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What To Wear With Leggings: Your Full Style Guide

What To Wear With Leggings: Your Full Style Guide

Killer looks and perfect comfort are turning quality leggings into choice number one for millions of people around the globe. You can wear them for a wild rave party, for a festival event, for a cosplay occasion, or for a sweaty gym workout, right? But what to wear printed leggings with is indeed a question you’re going to inevitably ask yourself some time. 

So, here is our complete style guide for wearing your favourite pair of high-waisted buddies so that you could skyrocket both your exterior appearance and your physical experience.

Ready to style up?


Okay, first things first. Most of the stretchy leggings you are loving are made of close-fitting spandex so that they will strictly outline both your body and your underwear shapes. Logically, your choice of undergarments is crucial for the final outlook you’re going to achieve. Sticking to time-proof solutions, you can choose between the following alternatives:

  • Thongs. Minimalistic, well-fitting, and properly-sized, the right pair of thongs will seem invisible under your leggings. Plus, they will provide you with the freedom and breathability to rock out!
  • Seamless underwear. Not exactly a fan of thongs? Worry not. You can also trust quality seamless models to pair your leggings with. Of course, try to choose the lightest and thinnest materials so that they won’t show any contour.
  • Shaping underwear. For the ones who’d want to put extra compression and enhance their silhouette, shaping underwear is a fine thing to wear under your leggings. It can cover anything from your belly to your tights - as long as it is thin and delicate enough, it won’t worsen your final styling at all. 

Now that you got the basics, you are ready to add all the rest!


Modern rave and workout leggings are universal players that can easily pair up with different types of shoewear depending on the season and the rest of your outfit. 

On a cold, rainy, or winter day, you can easily add a chosen pair of boots, including edgy moto boots, combat boots, platform boots, or even these high-heel booties you love. Punk or glossy, goth or rave - just match the color to your prints, and let it be!  

Pink Brain Leggings with Black Boots
@eliseelicious wearing Pink Brain Leggings

What to wear with leggings in summer, though? The answer is more or less the same: you can pick whatever makes you feel good and matches your overall styling for the chosen occasion. Some options to consider include:

  • Flat or platform sneakers;
  • Chunky heel shoes;
  • Lita shoes;
  • Strappy heels;
  • Flat sandals or ballet flats;
  • Loafers, etc.  
@kimiperi wearing Octopus Leggings

Or else said: leggings will give you as much freedom of choice as there possibly is. All you need to do is pick up the pieces and slay!         


When choosing the right top for your leggings, there are three fundamental things to consider.

First of all, that’s the pattern of the leggings. You can choose between matching two-piece sets for a blazing appearance, or simply pick a top that harmonizes well with the dominant color of the leggings.

Then, you shall probably consider the materials. High-quality lycra is a fine match for a number of other fabrics - both natural and man-made. You can go for a full match of silken spandex outfit, or simply feel free to choose a top made of flannel, linen, cashmere, chiffon, cotton, or any blend between them.

Finally, of course, suit yourself for the temperatures outside. In summer, you can add a chosen breathable top - be it with a crop design, a cold shoulder, or a boob tube structure. What to wear with leggings in winter? Well, just add a warm jacket - a blazer, a hoodie, a cloak, a trench coat, or a windbreaker, and you are ready to go!

Beautiful Girl Wearing Festival Leggings, Orange Top and Sun Glasses
@e.j.o.n.a wearing Psy Trance Leggings

Pro tip: a punk leather jacket in black will always elevate your wickedness to a brand new level!


Boy, here is where you can explode in full power. Because accessories are a declaration, and we are pretty sure you have some momentous things to share! So, how do you send the message?

  • With a matching neck gaiter to make ‘em Wow!
  • With a savage face mask, because an attack is the best form of defense.
  • With specially-picked jewelry that vibes with your vogue.
  • With a savage pair of arm warmers.
  • With the rave tiara that matches your high level of malice.
  • With a small black backpack to keep your tricks and treats in.
Girl Wearing Colorful Leggings, Black Backpack and Mask
@psyygypsy wearing Psychedelic Leggings

So, ready to put your pink glasses on and paint the town red already? Stay tuned because we have plenty of other tricks to share with you - at the fashion boutique of the devils!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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