much you can consider when you want a more sassily brute and girlishly savage look. And we’re here to get you aware of the pros and cons of every alternative on the list!

So, here is all you need to know when choosing rave dresses!

A Rave Mini Dress: Sexy, Spicy, and Provocative

When the little rave dress in your wardrobe is concerned, we’re talking about a brazen look with a lot of skin and a lot of confidence!

There are multiple types of designs you can browse through until you find your version of perfection. Some of the most popular cuts and layouts for a mini rave dress are, for example:

  • Added frontal cuts and wide openings on the abdomen;
  • Bareback designs and wide U-shaped necklines;
  • Sexy underboob cuts with extra support for better fixation;
  • Slick mock necklines for a streamlined finish;
  • Added thumbhole sleeves, matching bandanas, etc.

Of course, you can pick between different sleeve lengths and different printed motifs for extra personalization of your gear. For example, for a totally femme-fatale look, you can choose an all-over printed bodycon dress with long sleeves. At the same time, cheekier styles go perfectly with a sleeveless cutout mini dress with extra playful cuts.

Keep in mind that choosing the proper size and putting on suitable underwear is crucial for enjoying a flawless look in a rave mini dress. So make sure you check out the sizing guide before you purchase and try your outfit before the party to see what types of underwear you will need to wear it like a pro.

When chosen in accordance with your taste and under the sizing guidelines, a mini dress is among the most glamorous pieces of clothing you can choose for a rave. In addition, it supports a positive body image and an open-minded approach to your looks, helping you radiate confidence and mighty girl power.

Cut out mini dress with red dragon print for rave and music festivalsRed Dragon Cut Out Mini Dress

A Rave Maxi Dress: Majestic, Stately, and Imposing

A rave maxi dress is the other side of the girly rave appearance coin. It is ethereal and alluring at the same time; it also gives you a scandalously sexy look while adding a pinch of queenly vibe to your appearance.

Or else said - when speaking of long printed dresses, we’re speaking of a majestic outfit that demonstrates class and gives out a master power hint for everyone who has the eyes to see and recognize it.

Some specific design trends in the realm of maxi rave dresses as of today include:

  • Vivid all-over prints that shine when put near strong UV lights;
  • Open fronts with wide cuts that go perfectly with a pair of classic booty shorts;
  • Ankle-long dress designs, ideal for matching with a pair of platform or motor boots;
  • Long and short-sleeve finishes with swish and elegant crew necklines, etc.

Of course, you can round out your rave outfit with a matching accessory - a printed face mask, a multipurpose neck gaiter, or a pair of titillating booty shorts.

Maxi rave dresses are not strictly reserved for ladies with bigger clothing sizes. Just on the contrary - they come in sizes from XS to XXL, thus proving suitable for all body shapes and figure types. Their construction is stretchy and pliable, with zero transparency and a snug fit, super comfortable for dancing the night away.

All you need to do is choose the right pair of shoes, accessorize a bit, and then go out there and show ‘em what a rave girl actually stands for.

maxi dress for rave and music festivals in black and white liquid steelLiquid Steel Cut Out Maxi Dress

Maxi vs. Mini Rave Dress: How to Choose Between Them?

First of all - there is no right and wrong choice when dressing up for a rave event. Rave means freedom of mind and freedom of expression, so the best option is always the one that makes you feel joyous and authentic.

This being said, a rave mini dress is for those who’d like to go totally berserk on their clothing and steal the spotlight in the blink of an eye. They are more revealing, way foxier, and utterly jaw-dropping. On the other hand, your brute appearance might require a bit more attention when it comes to dynamic body movements, as wide underboob cuts might not be very well compatible with larger breasts and wild jumping, for example.

On the other hand, a rave maxi dress keeps the overall luscious look while allowing for a bit of more comfort and braver active movements. It can hardly be misplaced during dancing, and it is also more suitable for night-long parties where the temperatures are expected to drop, if even by a few degrees.

In Devil Walking, both the mini and the maxi rave dresses come with a 100% guarantee of the quality of the fabrics and the prints. They will feel light on your skin, keep their pattern colors for a long time, and demonstrate perfect breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Add the diverse styles and print motifs, and you already know why the fashion boutique of the devils is number one on the shipping list sites of ravers worldwide!

So - are you ready to join us in writing the rave fashion history?

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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