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alien rave outfits for women

Top 10 Alien Rave Outfits For Women

Earthlings can’t catch your vibe, can they?

If you’re coming from another place and can’t wait to show it during the next EDM festival, we have some good news for you. The new alien rave outfits are here, and they are about to make you feel at home!

Below, you will find the top 10 (literally) otherworldly rave wardrobe enhancements for the rave girl who’s still searching for the final frontier.

#1 The Alien 420 Tee

alien weed oversized tee

This is a 2-in-1 model that you can wear as an oversized tee or a spacious short dress. It’s all-over printed with abstract space rocket cookies and has a large graphic print on top. The alien weed buddy looks pretty badass, doesn’t he? You just have to bring him to the party and be your own best company under the neon lights.

You can style the oversized tee with half-length biker shorts, or you can wear the dress with just a pair of fishnets below. Because you’re giving the definition of rave!

#2 The Green Raving Alien Set

neon green alien matching two-piece set for rave

Even James Webb didn’t see that coming! The raving alien set has an illuminating neon green base, graphically printed with fierce alien eyes on the top and the bottom. All of its inks react to UV lights, so you’ll be shining brighter than the nebulae in the skies above.

The set includes a strappy wrap-around top and a pair of sexy booty shorts with a supportive high waist. You can wear them together or use them to round out different alien outfits with a chosen top or bottom of yours. The sky is not the limit for you, gal.

#3 The Glitch Alien Costume

black and white alien costume for women

Can’t decide whether to leave the Matrix or not? Then dare to design your own parallel reality in this stunning one-piece, printed all over with glitching cosmo motifs in brilliant white and pitch black.

It covers the entire body like a second layer of skin and looks super sexy on all body shapes and sizes. Plus - its mighty cosplay design will look gorgeous during all types of sci-fi and Halloween nights you’re about to rock out to. So just bring your space juice and go!

#4 The Drippy Aliens Overalls

graphic overalls with printed bizarre aliens

Are you ready to take punk to a whole new level? In the drippy alien overalls in our galaxy collection, you’ll be the one to space out in style!

These babes are printed all over, ankle-long, and finished with elastic straps for the shoulders. You can wear them with or without putting the straps on, thus altering your appearance from everyday-casual to ravishingly rebellious. All you need is the right top and the right mood. The rest will be written in the stars!

#5 The Black UFO Set

black bikini triangle top and booty shorts matching set for ravers with aliens

Do you dare disturb the universe? You’ll be fine poetry, and you’ll be interstellar verse in our matching rave set, printed with white aliens and UFOs on a cosmic black base. Just like yin and yang, you know. But beyond!

The spandex co-ord includes a sexy triangle top with X-crossing straps and a pair of high-waisted booty bottoms. They are both made of a lightweight, breathable, and perfectly solid fabric blend that stays put and guarantees 0% transparency. So then, no matter how hard you rave out, you’ll be safely wrapped in the galaxy.

#6 The Pink Outer Space Crop Tee

pink cropped tee with alien print and black booty shorts

How far out is far out enough for you? In the outer space cropped tee, you’ll be the space engineer, and no one will stop your venture into the unknown.

With a cute alien buddy print on the front and a stylized atom print on the back, the neon pink base looks even more trippy and girlishly vile. You have to do nothing but choose your size from the XS - XXL scale. Then all the Milky way will be yours to probe and explore!

#7 The Green Alien Heads Leggings Set

green alien heads leggings matching set

Let ’em have their nights in white satin… Because you’re here to teach ’em a thing or two about the nights in black spandex. In the two-piece alien set, the raven-black base is covered all over with alien heads and extraterrestrial party spirit - because sexy and wild look great together in front of the stage.

The set includes a pair of full-length printed leggings and a front-tie crop top with long sleeves. The super snug fit and the flexible fabrics will give you the freedom to freewheel into the margins of reality, boldly dancing how no man has danced before!

#8 The Black Alien Heads Top & Shortalls

black triangle bikini top and shortalls printed with aliens all over

Will you come when the black hole calls you? You better look like an exploding supernova then! The black alien rave set is exactly what you’ve been looking for - stylishly extrinsic and alluringly celestial.

It includes an open-back triangle top with elastic straps and short overalls with matching black and white prints of alien heads. Because darkness can disturb the weaklings, but it will only inspire you to dive deeper and deeper into the void!

#9 The Space Freakz Leggings Set

alien rave outfits with hoodie crop top and leggings set

It would be such a shame to keep all this freakiness to yourself exclusively… So we’ve designed the most brute way to shine it out and steal the spot of the lights! The space freaks leggings set includes two matching pieces, printed all over with bizarre creatures screaming their souls out into the wild nothingness.

The set includes a cropped hoodie top and a pair of sleek spandex leggings with a high waist - both vibing with the alien rave trend and making your festival appearance worth a front magazine cover. So, are you going to show them all the shades of insanity?

#10 The Glitch Alien Set

two piece alien rave outfits

Last but not least on your list comes the alien glitch set made of a pair of sexy booty shorts and a halter neck top with straps for the neck. Both pieces are printed all over with black and white alien motifs, malfunctioning between the frequencies of the electronic beat.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to explore the dark side of the moon, all you need to do is add your gear to the cart and enjoy fast delivery to every point around the globe. Because in 2022, a rave is not merely a party… It’s a party out of this world!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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