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black booty shorts for festivals

7 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Style Black Booty Shorts

Spring has arrived, music festivals are back, and styling your rave outfit from a to z is finally on your to-do list again. God, haven’t we waited for that moment long enough!

Now that explosive party life has re-joined the chat, it’s time for some rave inspiration, isn’t it? And today, we are giving you a list of eye candy ideas for styling your black booty shorts for women!

What Top To Wear With Black Booty Shorts?

As we already mentioned earlier this month, styling the perfect rave outfit always begins with the base layer of garments. And if black booty shorts are the first and only thing you have until now, we are here with some stunning ideas for a perfect match - straight from the catalog of Devil Walking.

#1 The Mind Game Crop Top

Psychedelically geometrical, this one has always been a rave best-seller. The sleeveless design and high mock neck are complemented by a sexy chest cut and smooth form-fitting construction that underlines the shape of your breasts.

The color palette of the Mind Game crop top is wild enough to bring the rave vibe and stylish enough to fit the black booty shorts like a styling glove. All you need to do is pick the proper size and enjoy your killer outfit!

black booty shorts with crop top co-ord set

#2 The Majestic Halter Neck Top

Wanna get extra trippy? The Majestic halter neck top has a splendid spectrum print all over, designed to make you transcend worlds!

It has two pairs of elastic straps - one on the back and one on the neck. Besides being super sexy, they are also super practical because they will let you personalize the size of the top according to your breast size and your chest measurements.

majestic purple halter top for festivals with black booty shorts

#3 The Trippy Hoodie Top

Speaking of trippy… We have another classic around here - this time in the form of a long-sleeved crop top with a soft, spacious hood. It has a slim elastic band finish just above the waist, while both sleeves come with a chic thumbhole finish.

The kaleidoscopic prints are bright, vivid, and super detailed. Moreover, they won’t fade upon stretching, and they are put on a 100% non-see-through, high-quality spandex.

festival hoodie crop top with trippy pattern

#4 The Pure Love Hoodie

Gangsta horror cuties, you’re very welcome! The Pure Love hoodie is spacious, oversized, and dreadfully sweet. Its baby pink backdrop is embellished with love symbols with eerie plot twists, and its design is made to stand out!

When added to your black booty shorts, the printed hoodie will give you a classic r&b look - smoothly jigging somewhere between the rave trip and the thug life. Then add your favorite sneakers, and go be the toughie you are!

girl wearing hoodie top in pink with black booty shorts and fishnets

#5 The Flame Bra Top

Ready to be a dragon princess, a fire-starter, a galaxy traveler, and a rave diva all at once? The Flame bra top and the black booty shorts will bring together the best of all worlds and will make you the ruler of this new reality!

The all-over burning print, the super-comfy firm fit, the scoop neck, the peachy wide strap… It’s how you make rave perfection, and it’s how you make maximum impact with minimum effort!

flame crop top for rave events

#6 The Circuit Board Cut Out Crop Top

Are you feeling more like streamlined monochrome and mechanical futurism for your next rave? Wearing a smooth circuit board print top with your black booty shorts will definitely be your piece of cake.

It has a mesmerizing design with long sleeves, cold shoulders, an extra front cut, and a graceful mock neck. But most importantly - it will fit your booty shorts choice like a glove and will produce a super neat outfit that shines with elegant minimalism all the way around.

circuit board black cold shoulder top

#7 The Checkered Choker Boob Tube

Last but not least - a strapless boob tube is virtually the most preferred match for a pair of booty shorts, regardless of their color design. The checkered print and the added choker will only add up to your glamor, and your overall appearance will be as alluring as even possible.

The solid and high-quality material will keep the boob tube from slipping down even during your wildest moves, and the variety of sizes will suit rave babes of all shapes and sizes. Because positive body image is not a joke in Devil Walking, and we’re here to support your wildest outfit ideas snugly and comfortably!

black booty shorts with checkered boob tube top for festival look

What Else To Add To Your Booty Shorts Styling?

Now that you have the top, you’re halfway done with your stupefying rave looks. Now, it’s time to think of the styling details and put the final strokes of your picture-perfect!

Here is what to consider when styling your black booty shorts and your chosen savage rave top:

  • Black or neon fishnets will definitely add an extra layer of epicness to your looks while also providing some additional support and confidence.
  • A pair of printed crew socks will give you an old-school rave vibe and a pinch of extra playful appearance.
  • Your favorite punk boots will serve your bad-babe vibe perfectly and will make your party experience totally comfortable.
  • Sexy body tape patterns are not just suitable as underwear - they are also an accessible and widely preferred rave look booster!
  • Leather or textile leg belts are a deal-maker for those among you who won’t hesitate to break boundaries and stereotypes!
  • Waist jewelry and body art are among the mightiest trends for festival season 2022, and you shall probably browse the web for some inspiration!

For further information, advice, and useful styling tips, you can see our thorough guide on how to wear spandex booty shorts - be they black, white, or in any color from the spectrum.

Thirsty for more? Stay tuned to the Devil Walking blog to know the latest trends, get precious guidelines, and always stay on top of the rave wave!

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