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Pink & Black Gemini Set From DevilWalking

New Sexy Rave Outfits To Party Hard This Summer

Just when you think rave outfits can’t possibly get any wilder, the next festival season storms in… And proves you terribly wrong!

2022 EDM fashion makes no exception, and some brand-new rave picks are already here to help you steal the show. Below, you will see some of the most stunningly sexy rave outfits of the season - and you’ll only have to pick your way to be perfect.

#1 The Wrap Around Crop Top

Wrap Around Crop Top For Ravers

A wrap-around crop top is nothing but ordinary, and it will bring you to a brand new level of self-experience. It has a couple of elastic ties that X-cross the abdomen and get tied on the back. The design allows for perfect size personalization, and the foxy underboob cut is guaranteed to swipe the party-starters off their feet.

Do you wanna hear something even better? You can purchase the wrap-around top as a part of a ready-made printed set and make the splash of the decade!

#2 The Underboob Rave Bodysuit

Underboob Rave Bodysuit

When the party gets hard, you have no choice but to get even harder! The printed underboob bodysuit is a top choice for every open-air rave this summer, and it will stay relevant for every next summer to come.

It has a circular front cut that opens up the underboob area and part of the upper abdomen. Then, to round out the badass vibe, it has a deep scoop neck, a deep U-shaped back, and a sexy booty cut that shows off confidence. That’s exactly how you spell epic, you know?

#3 The Thong Bikini Set

Thong Bikini Set In Yellow And Purple

Wanna get cool to the verge of being psychedelic? The printed hypno set will raise your vibrations and make you transcend as you do it for a living! It includes a pair of high-hip thong bikinis and an underboob rave top with thin shoulder straps. Then, you can finish your outfit with a couple of thumbhole sleeves in a matching print and leave no head unturned.

If you’re looking for an extra tip for styling your thong bikini set for the rave, you shall look no further. A pair of sexy fishnets, a pair of platform clodhoppers, and a pair of LED sunglasses are all you need in order to alter the game!

#4 The Full-Body Rave Costume

Full-Body Rave Costume For Women

Okay, a printed rave costume might be nothing new under the sun. But the prints… Oh, the prints! This year, they come in combinations of contrasting neon, trippy liquids, cosmic freedom, and universal love! Because we’ve all been missing all the ways to join our temporary front-stage community, be it for a brief summer weekend.

In our new collection, full-body rave costumes are bolder and more mesmerizing than ever before. Meanwhile, they keep the springy and silhouette-molding spandex fabric mix that wicks away moisture, allows the skin to breathe, and provides the perfect non-see-through thickness.

#5 The Underboob Rave Top

Underboob Rave Top In Red With Booty Shorts

Underboob tops come in different shapes and sizes - and here, we have the freshest one among them! Besides the underboob opening, this one was an elastic baseband, a pair of spaghetti shoulder straps that cross on the back, and a low neckline that emits class and sex appeal.

You can have it in a chosen size from XS to XXL, and if you think underboob cuts are strictly reserved for small breasts, you’re wrong! The solid spandex is supportive enough to fit even larger breast sizes without moving away during your wildest dance moves.

#6 The Festival Buckle Crop Top

Festival Buckle Crop Top For Women

Buckle tops are a rave fashion highlight this season - especially when combined with sideboob cuts and a super snug fit. Our version of a sexy clasp top has a half-bareback, two delicate straps for the shoulders, and a supportive band for the base of the breast.

When you pick the right size, you will enjoy a gentle push-up effect and a 100% guarantee that the garment will stay put all show long. If you feel unsure about your sizing, you can always check our size guidelines or directly reach out to us for advice.

#7 The Cut-Out Rave Catsuit

Cut-Out Rave Catsuit In Blue & Pink For Festivals

Multiple cuts on the front and the back, an elegant mock neck, ankle length, and a brutish sleeveless design… The cut-out festival catsuit is feral enough to give ‘em a thrill and classy enough to make you feel royal and high-end.

Finally, it has a zipper on the neck, a comfy elastic fit, and a pair of spandex sleeves you can add for an out-and-out rave fashion supremacy.

#8 The Triangle Wrap-Around Top & Super Short Crop Top Set

Triangle Wrap-Around Top & Super Short Crop Top Set

Sometimes you feel like painting the town red in a sassy triangle top. Sometimes you feel like going totally amok in a super short crop top. And sometimes, you feel like both. Whatever the case - it’s wise to have options, and they better fit together like a couple made in the festival heaven.

Our two-piece top set is for the rave chicks who never know what comes next… But know that whatever may come, shall come bombastic!

#9 The Buckle Biker Shorts & Crop Top Set

Buckle Biker Shorts & Crop Top Set In Green And Red

Can’t choose between sexy booty shorts and hipster biker shorts for your next rave party? We’ve done our best to give you the best of both worlds in a single piece of rave deal-maker. These are the buckle biker shorts that have a mid-thigh length and alluring cuts on the sides of the hips!

As a part of a co-ord set, you can have them with a sexy triangle top with a buckle on the front. Add the mind-boggling print, and be sure there will be no other like you around the festival campgrounds.

#10 The Spaghetti Strap Crop Top

Spaghetti Strap Crop Top In Red & Black Gemini Print

Last but not least - we have a delightfully trendy plot twist to the classic spaghetti strap crop top. Our interpretation includes a super deep bare back and a dazzling print of contrasting jet blacks and blood reds.

All you need to do is choose which face to wear - because all of your looks are gorgeous enough to give them a try!

Purchase your piece now with Devil Walking and enjoy fast worldwide delivery to our brand-new rave collection. Cuz when it raves, it pours!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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