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Sexy Festival Clothes: How To Wear Spandex Booty Shorts And Where?

Sexy Festival Clothes: How To Wear Spandex Booty Shorts And Where?

You’ve been scrolling through tons of sexy booty shorts now, but you’re still not sure how to wear these babes in real life? Well, given the fact that they (literally) look otherworldly, you can be pretty sure you’re not the only one.

Gladly, it’s never too late to go berserk with your rave clothing style, and today we are about to tell you where, how, and why to do it!

What Types of Events is Festival Clothing Good For?

First things first - you’ve probably been wondering about the occasions, locations, and activities that high-tech booty shorts are good for. Well, the list is long and full of party vibes!

You can wear sexy festival clothes and booty shorts to:

  • A music festival. That’s what they’re made for! Also, you can choose among plenty of prints, themes, and motifs to match the type of event you’re planning to visit. From neon booty shorts for EDMs, through psychedelic models for raves, to even rainbow-colored pairs for Pride season - you can have it all!
  • All types of parties, raves, concerts, and shows. Full-length festivals are a world of their own, but one-night parties are also not to be neglected when it comes to outfitting preparation. Depending on the season and the location, you can make the booty shorts part of a suitable party set that will make you go boom.
  • Pole dance shows. Festival booty shorts are bold enough to give you the spotlight but guaranteed to stay on spot and not expose what you don’t want to be exposed. That makes them widely preferred for pole dancing shows by both amateurs and professionals.
  • Different types of performances. Modern dances, modern theater performances, happenings, flashmobs, and even Pride - sexy booty shorts can suit virtually any kind of event where you need a catchy and provocative look. And still - you can tailor your choice to your specific needs and make it mean something to you and your spectators.
  • Cheerleading. High-quality spandex shorts are springy, elastic, and body-tight. Also, they are solid enough and fully reliable when it comes to dynamic movements - there will be no see-through spots, displacement, or movement restrictions. So yes - cheerleaders love a pair of booty bottoms not merely because they are sexy as hell but also because they are comfy as heaven.

Finally, some booty shorts are perfectly good to use during some types of sports if that’s the style you prefer. Gym sessions during summer or a homemade calisthenics workout - there’s no written rule that you can’t nail ‘em in the hottest outfit possible.

The same goes fully for the rave accessories that can easily become your favorite everyday and sports accessory. These are mainly neck gaiters, crew socks, and protective masks - because you don’t need to be in front of the stage to look epic.

Sexy rave girl wearing booty shorts set for edm concerts

How To Wear Your Sexy Booty Shorts Anytime and Anywhere?

Now that you know the where you’re ready to learn the how. And we are kind of experts on that matter!

  • With a tube top. Booty shorts and strapless boob tubes are a couple made in the rave paradise. Both garments are brave, alluring, and stunning enough to give you a striking look while they still guarantee a tight fit with no chance of displacement. All you need to do is pick the proper size and make sure you’re buying top-quality gear to enjoy its benefits.
  • With a cropped hoodie. Short festival hoodies can replace (or be added to) the boob tube when the temperatures are expected to drop at a certain point of the event. They have long sleeves and a solid moisture-wicking structure, so they practically combine a warm and snug feeling with a killer look.
  • With fishnets. If you’re looking for a bit of extra support that comes with a bit of extra cheekiness, fishnets are your thing to put under a pair of sexy rave shorts. Just make sure you match the colors and shades, and try the garments together to make sure none of them is forming any muffin tops around your waist or tights.
  • With crew socks. When you’re up for a more old-school or hipster look, coupling your booty shorts with a pair of long crew socks is a time-proven strategy. The final result will look off-beat enough to get you fully out of the box and classic enough to make you vibe with the roots of rave culture.
  • With sexy boots. Motor boots, combat boots, platform boots, or high-heel boots? It doesn’t matter, as long as you can dance in ‘em! Booty shorts are designed to look fabulous with virtually all types of women’s boots, and that’s where you’ll add your final touch, fully catered to your styling preferences.

Sexy black booty shorts

Now back again to rave accessories. Here, you can round out your booty shorts outfit with a number of little details that will paint the full picture of your festival epicness. Neon pieces of jewelry, printed face masks, glowsticks, or steampunk goggles - your character development is in your hands, and booty shorts will look good with anything you love!

We bet you’re already inspired and ready to make it your way. And we have some good news - your way is guaranteed to be the best way!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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