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How to Choose Your Leggings’ Type: Fabric, Length & Style

How to Choose Your Leggings’ Type: Fabric, Length & Style

By definition, leggings are supposed to look, feel, and function like a second layer of skin on your lower body. So, choosing them shall be treated as a task of primary significance for your convenience and style, right?

As you may have noticed, at Devil Walking, we take leggings very seriously - especially when luxury-class printed leggings for women are concerned. So today, we’re about to tell you a bit more about the mission of choosing the best pair of leggings for your purposes and preferences.

Are you ready to level up your legging game? Then, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

What Are The Legging Fabrics You Can Choose From?

Which is the most suitable fabric for making leggings? Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of appearance you’re trying to achieve, and the purposes you intend to use your leggings for. Some of the most commonly used legging fabrics in the sewing industry nowadays include:

  • Cotton blends with spandex and lycra - they are soft touching, breathable and comfortable, but can sometimes deform around the knees and will definitely not wick away any moisture.
  • Nylon - a material that is highly durable and stain-resistant, plus very easy to wash and quick to dry. Anyway, nylon can not always guarantee that your leggings will be solid and non-see-through, with consistent colors during a stretch.
  • Wool - the definite deal-maker for colder climates, mountain walks, and hiking. And the definite deal-breaker for a rave party, obviously.
  • Polyester & spandex knits with high compression - these are typically used for yoga, workouts, and dynamic activities as they are perfectly supportive and squat-proof. In addition, they present extra tummy control and a gentle shape-sculpting effect.
  • Polyester & elastane blends - our all-time-favorite combination that brings along the best of all worlds. Springy and elastic, shape-molding, moisture-wicking, durable, and resistant to wrinkling, this blend is a future-proof investment in the best looks and the best sensation a pair of leggings can bring along.

No matter the purpose, it’s strongly advisable always to choose legging types that contain polyester, lycra, or spandex in order to avoid sagging and deforming.

A Guide to Choosing Your Leggings’ Length Type

Full-length Leggings

The most commonly favored type of leggings for casual wear and festival outfits is, of course, the full-length legging type. It covers the area from the tummy to the ankle, with variations in the height of the waist. High-waisted leggings are typically cherished for their added support, solid fit, and delightful body-shaping effect.

circuit board black and white leggings with high waist

Capri Leggings

The Capri design is a different type of leggings you can use for fitness and sports. These models have a mid-calf length for extra athletic performance and an off-beat look perfect for the purposes of jogging, gymnastics, and exercising.

black and white capri leggings high-quality

Biker Shorts

Another blend between leggings and shorts is the biker shorts design, where your short leggings will reach the middle of your hips. These babes are widely picked by alternative print lovers who strive for ideal movability while still not showing too much skin throughout the party.

festival outfit biker shorts set

Meanwhile, Mind The Style!

Prose aside, let us head straight back to the poetry of printed leggings! While fabrics and length will attribute to the general appearance, legging print designs are intended to put the final touches on your style - be it goth, rave, psychedelic, Kawaii, or brutally sci-fi. We can easily say that choosing the patterns and motifs of your leggings is the sweetest part of forming the one-of-a-kind legging outfit for any purpose.

Our higher degree in the science of printed leggings brings us to a single conclusion - no style is better than the others. Instead, there is just an infinite multitude of right choices, each representing one’s own definition of perfection.

Brutish animal prints? Fabulous!

Futuristic motifs with a mighty robo warrior vibe? Glorious!

Funky and playful pop art leggings? Serene!

Oh, and the witch altar leggings with dark goth elements… Epic!

The more the quantities - the better; the more the variety - the best!

What Type Of Top To Wear With Leggings?

Finally, no leggings can look truly epic without the proper styling work that needs to be done. Happily, there is a world of possibilities when choosing the right top for your preferred printed leggings. Need a quick list of styling ideas? Here it comes!

  • Choose a matching two-piece set where the print of the top matches the pattern of the leggings. No way to go wrong here!
  • Put a sexy bra top or boob tube that corresponds to the style of your leggings. If you can match the fabric too, you’ve 100% leveled up!
  • Choose a classic or a cropped halter neck top - just like ravers did back at the beginning of the century.
  • Combine your leggings with a cut-out crop top - with a bare open back, a roomy hood, a couple of cold shoulders, or a stunning asymmetric design.

Whatever your choice, make it feel good and vibe with your concept. If you are dressing for an EDM festival or a rave party, go for bold neon colors, UV reactive inks, and eye-catching all-over prints. If you are heading to the gym - put functionality first and choose a friction-fit top to support your breasts during the workout. If you are planning a good chill-out session on the sofa - bagged cotton leggings will do zero harm. And if you’ll be hitting the streets - make it feel like it should!

At the end of the day, wearing leggings is all about enjoying your freedom, comfort, and self-expression alternatives - so pick your favorite models and make them your favorite way to feel good!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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