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everything you need to know for your first time rave festival

First-Time Ravers: Everything You Need to Know for Your First Rave Festival

You've never attended a rave or festival event before, and you're about to make that ground-breaking step in your life? Good for you!

Below, we will take you through every step of the preparation journey, and we will answer all the questions you might be having about rave parties. What makes them different, how are you supposed to prepare, how are you expected to act, and what shall you bring along? Let's find out.

The Basics: What is Rave Culture All About?

When going to your first rave ever, there are a couple of fundamentals to comprehend about rave encounters, their meaning, and their specifics.

Origins & Development

How exactly did people "invent" raves, and how did this type of party gathering come into existence in the first place? Here is a quick fact sheet on the history of raving.

  • Raves originated in London during the late 1950s as wild bohemian parties, held spontaneously.
  • In the mid-to-late 1950s, Chicago joined the scene with their own versions of raves - untamed acid house music parties.
  • By the 1990s, raves multiplied and became an actual alternative subculture thing in many parts of the globe. They included playing hardcore electronic music, gabber, and acid, while friends and people gathered for a wild dance and an (almost too) good a drink.

At first, these parties were private, often spontaneous, and almost always unregulated by the authorities. However, as of today, especially in a pandemic situation, public gatherings and events with many people are almost always officially approved and follow a specific code of action. As a result, there are fewer underground parties (although some still exist) and more licensed events held throughout the globe.

Culture & Concept

Anyway, raves have preserved most of the original ideas, concepts, and spirits of the "rave subculture" as it was born at the beginning. As a youth-oriented subculture that blends music, social beliefs, you can expect it to follow a certain pattern that includes the ideas of:

  • Peace, love, and unity.
  • Perfect tolerance - no judging and total freedom of expression.
  • Good time rollin' attitude - with all-night dance sessions and no restrictions of body and mind while respecting the ones around you.
  • Out of the Box Thinking and behavior - raves are anti-establishment and alternative, peacefully and lovingly.

In fact, there is even a singular term describing what you can expect from a rave group of friends and fellow party-loving people. It's called PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

@freyjaphoria wearing Purple Pearl Booty Set

Today, There are Different Types of Raves and Music Festivals

Essentially, raves are parties with electronic music, often featuring live DJ sets, though the playlist can also be automatic. Different types of rave parties today might include:

  • One-night parties and DJ sets held in and outdoors;
  • Full-length EDM & EDC Music Festivals;
  • Safe & Legal pandemic raves - vertical, pod, drive-in, digital, etc.

They can slightly vary by the type of music, the pre-set theme, or the overall concept - details that the event organizer usually determines. Your preparation shall be, logically, done according to the terms and specifics of the rave event you're about to attend.

First-time ravers often ask themselves how long does a rave last? Well, guys, the answer is simple - from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of the event.

What You'll Need for Going to Your First Rave?

If your first time as a wild raver is approaching, you won't need much to have the time of your life. So, here is the list:

  • The¬†glorious outfits and sexy rave wear;
  • Wind and rain-protective clothing for outdoor events;
  • A face mask, bandana, or neck gaiter for social distancing events;
  • Comfy shoes you can jam out in;
  • A bit of makeup and styling preparation;
  • Your best energy and vibes - for meeting new friends, having fun with fellow ravers and dancing all your trouble away.

In case you've been asking yourself - no, you won't necessarily need to drink or do drugs in order to feel amazing at a rave party. On the contrary - you will get the chance to experience happiness and appreciate life in a rather natural way, under the sounds of your favorite music artists.

@meltedplasthicc wearing Liquid Shorts Set

How About Raving In The Most Savage Outfits?

Your first music festival is approaching, and you're wondering what to wear. Chill, we've all been there, and we have some valuable tips when it comes to a unique rave style.

In fact, rave fashion has some rather "steady" notions that all new trends circulate around. These are, for example, costume-like clothes, cyberpunk-inspired stuff, tight-fitting wear, and multiple bright, neon accessories.

