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Top EDM festivals in the world

The Largest EDM Festivals In The World: 20+ Game-Changers

The fact that you somehow landed here means that you already know what EDM festivals are all about. And still - EDM stands for “Electronic Dance Music”, while these types of events are a deal-maker. 

Lasting a couple of days or up to a whole week, they present a colorful palette of rising and world-renown names in their programmes - from the most epix headliners to the underground gems of the local underground scene. 

So, which are the largest and most popular EDM festivals in the world as of today? Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to rave. 


First things first: Tomorrowland is not merely a music festival, but a symbol and an emblem for an entire subculture out there. It's held in the summer, in Boom, Belgium. There, it attracts a little less than half a million party-lovers, who can easily enjoy an abundance of events that sometimes reach the mind-blowing 4-digit number. 

Tomorrowland offers not only a spectacular lineup, but also a one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world atmosphere and vibe: one that stresses on freedom of expression and enjoyment of life. 

Tomorrowland festival Tomorrowland Source VISITFLANDERS (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License

Sunburn Festival

Sunburn is the most prominent EDM festival in India, usually held on the beach of Goa. As you may suggest, it includes multiple scenes on which different events are held simultaneously or one after another - they present different types of electronic music during the night and various art-related workshops during the day. 

Sunburn is usually attended by 300,000 to 350,000 people, while in 2018 it was even moved to Delhi due to the unexpected massive interest towards it.

Sunburn FestivalsSunburn Source Pdmsunburn (CC BY-SA 3.0) License


Untold brings us to Eastern Europe - in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Just like Tomorrowland, Untold stresses on the motifs on the stage design which shift each year, thus moving the focus and providing a unique experience every next time. 

The festival is normally attended by up to 80,000 - 100,000 people from all over Europe and the world and is currently the largest EDM event in the eastern part of the continent. 

Untold FestivalsUntold Festival Source Merlijn Hoek (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License

Electric Daisy Carnival

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Are you getting the thrill already? Electric daisy is like nothing in this world - vintage and futuristic, artsy and rave. It’s held on an oversized carnival ground that has it all, and has it authentic: carousels, playground rides, spectacular light shows, perfectly planned pyrotechnics… And, well, some of the best headliners on the planet.

There are years when Electric Daisy changes locations, but the Vegas playground still remains the main place where 100,000 to 150,000 people gather and have the time of their lives. 

Electric Daisy CarnivalElectric Daisy Carnival Source DiegoVigueras (CC BY-SA 4.0) License

Burning Man

Burning Man can be called a festival, but that kind of underestimates its power. We can safely say that Burning Man is a type of cultural, societal, and even philosophical experience for those who like to dig deeper into their experiences. As their own website suggests, the burning man people stand for “Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity”, which they promote in every way during the festival program - from the lineup set, to... Well, the Burning Man. 

The annual series of events are held in the Black Rock Desert of northwestern Nevada, U.S. So, up for a sandstorm?

Burning Man FestivalBurning Man Source Bureau of Land Management (CC BY 4.0) License


Coachella is not strictly an EDM festival, but rather a wider “music and arts” type of experience. Anyway, electronic music always finds its way to the headline list, so ravers of all worlds - unite!

The festival is held at California’s Coachella Valley. It hosts multiple scenes, art installations, campgrounds, and even vintage markets. And if Ariana Grande is not your piece of cake, worry not: some of Coachella’s headliners through the years also included Daft Punk, Zedd, Tiesto, and Diplo. 

Coachella FestivalCoachella Source Alan Paone (CC BY 4.0) License

The Ultra EDM Festival

The Ultra EDM festival is famous for hosting events all over the globe, and still some locations make a traditionally bigger splash than others. Here, we’ve picked our favourite couple of usual suspects:

Ultra Miami

Ultra Miami is held in Florida, USA, where over 70,000 people come together annually to celebrate their mutual passion for EDM culture. The festival usually has over seven different stages, where both rising and popular artists showcase their masterpieces, making everyone pound to the rhythm of freedom and good life. 

Ultra EDM MiamiUltra EDM Festival Miami Source Anosov1505 (CC BY-SA 4.0) License

Ultra Japan

From Florida, we land straight in the heart of Japan - Tokyo. The drift is enriched with HD aftermotifs, while tickets are usually sold out so rapidly that the official organizers frequently publish warnings about buying from non-reputable sources. 

The average attendance is presumed to be over 120,000 people - both locals and ravers from all over the world. 


Mysteryland is yet another EDM masterpiece, held annually in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands. The most distinct feature of the event might be the natural surroundings in the area: lush forests, hills, rivers, and ponds, making up a literal fairytale material and a “mystery land.” 

The festival runs from 1993, also making it one of the oldest and most history-rich EDM success stories in the world. 

Mysteryland FestivalMysteryland Source Marrleen (CC BY-SA 4.0) License

Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP)

Jakarta, Indonesia's massive capital, also has something good to offer to EDM lovers. Previously known as the “Blowfish Warehouse Project,” DWP gathers almost 100,000 party people each year. At some point of its history, it was even being referred to as the largest EDM festival in Asia.

Though today bigger events occur around there, the Djakarta Warehouse Project still keeps its unique vibe and gives out the proper kind of thrill all over the place.

Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP)Djakarta Warehouse Project Source Ismaya Live (CC BY-SA 4.0) License


England’s Creamfields EDM festival started out as a small single-day festival, and outreached everyone’s expectations. As of today, it draws more than 70,000 visitors to Daresbury, where magical things happen. 

Creamfields might not be the biggest festival out there, but is pointed out by many to be among the highest-quality ones when it comes to program and lineup.

Creamfields FestivalCreamfields Source S.Camelot (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License

… And Many Others

  • Cirque Magique in Ledegem, Belgium;
  • 51st State Festival in London, UK;
  • Abode In The Park London, UK;
  • World Club Dome in Frankfurt, Germany;
  • Electric Forest in the Sherwood Forest, USA;
  • ZoukOut Festival in Singapore;
  • Electric Zoo in New York City, USA;
  • Ozora Festival near near the city of Dádpuszta, Hungary;
  • Ostend Beach Festival in Ostend, Belgium;
  • Airbeat-One Festival in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany;
  • Etc. 

  • So - pick your glow in the dark rave outfits, gather your rave spirits, and make a plan for the summer - because festival season is here, and things will be more epic than they ever were before!

    See you where the party is!

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