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Super cute purple leopard print matching co-ord set to wear this summer

10 Cool Co-ord Matching Sets To Wear This Summer

Some prefer their outfits trim and stylish; some like them crazy as hell, and some want them to be both! For the third group (which is also secretly our favorite), we have the best news ever: it’s not only possible to blend style and cheekiness, but it’s also fast, easy, and basically ready done!

In the catalog of Devil Walking, we tried to breathe some new life into the good ol’ co-ord sets and get them vibing with the current trends. For this purpose, we used the highest-quality Italian spandex, the most cutting-edge printing techniques, and the brutest UV-reactive inks.

So, below you will see the results!

Are Co-ords Still in Fashion?

First things first - does mentioning co-ord matching sets in 2022 raise some eyebrows? Probably, if ‘00-styled denim charleston with a thorn bodice top is concerned.

Anyway, we are discussing something rather different here.

  • 2022 co-ords are springy, elastic, realistically printed, and made for partying the night away.
  • They are brutally sexy, fit the body like a glove, and come in different shapes, sizes, and thematic motifs.
  • Their bottom parts can consist of high-waisted leggings, rave booty shorts, or sexy thong shorts.
  • Their tops, on the other hand, can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless; cropped, cut-out, etc.
  • Their additional accessories can include matching bandanas, thumbhole sleeves, or even crew socks for adding the final touches to your look.

Put shortly - yes! - co-ords are still in fashion, as long as you know where to look for the right ones. And since you’ve already found the place, let us show you what our rave treasury holds!

10 of the Brutest Co-ords For Festivals and Raves

Ready to wow? Get ready some more!

#1 The Lotus Leaf Shorts Set

Yes, rave co-ords can be sexy and classy all at once. Yes, they can be cheeky and celestial to the fullest. And yes - they can bring the best of you under the spotlight while still keeping you snug and comfy.

The lotus leaf set brings the yin and the yang of festival fashion in two matching pieces of perfection - a pair of high-waisted booty shorts and a hooded crop top, made to draw all eyes on you.

Lotus Leaf Two-Piece Sets Rave Wear

#2 The Circuit Board Leggings Set

Digitally serene and programmed to bring ’em out of the Matrix - the circuit board print spreads all over this mesmerizing co-ord for the game-changers out there. Moreover - it brings a unique future-proof vibe blended with classic geeky style.

The set consists of a pair of full-length printed leggings and a cold-shoulder top with a thumbhole sleeve finish. It is solid, non-see-through, and ideal for rave girls with different body shapes and sizes.

Cyber EDM OutfitsPhoto by @camilleabordo

#3 The Black Trip Rave 2 Piece Set

When you look long enough into the black trip pattern, you will start seeing exactly what you expect to see. This one is psychedelic and spaced-out enough to take you raving and cool enough to make it last all night long.

The co-ord pieces include a pair of tight booty shorts and a sleeveless hooded top - because there’s nothing better than maximum sensuality with minimum effort!

Black Trip Rave Outfit

#4 The Liquid Trip Shorts Set

Your trip keeps going, but this time the destination comes in all the hues of a liquid spectrum. It is burning and freezing, it’s hot and it’s cold; it’s floating, and it’s expanding to another level of swankiness.

The booty shorts remain, but you’ll have a mock neckline and playful cuts on top, put on a sleeveless design with a length above the belly. Looks good? It will look even better on you!

Liquid Festival Clothing

 Photo by @eyeamki

#5 The Electric Blue Leggings Set

Why keep all of this high voltage to yourself? In the electric blue co-ord with printed leggings and a cold-shoulder crop top, you will easily have everyone dancing to the rhythm of your beat.

This festival masterpiece has a comfy form-fitting construction and is meant to bring your inner contrast out - buzzing between the hot pink and the deep blue of your magnetism.

Printed Festival Clothing Photo by @basslollipopp

#6 The Purple Pearl Co-ord Set

Now, psychedelic trips and nacrous shades congregate in a design that simply has all worlds colliding. Moonlight pearls, swirling patterns, and blazing neon tones are the ultimate rave deal in the purple pearl co-ord set, and you couldn’t help but fall for their sway.

The classic long-sleeve crop top is finished with a wide elastic band on the lower end, while the snug booty shorts form no muffin tops and outline your shapes ideally.

Blue Pearl Booty Shorts Set Rave ClothingPhoto by @freyjaphoria

#7 The Love is Love Thong Shorts Set

Somewhere o’er the rainbow… Raves are hard! Our Pride series co-ords are perfect for all types of festivals, events, performances, and parades - as long as you’re in the mood for being proud of who you are!

Here, love is love bolder than ever - in cut-out thong bottoms, an old-school halter neck, and a heart on the sleeve. Then, you’ll be empowered to love yourself, the world around you, and whatever you find lovable!

Love is Love Rainbow 2-Piece Set

#8 The Black Newspaper Leggings Set

Don’t wait until you hear the news… Go out there and make them yourself! Then, in the black newspaper printed co-ord, you will unseal all that’s classified, and you will get the information flow bubbling through the ether.

It has a pair of black-and-white leggings and a matching long sleeve top with cold shoulder and cheeky cutouts. The rest won’t be history… It will be a future project!

Cold Shoulder and Leggings Set in Black and Whte
Photo by @eyeamki

#9 The Rainbow Liquid Thong Co-ord

A bra top, a pair of thong shorts, a buoyant fluorescence, and a super jumbo zing - the liquid rainbow co-ord simply has all the ingredients for the bad girl recipe! All that’s left for you to do is jump in and make ’em see the real you owning the show.

In case you’ve been wondering - yes, all of the parts will stay firmly in one place, no matter how hard you jump, dance, rock it, and rave out.

Rainbow Liquid Festival Matching SetPhoto by @_leblunt_

#10 The Purple Leopard Leggings Set

Back to the jungle, anyone? In the fashion boutique of the devils, the classic leopard print takes a rather unexpected turn in amethyst purple. It is put on a brazen choker top and a pair of neat spandex leggings, put together for the roar.

These go equally well with flat sneakers, platform boots, or high heels - depending on how much of a predator you’re willing to be.

Purple Leopard Print Matching SetPhoto by @facesbyrachie

What Do You Wear with Co-ords?

The moment you purchase a co-ord, you can think of your styling mission as 99% completed. All that’s left for you to pick and decide are the final details in the form of:

  • Suitable underwear - preferably strapless and totally minimalistic.
  • The right pair of socks and shoes - depending on the ground you’ll be dancing on.
  • A warm hoodie or overcoat - in case you’ll be raving by night.
  • The jewelry and accessories - just the ones you’d love to wear.
  • And the bag - you’ll keep your personal belongings in.

There is hardly a way to go wrong if you have the basis of the outfit already figured out. A co-ord will spare you all the trouble of having to match sizes, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

It’s all coming to you in a full package, and there’s no style police standing between you and the next festival event on your calendar.

So - are you ready to outfit the most groundbreaking version of yourself for this summer? We help you do it like the devils do it!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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