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A woman wearing pride bodysuit with rainbow liquid print.

How to Style a Bodysuit for Rave Parties?

Rave fashion is distinct in a spectrum of ways, you know. It is open-minded, eccentric, colorful, brave, and rather characteristic - because it’s usually worn by people who love to stand out and express themselves.

All of the above is particularly true when it comes to rave bodysuits and all the ways to style them. A bold outfit for a bold party lover is what you need? You need to wear it like a pro? Here are some tips on choosing and rounding up the ultimate bodysuit outfit for the upcoming rave festival. 

How to Choose the Best Rave Bodysuit?

Before adding up details, you need to make sure that you got the fundamentals right. Choosing a suitable rave bodysuit outfits is not exactly rocket science, and still - here are some basic recommendations for you to try and stick to:

  • Choose the right size. It needs to feel like a second skin - not too loose and not too tight. 
  • Pick a preferred design. It can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, with or without extra cuts, etc.
  • Consider the pattern. Cyberpunk, ethno, psychedelic, futuristic, mystical, or monochrome - have it your way!

You’re almost ready to go! Or are you?

You Don’t Need to Put on Anything Else!

When conventional and everyday fashion is concerned, you are probably not expected to put on a cut-out bodysuit and go buy Brussels sprouts from the grocery shop. Bodysuits are usually used as a basis to finish with a pair of high-waist jeans, a skirt, or shorts during the summer.

Anyway, we are not very much impressed by everyday fashion here. When you’re getting ready for a rave, a quality printed bodysuit is just enough to make an outfit. That’s right - no leggings, no jeans, no pants. Nothing at all, except for a suitable overcoat if there’s any chance to get cold. 

And What About Tights?

That is a frequently asked question indeed. Should you wear tights under your bodysuit? 

Usually, the answer is no - especially if the model is cut out. Even the perfectly nude-colored tights will produce some hues of difference between your thighs and the uncovered skin sections, thus slightly downgrading your ultimate appearance.

Of course, you can always choose to be unbothered and put on tights if that makes you feel more confident. Another thing you can do in order to keep the epicness but cover your hips is buying a different rave outfit - a catsuit, a sleeveless jumpsuit, or a full-cover rave costume.

A Pair of Shoes Can Make All the Difference.

The thing about bodysuits is that they inevitably draw a bit more attention to your legs, your hips, and your tights. That being said, the shoes you put on can significantly alter your appearance.

  • For a more sporty and careless look, you can wear your bodysuit with a pair of sneakers or flat sports shoes in a matching color.
  • For a cheekier effect, you can put on any type of high heel or platform shoes, including knee-length boots, stilettos, pumps, and ankle-strap models.
  • For the classic savages, a rave bodysuit also goes perfectly with any type of gothic, punk, combat, or moto boots. 

Or put shortly: you can achieve a number of different style ideas by keeping the bodysuit and changing the shoes you wear it with. 

A woman wearing black rave bodysuit with long sleeves and classic goth boots.@sarahsergey wearing Black Trip Cut Out Thong Bodysuit

Don’t Forget the Rave Accessories!

A rave bodysuit styling is never fully completed without adding some creative and well-suiting party accessories. Worry not, because we have some inspiring ideas right here:

  • Multi-purpose elastic bandanas and neck gaiters can transform in virtually anything - from wrist to hair accessories and all that’s in between.
  • A piece of badass statement jewelry is also a good idea, as long as it doesn’t get in your way while you’re trying to dance your soul away. 
  • Your sunglasses are usually considered to be a must, especially if you’re visiting a daytime festival under the burning summer sun. 
  • And why not a wig? Because raving with long pink hair is something you’d want to experience… If you don’t already have your own and all-natural long pink hair, of course.
  • A pair of glow sticks, right? Because you can make lights dance and sounds vibrate.
  • Virtually anything you want - from dancing hula hoops to thumbhole sleeves, LED leg wraps, your favourite backpack, etc.

Oh… And did we mention the face masks? 

Festival season 2021 might still be heavily marked by the recent pandemic, so it would always be wise to check if the event organizer requires visitors to wear face protection. In case it does - you can always match your bodysuit with a printed rave mask and feel this accessory more like a stylish add-on than a party-breaker. 

So, are you up and ready to go slay with your favourite Devil Walking bodysuit styling? Don’t forget to drop us a line and send us a picture so that we’d be drop-dead proud of you!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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