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prepare for Halloween 2022 with amazing costumes

Excited For Halloween? Here’s How To Prepare in 10 Steps

Halloween is undoubtedly getting as much better as much more preparation you try and put into it. So, if you’ve ever run to the store for overpriced last-minute treats or put on your Halloween costume hours before trick-or-treating just to find out it doesn’t fit well at all… You already know better, don’t you?

Today, we’re giving you a helping hand with an end-to-end Halloween preparation guide in ten easy steps. From setting up the mood and organizing activities to choosing the ideal sexy adult Halloween costumes - it’s all in the paragraphs below.

#1 Check Your Supplies & Plan Further

In case your wallet has been struggling a lot during the last year or so, you don’t have to start shopping from zero. You surely have some pieces of decoration, accessories, and even suitable clothing from previous Halloween celebrations, so gather the stack and see what’s on the list.

Reusing and repurposing are trendy enough, so be creative. For example, you can turn that worn-out goth tee into a treat bag, and you can wear your everyday motor boots with your new Halloween costume. Just analyze the stock before you finally determine what you’re actually missing.

#2 Make a Shopping List and Stick to It

You can easily get carried away during Halloween shopping, and you will probably regret it a bit later. So, after you check your supplies, you better sit down and make a shopping list of what items you need and how much of them you need precisely. It would also be helpful if you divided the items by shopping location - a list for the grocery, a list for the fashion shop, a list for the carnival store, an online shopping list, etc.

Sticking to that shopping plan will save you both time and money. Furthermore, it will keep things organized inside your head so you can budget smartly and schedule conveniently.

#3 Plan for the Treats and Decorations Early Enough

You can go trick-or-treating, but you can also stay home partying and welcoming trick-or-treaters. Either way, it’s good to have enough treats on hand and take the time to decorate your own place accordingly.

Last-minute purchases give out desperation, and merchants know that well enough. Or else, if you postpone your Halloween preparation long enough, you will have to shop more expensively, with prices sometimes doubling in a couple of days before Halloween. If you move a step ahead of the calendar, take advantage of sales, and do some comparison shopping, you’ll have a great time without spending a great amount of money on it.

#4 Choose and Try Your Costume

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Halloween Costumes For Women

You probably hardly need any reminders for choosing your Halloween costume. After all, that’s the most exciting part of your Halloween preparation. Anyway, you might need a couple of other reminders when shopping for the perfect costume, and these are:

  • If you’re shopping online, read the sizing table carefully and take the extra five minutes to actually take your measurements before purchasing.
  • When you choose your outfit online, do your more comprehensive research on delivery times and item replacement options.
  • Always plan the worst-case scenario and purchase as you’d have to receive the item, try it, replace it, and receive a new one before Halloween night.
  • Don’t opt for offers that look way too good and cost way too cheap because you’ll probably be unpleasantly surprised by what’s in the box.
  • If you’re shopping in-store, always visit the fitting room before you walk out with your Halloween costume.

Last but not least - you can plan to wear thematic couples’ or groups’ costumes if that sounds like your thing. 2022 Halloween fashion will offer you some rather stunning matching costume options, including when it comes to sexy spandex garments.

#5 Check Activities, Events, and Parties

Trick-or-treating is one thing, but spending the entire Halloween night having fun is a totally different piece of cake. At this point, there is no universal tip that fits all. You can gather your clique and decide on the type of experience you’ll be opting for.

Your alternatives are, in fact, hundreds. Most probably, your local communities and businesses will have organized special events such as haunted house visits, thematic club parties, pumpkin parades, or spooky cosplay gatherings.

On the other hand, you can tailor your evening to your preferences entirely. For example, horror movie nights, campfire stories, or a walk through the park in your scary costumes are absolutely good enough if you enjoy them with the right people.

Either way, that doesn’t have to be a last-minute decision either. The earlier you decide, the better you’ll be able to prepare.

#6 If You’re Throwing a Halloween Party, Let Your Guests Know Early Enough

If you’re welcoming friends into your house, you will need to do some extra preparations as a host. If not else, your guests should receive their invitations soon enough to stop planning other potential events and activities.

Once you’ve invited everyone and you know how many people will be coming (at least roughly), think of the drinks and bites. There’s nothing wrong about asking your friends to bring along treats and drinks; there’s also nothing wrong about asking your closest pals for help during decoration and preparation activities. The only thing you shall do is act soon enough to avoid extra stress and pressure.

#7 Set Up The Halloween Mood In Advance

Have you ever stepped into Halloween with zero mood? Of course, no one is insured against having a weird day, and things like these happen. But you can invite the Halloween spirit beforehand in order to build the mood gradually.

Remember that spooky playlist you have? That’s the best time for it! Do you probably have an all-time favorite horror movie list? Go for it! Do you have a couple of horror story books or podcasts on your list since forever? The time has come. Halloween is not just a costume; it’s a particular state of mind - so build it up and enjoy it to the fullest.

#8 Having a Kid? Here are Some Extra Steps for You

Planning Halloween as a parent can be challenging, funny, or - in most cases - both. Your little one probably already has their own idea of outfitting, so you’ll hardly need any instructions on that.

On the other hand, Halloween safety for children is something you shall focus on. So, here are some ideas:

  • If your kid is trick-or-treating with friends, supply them with either a cell phone or a smart device that will allow them to keep in touch.
  • Give them a well-charged torch and explain why walking alone in the dark might not be the best idea, even if it’s Halloween.
  • Fix a time for the child to be home and give them a reminder call some twenty minutes before that.
  • As challenging as this might be, try to convince your kid not to eat any of the candy before they come home and you check their bag.

Of course, choosing a kids’ costume without sharp items or tripping hazard design parts would be best. Better safe than sorry, right?

#9 Ensure Your Safe and Comfortable Experience

Child safety and adult safety are similar enough during Halloween night. Bringing a torch, wearing safe and comfy costumes, and paying attention to the tricks you’re eating are just as crucial for you as they are for a child.

Also, it’s always preferable to move around town with a group of friends. Remember how you felt about that movie character who entered the woods alone on a Halloween night? Right. Even if you feel like you’re the scariest creature roaming the night, don’t design yourself a real-life horror movie scenario.

#10 Leave the Leavers Alone

Celebrating Halloween comes rather naturally to most citizens of countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico, etc. Anyway, it’s easy to guess that Halloween meets certain negativity in different countries, cultures, and religions that just can’t relate.

It is widely accepted for families and individuals who won’t celebrate Halloween to put some kind of a sign or announcement on a visible spot around their home. As funny as giving them your tricks might feel, it’s probably a better idea to respect their choice and leave them alone. After all, it’s more about having a good time yourself than giving harsh times to others.

So, ready for Halloween already?

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