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scary skeleton Halloween costume for women

Top 10 Halloween Skeleton Costumes For Adults

Some Halloween fashion trends are more lasting than others, and some have persisted through the centuries to become evergreen classics. Speaking of evergreens, we can easily note the big three in All Hallows’ Eve - the Grim Reaper, the Jack-o’-lantern, and - of course - the skeletons.

Of all three, skeletons are readily the most adjustable in terms of outfitting. They can come in a mind-blowing assortment of designs, layouts, garment pieces, and ready-made outfits, suitable for all ages, genders, and styling ideas.

So, are you ready to see some of the trendiest skeleton Halloween costumes for adults in 2022? Because ready or not - here they come!

#1 The Purple Skeleton Costume

You’ve certainly seen more than enough printed one-piece costumes with skeletons. So, what’s different about this one?

First of all, it has super realistic three-dimensional prints that come to life with added UV reactivity. Second of all, it all comes on a springy and flexible fabric blend that provides breathability and freedom of movement. And finally - it brings together deep amethyst hues with a raven black base and neon glares that fetch just enough of the rave fashion into the Halloween night.

For bonus life points, you can have it in different designs made to measure your own perception of comfort and style. From an oversized hoodie to an asymmetric one-leg costume and a matching two-piece set with booty shorts… Both the choice and the tricks are yours to make!

#2 The Rainbow Skeleton Catsuit

The rainbow skeleton one-piece is for the cuties and the bruties alike - because you can have it all, and you don’t ever have to choose again. Its baby pink base is round out with a front-and-back spectrum skeleton print in floating hues. This being said, you can easily repurpose it for raves, EDM parties, Pride, and different cosplay events.

Once again, the print is available in a variety of fashion garments. You’ll love the rainbow skeleton shortalls if you’re looking for an outfit you can wear in your everyday life. On the other hand, you won’t help but love the two-piece set if you’re into crop tops and foxy dancing pants.

#3 The Gold Skeleton Leggings Set

leggings and cropped hoodie with gold skeleton print for Halloween

Dark but shining; sleek but seductive; dim but confident. The black and gold combination deserves an honorable mention in adult Halloween fashion. And here, you can see why exactly.

The gold skeleton set includes a pair of supportive high-waisted leggings and a sexy crop top with a skull printed on the hood. It’s the perfect shortcut to being a Halloween masterpiece with zero effort, as the set comes ready-made and all you need to do is hop in.

You are still a fan of one-pieces, though? Say no more! The golden skeleton print is also available on a full-cover spandex costume and a stunning bodycon dress with long sleeves.

#4 The Mechanical Skeleton Leggings Set

Hardcore sci-fi fans can also enjoy a skeleton outfit while sticking to their inherent future-proof style. The mechanical skeleton set is just enough to make worlds meet! It includes a pair of printed leggings and a hooded top with a robotic skull print on the hood. What’s more - it’s designed in a dapper color scheme of black and metallic hues - perfectly horrific and horrifically perfect.

For an extra slick Halloween look, the sleeves of the top are finished with thumb holes. They will secure a stay-put fit and a one-of-a-kind anime style that blends the good old classics and the latest trends in Halloween vogue.

Finally, the mechanical skeleton print is also available on a one-piece women costume for cosplay Halloween lovers.

#5 The Glitch Skeleton Costume

A glitch in the Matrix, aren’t you? Now, you can show it off to the world and make jaws drop all along the way! The glitch skeleton costume is super solid, 100% non-see-through, and gently shape-moulding. These features are proven perfect for all the wild dances planned during your Halloween afterparty - whether you’re organizing a yard party or a horrendous clubbing night out.

This one you can have in a unique couples’ design - with a matching piece for women and men. Though differing in base hues, both costumes keep the vibe and will make you stand out in the trick-or-treating crowd.

#6 The X-ray Skeleton Costume

skeleton costumes for Halloween

Who said that skeletons and clattering bones couldn’t be celestially graceful? The X-ray skeleton costume adds a pinch of timeless elegance to the Halloween horror, and it’s the wildness of paradox that makes it catch the eye.

Here, the endoskeleton is complemented by butterfly wings, wildflower petals, and blooming roses, naturally merging with the hips, the spine, and the pelvic bone. All of it comes in exquisite indigo and sapphire tones, set on a black ink base. All you need is the right makeup and the right mood - then, the night will be yours to reexplore!

#7 The Black Skeleton Set

Reverse colors and negative design come naturally to this alluringly obscure outfit, printed with raven-black bones on a shiny silver backdrop. The set includes a front-cropped skirt on a booty shorts’ base, plus a spandex crop top with a spacious printed hood.

The top also has a long neckpiece you can pull up to reveal the extra front skull print. So - yes - it also serves as a stylish protective mask that won’t harm your appearance.

If you love the negative skeleton print, you can wear it on a full-body costume with a front zipper and sleeve holes for the thumbs.

#8 The Grey Skeleton Leggings

Little details complete the whole picture, and you’ll have plenty of these here! In contrast to all of the skeleton outfits above, the grey skeleton leggings have a super complex all-over print, showing a pile of monochrome skeletons. In addition, the classic black-and-white color scheme allows for a broad choice of tops, including single-color black or white garments.

The leggings have a high waist with medium tummy control fit, coming in sizes from X-small to XX-Large. They are designed to look immaculate on all body shapes and sizes, so all you need to do is check out the sizing table and choose your fit.

#9 The Crystal Skeleton Costume

You have galaxies within you, so why not let them shine out? The crystal skeleton Halloween costume for women is inspired by deep space and brings nebulae into a single piece of serene Halloween fashion. It has an added heart of gold and a couple of printed angel wings on the back, thus presenting a state-of-the-art way to express yourself to your best.

If you’re wondering how to style the crystal skeleton costume, a beautiful wig and a pair of platform boots are where you begin. Then you can go through the 3D makeup and eye lenses before you acquire a level of perfection mortals can’t even dream of!

#10 The Fire Skeleton

Autumn 2022 is the season of fire and blood, and if you know, then you know. So, that’s how you transplant skeletons into the trend and make the most fabulous splash in the Halloween clique! The fire skeleton costume puts cracked bones onto a background of molten lava and burning flames - because hot will be your nickname for the night.

So, have you chosen your favorite skeleton styling yet? Stay tuned in the fashion boutique of the devils because more raging bones are coming just around the corner!

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