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peacock print animal full body costume - what animal should I be for Halloween

What Animal Should I Be for Halloween?

Once again, Halloween is almost upon us. And so are the rave parties and festivities around the date. A lot is happening this year, and we have prepared a few suggestions for your party attire. However, the theme of this article is not “Spooky Skeletons”. No, that’s a theme for another conversation. This year, we are offering you our collection of animal Halloween costumes. Save yourselves the time. Become primal!

We’ve got to admit – we also have a skeleton costume collection. But, hear us out – what better time to unleash your inner animal, than the 31st of October? Halloween allows you to be yourself. Masks off – roar and strut like you own the place!

Here are some of our animal print costume suggestions for Halloween 2023.

#1 Full Body Costumes

Looking to spice this Halloween night up? Take a look at some of our best animal print suits.

Leopard Costume

Leopard full body costume for women in orange and black

Feeling sexy yet? You should. This high-quality printed suit is ready to elevate your instincts to a whole new level. With its hidden front zipper and the thumbhole on the sleeves, this costume is the perfect fit for an elegant, full-body experience. Rave party or not – your Halloween will be times better in a spotted leopard suit.

Peacock Costume

Peacock full body costume for women in green and blue

Ready to sprawl out with our one-of-a-kind printed peacock suit? This elegant one-piece manages to catch the beauty and grace of real-life peacocks and creates a vibrant amalgamation of colors. Fan out your tail and make this Halloween your best one yet. The hidden front zipper and the thumbhole sleeves make this printed rave suit not only gorgeous but comfortable as well.

Tiger Costume

Tiger full body costume for women in orange and black

Dial the sexiness up to 11 with this stylishly printed tiger one-piece suit. If you were wondering how to jump higher this Halloween – then wonder no more. The hidden front zipper makes wearing this costume a breeze. Get ready to sink your claws into whatever and whoever you want. You’ve earned it.

Bonus: Tiger Onesie

Tiger onesie for women in orange and black

Not feeling the skin-tight sexiness of the previous suits? Craving something animalistic, but more lax in terms of vision? Our hooded tiger onesie is your best bet this Halloween. Its oversized design makes it comfortable to wear. No worries, the suit is still extremely jazz and will help you channel your inner tigress without any issues.

#2 Catsuits, Mini Skirt and Shorts Sets

Visiting a rave festival around Halloween? Look no further – check out some of our animal print catsuits and sets.

Grey Snakeskin Cut-Out Catsuit

Grey snakeskin cut out catsuit for women

Snakes have always been a symbol of danger and subterfuge, but also of smoothness and elegance. You can now incorporate these ideas into your rave party wardrobe. This sexy sleeveless cut-out catsuit boasts a life-like snake print. Forget about the general notion that snake designs must be green. This grey snakeskin one-piece will skyrocket your sexiness through the roof.

Giraffe Rave Mini Skirt Set

Giraffe rave mini skirt set for women in orange

Have something more peculiar in mind? We certainly do. Our giraffe-printed set is sure to gather all eyes on you. Feel wild and free in this set, consisting of a tube top, a mini skirt, and a pair of wide sleeves. Where everybody is wearing more standard costumes, you have the chance to shine through with an idea nobody else has thought of yet.

Zebra Booty Shorts Set

Zebra print booty shorts set for women in black and white

Another non-standard option in our repertoire is the zebra print set. Black and white are anything but out of fashion. This set is a bit more revealing than our previous suggestions, making it perfect for a nice and juicy Halloween rave. The cut-out top, booty shorts, and tight sleeves are all form-fitting and comfortably stretchy. If you are feeling zebra this autumn, this set is your jam.

#3 Dresses

Want something more elegant, but still in tune with the spirit of Halloween? We’ve got you covered, again!

Leopard Cut-Out Maxi Dress

Leopard cut out maxi dress for women in orange and black

Dress to impress! Wear the leopard colors with pride and style! This dress fits amazingly with all kinds of leggings, booty shorts, mini skirts, and more. The front zipper makes the dress extremely easy to put on and remove, and the arm warmers complete the whole outfit with style.

Zebra Sleeveless Cut-Out Maxi Dress

Zebra sleeveless cut out maxi dress for women in black and white

Just like its leopard counterpart, this stylish zebra maxi dress is ready to help you conquer this year’s Halloween party. With its long neck design and long slit in front, the dress adds tons of flare to any leggings, shorts, or undergarments you choose to wear.

Tiger Cut-Out Mini Dress

Tiger cut out mini dress for women in orange and black

Ready to unleash your inner tiger? Not feeling the full-body costumes or the booty shorts this time around? Have no worries, this cut-out mini dress with a vibrant tiger print is your next favorite thing. This designer outfit is perfect for Halloween raves, gatherings, and many more occasions. Prepare yourself – you are bound to gather many compliments this year!

Of course, you can always choose to not follow our curated advice. In this case, we have many options you can choose from. Our shop is always open for you. At the end of the day, we hope you have an amazing Halloween, full of fun, expression, and love!

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