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Woman wearing printed octopus leggings and black hat, boots and jacket.

Top 11 Leggings Prints That Everyone Should Have

Stretchy, superbly looking, and perfectly comfortable - print leggings look and feel out of this world, and we know it as well as you do. So today, we’ve made a list of must-have pairs for every mood, every occasion, and every overall styling concept you might be having in mind.

Below, you will find some of the classics in our catalogue, along with some off-beat alternatives that will bring the vibe you’ve been looking for all along.

So, let’s upgrade your legging selection together!

#1 Leopard Leggings

Leopard prints are a never ending story, and we are proudly helping you write your own chapter down. Besides the classic golden brown design, we also bring the plot twist with variations in hot pink, jungle green, and playful purple - because rave fashion knows no boundaries, and neither does your out-of-the-box pair of leopard leggings.

Spandex Leopard Print Leggings for Women

#2 Octopus Leggings

When packing your wardrobe with animal prints, an octopus design is indeed the perfect blend of grace and wickedness. Our octopus design is all-over-printed with tentacles in neon pink and purplish hues on an ink blue backdrop. It is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions such as rave parties, EDM festivals, and cosplay events… In case you’re about to be the Kraken.

Purple Octopus Leggings with Tentacles

#3 Snakeskin Leggings

For when you twist, for when you huss, for when you change skins, and for when you keep the savage mood all along… The snakeskin leggings are the last pick from the animal print group that we consider a must-have for anyone who wants to show off their magnificence wherever they go.

The pair is specially designed for dynamic body activities such as running, jogging, going to the gym, or dancing. It has a supportive body-tight design and a tummy control waist - because a second skin shall feel as comfy as the first one does.

Snakeskin Print Workout Leggings in Grey & Black for Women

#4 Black Newspaper Leggings

Words create worlds, and you’re bound to be the ruler. So, why not bring some brains to the party, hm? When you want to look and feel smarty as hell, the printed newspaper leggings in black and white are precisely what you’re looking for. They are silken, glossy, classy, and totally out of the box - because you’re not merely consuming what the first pages have to offer. You’re instead making the news in town!

Printed Newspaper Leggings in Black for Everyday

#5 Blooming Leggings

Wilderness is calling hard, and you’re about to bring it to the urban jungle! The Blooming printed leggings are perfect for the days you feel lush, untamed, and tempted to run the woodlands. They are designed with serene wildflowers and forest greenery, printed on a solid and non-see-through quality Italian lycra. Because turning back to the roots is a fine thing to remember doing every now and then.

Printed Floral Leggings for Women in Green

#6 Ice Cream Leggings

Foodies of all worlds, aren’t you horrific! In this one, we brought the classic love for ice cream with the inbound temptation for the wicked - so we designed a lovely terror in baby pink and playful spectrum. It is on our must-have list for its chilling cuteness and multipurpose design - ideal for partying, acting cool around town, and bringing some unexpected twists anywhere you go.

Pink Kawaii Leggings for Women with Printed Ice Creams

#7 Electric Blue Leggings

A wise man once said that rave nights require rave leggings, so we have them ready to go. The electric blue model in Devil Walking’s catalogue is a rather typical party garment - contrasting, vivid, magnifying, and hypnotic. For your convenience, they can be easily combined and purchased with a matching printed top for extra magnificence. Because your irresistible force only hits harder with time!

Rave Leggings in Electric Blue Print for Festivals

#8 Fuck Society Leggings

For the night when you’re bitter, and for the days when you’re rebelling - f*ck society! Make sure you stand out with the number eight on our list - the openly disobeying pair of maverick leggings made to display the way you feel about rules, norms, and peoples’ judgments! They are composed in simplistic black and white, so you can easily combine them with various tops and accessories.

Black Spandex Leggings with Printed Fuck Society Text

#9 Gold Skeleton Leggings

Hear the creеking of the bones? That’s Halloween coming, and that’s you leading the parade - in a pair of skeleton leggings in raven black and glamour gold. They blend the dark shine and the shiny darkness to make you the star of the undead party - lustfully vile and perfectly obscene. Ready to invade the crime scene?

Halloween Skeleton Leggings with Gold Bones

#10 Camo Leggings

That’s our fancy little pick for the warriors and the battle fighters - you rock! Make it show in a pair of camouflage leggings, giving out the all-powerful combat vibe, and repeat the exercise as many times as needed. Camo leggings are by all means a quintessential garment for our wardrobe, so go grab ‘em and join the rave army!

Printed Spandex Camo Leggings for Women

#11 Alchemy Leggings

Dark arts are the only way to make it out sane these days, aren’t they? So for the times when you feel beyond this world, a pair of alchemy printed leggings is a deal-maker. Make it goth, make it savage, and make it as dark as it could possibly be! These babes are just as witchy as they are foxy and appealing - because tearing down the walls of perception is the best hobby one could engage in as of today.

Best Goth Leggings with Printed Alchemy Symbols

Own ‘em to Own It!

Here, on the Devil Walking’s website, you will find all the essentials needed for living the best of all rave lifes! So, make sure you stay tuned in our blog section and our What’s New section to keep yourself posted about the most recent rave trends and party lifestyle.

Because we’re nothing but proud to be your truest partner in crime and make your appearance vibe with the might!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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