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trippy rave outfits

Trendy Rave Outfits: Trippy Prints You’ll Love

Some trips can take you further than others can… And the ventures of your creativity and imagination are the most exhilarating ones you could ever dive into!

Psychedelic, trippy, and mind-boggling patterns have always been a crucial part of the clubbing culture. In the history of rave fashion, classic neon gradually blends with hi-tech prints, realistic detailing, and pure art to form the outfits we know and wear in 2022.

When you add sleek and stretchy spandex to the equation, you will find yourself in a wonder world of possibilities.

Today, we are boosting your inspiration levels with some of the most stunning trippy rave outfits you can wear this season - because a little bit of muse is always of use when preparing for your next festival.

#1 Gracefully Mesmerizing: The Purple Acid Print

purple rave outfit for women

Swirling neons in pink and blue is how it all begins. Then you count the hyper-realistic psychedelic elements, the devilish maelstrom of rave style, and the high-quality, UV-reactive prints. What you get is a trippy print literally out of this world that triggers your brainwaves and welcomes you into the groove.

You can have the Purple Acid print in various cuts and designs, including a cut-out bodysuit and a sleeves catsuit that reaches all the way down to the ankles. Then, all you need to do is put your interpretation in and show ‘em how it’s done!

#2 Cute and Brute: The Trippy Lollipop Print

cute rave outfit for women

Sweet and delirious, the Trippy Lollipop print is designed with techno-beat spirals in a candy color palette. Its pattern splashes in toxic alien green and cute baby pink, instituting a psychedelic realm close to the metaphysical.

What’s even better - you can have it in a wide variety of garments, suitable for every body shape and size. Some of the all-time favorite apparel pieces with the Trippy Lollipop print are the strappy booty shorts, the full-body costume, and the underboob clasp top.

#3 Black and White: The Black Trip Print

sexy black costume for rave girls

Perfectly devilish, the Black Trip print has a snake bone detail design with twisted white ringlets on an onyx black backdrop. This one is delightfully obscure, hypnotic, and surreally seductive - balancing on the verge of psychedelic trance, goth, and darkwave culture.

You can have the Black Trip pattern printed on a full-body costume, a high-hip thong bodysuit, or multiple types of two-piece rave sets. They all look super badass and are ready to wear for your next rave once you put the right pair of boots on.

#4 Bright and Bold: The Insectia Print

trippy green rave costume

At the verge of cute and brute, you’ll find the Insectia designer pattern that transcends worlds! It has a groovy neon imprint of amethyst purple and toxic yellow, contrasting in a brilliant dichotomy. The print is brought to life with dazzling and durable UV-reactive inks, thus taking your trendy rave outfit straight to the next level.

If you’re wondering how to wear the Incestia print, you can choose between thong bikini sets, wrap-around crop tops, or combinations of both. Moreover - you can easily pair your chosen Insectia garment with a single-colored pair of leggings or booty shorts, thus rounding out the ultimate EDM appearance.

#5 Into The Space Age: The Cosmic Love Print

cosmic rave costume for music festivals

Last but not least comes the Cosmic Love print - a space-age tribute to the psychedelic rave fashion world. It includes a pattern of neon hearts on a dark ink base of star liquor. The designer graphic art represents galaxy streaks and broken frequencies, perfectly aligned to embrace the body like a second layer of skin.

You can buy the Cosmic Love print on a full-length one-piece costume, a pair of high-waisted booty shorts, a front clasp bikini top, or a cropped tee. There are also different multiple-piece sets with the designer pattern, bringing together a freaky cut and stunning graphic art.

Stay tuned in the fashion boutique of the devils and find the freshest trippy prints in the rave world, fresh and straight from the source! If you're a store owner looking to bring the latest and most unique rave styles to your customers, make sure to check out our Wholesale Rave Clothing page for exclusive access and discounted pricing.

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