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How To Wear Booty Shorts: Dos And Don’ts

How To Wear Booty Shorts: Dos And Don’ts

Styling booty shorts might happen to be quite a challenge, especially if you’re a newcomer to the rave and festival scene. They are perfect for dancing, partying, moving, jumping, and stealing the show like a pro: but how to wear them properly?

Below, you will find a basic “Dos and Don’ts” list that will help you make the most out of your cheeky booty shorts outfit. Because we can help you do it as the walking devils do it. 

So… What To Do?

Flawless appearance and perfect comfort are easy to go hand in hand when you follow some pretty simple rules:

#1 Choose The Proper Fit

Picking the suitable size of booty shorts can indeed make all the difference. These rave garments are made to fit your body shapes like a glove, and anything else would produce a rather unpleasant result. 

When putting your cut-out bottoms, you need to make sure that they form no muffin tops, do not slide down and do not ride up along the thigh. For your convenience, we have provided a thorough size guide so that your purchase from Devil Walking would be a perfect match. 

Women Sitting Close to Window and Wearing Shorts Set
@sarahsergey wearing Supernova Booty Shorts

#2 Wear Suitable Underwear

Of course, the wrong choice of underwear can run the entire idea of your booty shorts - to perfectly underline your silhouette while revealing just as much as they are intended to. 

Normally, boxers and boyshorts are a huge no-no, as they can easily peek through or alter your booty shapes in unexpected ways during dynamic movements. 

We suggest you give a chance to high-cut briefs, thongs, and other types of minimalistic underwear that won’t interfere with the proper fit of your rave shorts. Also, always make sure you check what your mirror has to say about your underwear choice before leaving the house. 

#3 Match The Rest Of Your Outfit

While booty shorts can be a piece of art themselves, proper overall styling is always a must. Consider fabrics, prints, patterns, and general vibe, so that you can come up with the perfect pair and steal the spotlight... In a positive way. 

Surely, you can always play it safe and scroll through our 2-piece sets with booty shorts that are specially pre-assembled to form the ultimate festival appearance. 

Model Posing with Electric Blue 2 Piece Shorts Set
@linnroskin wearing Electric Blue Booty Shorts

#4 Choose The Proper Shoes

Honestly speaking, almost any type of shoes can go well with your booty bottoms, as long as they match the general concept of your outfit.

Some perfect suggestions we might give include:

  • Edgy moto or army boots for a super badass vibe;
  • Tight over-the-knee boots for visually enhancing your height;
  • Ultra-high heels for some extra attention to those legs;
  • Lita boots for an additional rebel mood;
  • Flat sneakers or tennis shoes for the ultimate comfort of wild dancing.

Once you choose the model, make sure you match the tones and hues that will stand out and underline your epicness once again. 

#5 Make It Feel Good

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. Make it feel comfy, make it feel fancy, make it feel sexy, and make it feel like a precious second skin. 

Green Hair Women Poses with Purple Shorts And Crop Top
@meltedplasthicc wearing Liquid Trip Booty Shorts


Whatever your garments, choose them so that they can let you be the freest and most unrestricted version of yourself while you go through the roof!

And What To Avoid?

Rules are made for breaking, and you probably know that philosophy pretty well by now. Anyway, we are here to share some fundamental do-nots when wearing cut-out booty bottoms. What to do with that information remains entirely up to you and your current maverick level.

#1 Avoid Wearing Oversized Tops

What’s the point of wearing sexy booty shorts if you’re about to cover ‘em up with a long or oversized top? Instead of darkening their shine, we suggest you pair them with a tight crop top and finish up your ultra vile apparel like a real rave queen. 

The same goes for your winter tops, by the way. The shorter, the better. 

#2 Avoid Mixing The Fabrics

Does wearing spandex shorts with a wool sweater sound like a good idea to you? We suggest you think twice. Of course, you can make some pretty fabulous combinations if you pick carefully, and still: if you’re afraid of taking things too far, you can simply stay on the safe side and use the same fabric for your top and bottom. 

Elastic lycra shorts will go perfectly with elastic lycra tops, while denim shorts will let you experiment with cotton, polyester, and spandex as well. 

#3 Don’t Mix The Prints And Patterns

There are some rather simple style police laws that you’re not recommended to break when choosing the patterns of your outfit. Wanna hear some of them?

  • Don’t mix printed shorts with patterned tops;
  • Don’t dress in dark neutral colors head to toe - choose an accent instead;
  • Coordinate at least one color between items;
  • Mix prints with a similar saturation.

Sounds like rocket science to you? You have two alternatives: choosing not to care at all or simply buying a ready-made rave set made by someone who knows rocker science. 

#4 Don’t Buy Low-quality Booty Shorts

No matter how good your sizing and styling are, low quality can devastate your experience in too many ways. What if your shorts are not squat-proof? What if they’re see-through? Oh, and what if their stitches tear in the middle of the party?

Long story short: it is strongly advisable to choose a quality brand to trust with your rave outfit. Because you deserve to look exactly the way you feel - out of this world. 

Wanna have a tiny little hint? You are definitely in the right place! Now let’s rave!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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