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halloween skeleton costume for women in pink

2022 Halloween Costume Trends For Women

Festival season and Halloween season are gradually melding together to bring along our favorite time of the year. It’s the time that still allows for all-night-long front stage revel, along with all-night-long trick-n-treating around town. So, can Halloween fashion and festival fashion co-exist in the same sentence?

Since nothing’s really impossible this year, you’re very welcome to our guide of sexy Halloween costumes 2022 that fit perfectly well to every rave & EDM occasion on your list. Because it’s not just about the outfit anymore. Instead, it’s about the concept that transcends events and fits further contexts!

Choosing Your Halloween Designs & Cuts in 2022

sexy cosplay girl wearing purple skeleton halloween costume@bluexastrid Wearing Purple Skeleton Matching Set

Now that we’ve brought together festival style and Halloween fashion, we can easily spot the parallels in the recent trends. First of all, though still widely preferred, the streamlined one-piece costume is not the only deal-maker this year.

Not only hasn’t your costume got to be one-piece, but it also doesn’t have to have precisely matching pieces. Hand-made conceptual bricolages are a thing this year, and the more you personalize your Halloween look - the better. Or - to put it shortly - ready-made outfits will remain the easiest way to rock out all the hallows, but you’ll be expected to add your pinch of interpretation.

This is especially true in the designs and cuts, where alternative and artful are the new blacks. Some pretty notable trends for 2022 include:

  • Asymmetric costumes and outfits with one leg, one shoulder, or a totally out-of-the-box patching design;
  • Cut-out bodysuits with bare backs, underboob cuts, and spicy graphic prints of spine-chilling Halloween monsters;
  • Multiple-piece sets with flexible garment combination alternatives and plenty of personalization of the look with belts, buckets, etc.
  • Spacious adult onesies with kangaroo pockets, cuffed legs, and solid fabric blends that look smooth and thick;
  • Brute Halloween dresses with bodycon structure, large front cuts, or a street-style skater design with horror prints;
  • Sleeveless catsuits and long hoodies that provide a feeling of freedom, unrestrictiveness, and comfortable sex appeal for Halloween night.

Last but not least - you can always jump into your favorite graphic tee and make something out of nothing. All you need is the right prints and the best accessory selection to make a printed t-shirt look like a top-choice Halloween outfit.

The Most Prominent Thematic Trends of the Year

Halloween costume for women with cyborg design@cyborgyukky Wearing Wanna Cyber Costume

Sometimes a brute cut is just enough to make all the she-devils out there live their best life for Halloween. But what if you add a mind-boggling print to round out the stupefying look?

In 2022, you can keep your eyes open for a few essential thematic trends, such as:

  • Space… Oh, space! Starting from the all-time classics like green aliens and stellar nebulae and going to some futuristic sci-fi motifs - space is always a go-getter for Halloween. So, are you going to be a mystic void traveler, a little green man, or a cosmic cyber warrior? Whatever it is, it will be right in trend!
  • Angels and demons… Or both! Defining good and evil has been living its own life out of philosophy books for a while now. So why not bring your own interpretation to life for Halloween? Angels and demons can sometimes be the very same thing, can’t they?
  • Evil cyborgs and droids. We’re still raging against the machine… Except for the occasions where we are the machine, correct? 2022 is yet another year in a row when transhumanism sparkles the imagination and triggers some of the most glorious Halloween outfits of the season.
  • Spooky fairytale material. It’s the fairies that drink your brains with a straw and the sirens that take you to the deep forever, you know? Halloween is the perfect time to blend beauty and horror once again - because it’s how you bring the best and the worst of yourself to surface... In a single thematic outfit.
  • Basilisks, serpents, and dragons. Let’s say it as it is - new seasons of our favorite shows will always make an impact on our Halloween outfit choices. So, House of Dragons, anyone? Our trend compass goes wild, pointing out to the dragon nest, and all its thematic relatives quickly follow. Serpents, basilisks, reptiles, and fierce kingdom rulers - the night is yours to burn!

Some extra thematic highlights for Halloween 2022 include UV-reactive skeletons, bold and graphic 3D prints of zombies and living dead, as well as creepy clowns and bloodthirsty felines.

Finally, here’s a gentle reminder that couples’ Halloween costumes are taken out of the closet and once again enjoy great popularity among all ages. They can be either a 1:1 matching pair of costumes or a thematic combination of characters. You can never get enough versions of Gomez and Morticia for Halloween, can you?

Anything Goes

The postmodernist “anything goes” philosophy is more valid today than it actually was during postmodernism. You can literally spend Halloween roaming the streets dressed like a giant donut or a possessed Nietzsche ballerina. There is not a single way to cross some boundaries because there are no boundaries left to cross - not here, not now, not in Halloween fashion choices.

So - remember that trends come and go, but your imagination can always make you stand out and make a natural spectacle of your appearance. Follow your inner freak, let it grow, and keep us posted with your most brute Halloween outfits - because there is no stronger trend than the trend to trust the little monster trying to get out.

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