Wanna have some tips on how to dress for your first rave? We are here to gladly be your music festival styling guide.

Express Yourself With Fashion

Above all, a raves' outfit is a statement. You can pick between designs, patterns, prints, and motifs until you assemble the best version of yourself. Is it a cyber assassin costume or a cutout thong bodysuit? It doesn't matter as long as it feels right to you.

Rave and everyday fashion have zero things in common, so be unafraid to go straight through the roof when picking the garments that help you show off your most authentic self. You don't need any tips for that. All you need to do is keep it real!

Magnetic Storm Set

You Can't Go Wrong With a One-Piece Costume

Ravers and cosplayers have much in common, and wearing badass printed costumes is just the tip of the iceberg. If you require the very best comfort and the most mind-blowing appearance, a one-piece rave costume is a state-of-the-art alternative to consider.

These babes are tight-fitting, snug, streamlined, and sexy as hell. What's more - they are the most comfortable wear you can possibly pick, as they just fit the body like a glove.

@chandlerbecker wearing Dragon Queen Catsuit

There's Nothing Easier Than Picking a 2-Piece Set

Extended styling is not a piece of cake for everyone, and there are easy ways to represent yourself with a pre-assembled matching outfit for your festival experience.

There are multiple different sets to choose from - from leggings and boob tubes to booty shorts and cold shoulder tops. All you need to do is explore the cuts and patterns, then go stand out in any crowd of people, no matter how alternative they all are.

@id0lls wearing Electric Blue Set

Check Out The Rave Dress Alternatives

Rave dresses are as diverse as ravers are - from short, bodycon, and cutout to long, oversized, and hoodie-like. But, at Devil Walking, they have one thing in common. The designer patterns, printed on quality lycra and made to help you stand out - with savageness, epicness, and a perfectly bad-to-the-bone vibe.

Also, let us not forget one simple detail - the best little black dress is the printed and UV-reactive little black dress.

@norito_98 wearing Red Dragon Mini Dress

Pick Your Shoes Carefully

When the lights are out and the DJs set kicks in, there will be nothing but you and the music out there. So, make sure you will be able to feel and relish every minute of it in perfect comfort - without being afraid if you're going to stumble over or not.

Of course, high heels and platform shoes will carry an entirely new level of sex appeal. Yet, flat and comfy shoes will be more comfortable for larger venues, bigger crowds, and wild-dancing festival events.

@raven_triple666 wearing Supernova One-Piece Bodysuit

Accessorize Like Crazy!

Hoola hoops, oversized sunglasses, whistles, glow sticks, nylon jackets, neon makeup, and dyed hair - they are welcome because we are all mad here!

When it comes to giving the final touches of your first-time raver look, don't be afraid to go through the roof. Ravers are the artists who make art of themselves, and a crowd of free-minded people is the best crowd to find yourself in!

Carry A Good Bag

Finally, you'll probably need to carry along extra wear, personal belongings, or a bottle of water to drink during summertime festivals. To do so, pick a suitable backpack or any type of bag big and comfy enough to fit your extra stuff and keep it safe.

If you need a place to store your bag, ask for help from the organizers, as usually there are some special areas to store personal belongings safely.

Finally: Mind Your Manners During a Music Festival

During a rave, you are supposed to enjoy the vibe and have fun while respecting yourself, your friends, and all the group of people around you.

Rave goers are free folks - their clothing might be more revealing, and their dancing might be wilder than anything you've ever seen. Anyway, this doesn't mean, at no level, automatic consent to be touched or treated frivolously.

When going to your first festival and every next, mind your own great experience and don't bother the people around you too much without their explicit consent. All rave goers have arrived to enjoy a safe and memorable kind of festival fun, just like you have.

At the end of the day, raves are a place to dance, drink a couple of beers, and cherish your favorite venues and DJs performing on the stages. So - get lost in the sound without having to forget your good manners.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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