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rave hoodie for women

5 Must-Have Hoodies for Rave Girls

How can one choose between a savagely sexy and a cruelly gangsta rave look? And, also… Does one really have to?!

To make worlds meet and styles collide, we’ve designed an entire collection of kick-ass rave hoodies - oversized, roomy, all-over printed, and designed to bring together the sexiest hood vibe and the purest rave style.

So - below, you will find a list of the must-have models in our catalogue. Because the rave hoodie you wear brings about the world you are seeking to share!

#1 The Purple Skeleton Rave Hoodie

Every rave fashion enthusiast knows that skeletons are not exclusively reserved for Halloween costumes. Because wild dancing always looks better in a UV-reactive dead-walking outfit!

Our purple skeleton rave hoodie has a raven black foundation and a realistic all-over skeleton print, with a massive skull on the roomy hood. It brings the rave with a spacious oversized design and multiple options for styling - as an added top or a hooded dress including.

The model has a large front pocket, a soft and breathable construction, and a couple of soft cuffs on the sleeves for ultimate comfort. Silky horror and glossy temptation look like a dream team here, don’t they?

rave hoodie skeleton for women

#2 The Purple Octopus Hoodie Dress

Animal prints gone wild and entertainment fashion gone deep - this is the amethyst octopus hoodie, coming straight from the fashion boutique of the devils. 

As an all-time classic in our catalogue, the octopus hoodie dress takes over the rave uproar with an alternative vibe and the highest quality of material. It is super delicate and stretchy, thus fitting absolutely all body shapes and sizes. 

The durable all-over print has a fluid color pattern, resonating with vibrant purple, hot pink, and royal blue. All of them are contrasting with the ink-black fabric base, giving the garment a graciously streamlined, off-beat finish. Are you about to roll in the deep beat?

octopus hoodie women

#3 The Egypt Cat Cropped Hoodie for Rave Girls

Diabolic and divine, the Egyptian Sphynx hoodie is a stylish shape-shifter made to beautifully alter your appearance. It has a sensuous crop design that reaches just above the belly, finished with a thin elastic band in the base section. You can wear it with both high and low-waist bottoms, thus designing your own alternative party vogue.

The mythological concept comes with a large graphic print of a Sphynx cat on the front, plus a white copy of the print on the back. They are put on a black onyx foundation, building a modern-day witchy style, excellent for the goth girls who love to rave.

For a brush of elegance, the hoodie is completed with a light, capacious, and fashionable roomy hood that will round out your ultimate obscurity. 

Egypt cat crop hoodie

#4 The “Virtual Love” Cropped Hoodie

Why sit there and wait for the glitch when you can simply bring it yourself? For the reality travelers, the Matrix breakers, and the digital invaders, our “Virtual love” cropped hoodie is nothing but a way to live-stream your dominance amongst all realms.

It is radiant, expressive, colorful, and stunning - with an all-over digital glitch pattern, abstract reality breakdown prints, and a striking “Digital love” statement. Slightly cropped, gorgeously roomy, and comfortably supreme, it is a distinct choice for every next EDM event on your calendar.

Oh, and guess what? It looks equally well when worn with printed spandex leggings, worn-out jeans, foxy booty shorts, or a voluptuous leather skirt. All you need to do is pick your rave character and boldly take over the front stage!

rave cool girls hoodies

#5 The “I am a Mess” Oversized Hoodie

Don’t worry darling, aren’t we all… The “I am a Mess” oversized hoodie dress is not a garment but a declaration! It comes to represent the ultimate freedom of being fizzy, messy, proudly confused, and beautifully bewildered!

With a liquid splash of pastel rainbow hues and a base of baby pink, the Mess hoodie is decorated with magic wands all over. It is cutesy, playful, and imaginative - with a pinch of rave style and a massive dose of a confidence boost.

You can wear it as a spacious dress with a length above the knee or as a hoodie top above your preferred pair of rave leggings. The messier - the better, you know!

I am a mess long hoodie for rave girls

Have it, Love it, Rave it!

The devil crew has you covered with not merely the best hoodie designs in town but also with fast worldwide delivery and a top-line user experience. So shop your favourite models, get them fast, wear them long, and enjoy rave as it is - the ultimate freedom to be the most authentic version of yourself!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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