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matching festival outfits for friends

Rave Clothing: Matching Festival Outfits For Friends

Festival season is a prime time for reveling in the harmony of good music, good friends, and bold creative expression. And what more exquisite way to express yourself than through your rave attire?

Rave outfits have become a staple for festival-goers, and adding a splash of matching colors and patterns to your fest crew appearance can boost your venture to a whole new level.

In the paragraphs below, we will delve into some of the most magnificent EDM rave outfits our alternative fashion boutique has on offer for the season. They are vibrant, eye-catching, and ready-made to bring perfection to your favorite mischief-making squad.

So - ready to have all eyes fixed on you?

#1 The Purple Acid Catsuit & The Purple Acid Bodysuit

matching best friends rave outfits

If you and your bestie are looking for a showy and alluring outfit that will turn heads, then the purple acid catsuit and bodysuit combo is a faultless choice indeed. These outfits feature vibrant purple and pink swirling neons, creating a perfectly otherworldly look.

purple catsuit for rave events

Moreover - both the catsuit and bodysuit are made from a stretchy and comfortable spandex fabric, ensuring you can dance the festival night away without any constraints.

#2 The Liquid Galaxy Set & The Liquid Galaxy Oversized Tee

purple liquid rave outfit for women

The liquid galaxy set and oversized tee combo is an excellent choice for friends who differ in their preferences regarding the level of skin exposure. The liquid galaxy set features an underboob cut-out top and a pair of buckle biker shorts, while the matching oversized tee offers a more relaxed and comfortable fit.

oversized graphic tee for women with trippy design for music festivals

Both the set and the tee are lightweight, breathable, and printed all over in mesmerizing liquid space neons. All you need to do is pick the right size and make your EDM experience truly something else!

#3 The Cosmic Love Set & Costume & Cropped Tee

two piece rave outfit for music festivals in purple cosmic print for women

Love the deep space? We have all the right ways to show your love off in style! The cosmic love set, costume, and cropped tee matching combo offers an out-and-out styling assortment for buddies who appreciate a distinctive and playful outfit.

full body costume in purple for music festivals

The set features a buckle-front triangle top and a pair of booty bottoms, while the costume presents a one-piece fashion statement with neon hearts on a dark ink backdrop. Meanwhile, the matching Cosmic Love cropped tee will go perfectly with your favorite spandex leggings or denim shorts - because we all love the deep outer space, and we all tour it our way!

big purple heart graphic cropped tee for women

#4 The Astral Projection Catsuit & The Wave Blast Catsuit

blue cutout catsuit for women with halter neck

Some like it to be blue, some like it to be pink, and some like it to be everything all at once. If you find yourself in the third group, you won't help but fall in love with the contrasts of the Astral Projection and Wave Blast cut-out catsuits.

pink cutout catsuit rave outfit for women

The astral projection and wave blast catsuit combo is sheer perfection for rave mates looking for more futuristic, edgy, and hypnotic matching outfits. With spacy stripes in neon blue and dreamy pink, those two are truly a couple made in the rave heaven.

Add the sexy cuts on the chest, abdomen, and back - then all you have is the very embodiment of the universe, dancing to the beats.

#5 The Green Serpent Set & The Red Serpent Set

green rave outfit with serpent print to wear at music festivals

Burning hot or glacial cold? Opposites complete each other, and so will you and your friend in the matching Serpent sets, both featuring hornlike reptile spirals printed in sizzling red and spooky green.

red serpent rave outfit for women perfect for edm outfits

The two sets comprise a sexy underboob crop top, a pair of high-waisted booty shorts, and a couple of thumbhole sleeves with a matching print. Because every coin has two sides, and you'll be flippin' it all night long!

#6 The Red and Black Gemini & The Pink and Black Gemini Sets

 matching friends rave outfits

Duotone is the new black - because all your faces are worth seeing! In the matching Gemini sets, your EDM crew will jump out of the ordinary and straight into the festival spirit.

Gemini matching rave outfits for best friends to wear at music festivals and edm events

The Pink and Black set includes a strappy bikini top and bottom and a pair of thumbhole sleeves, while the Red and Black Gemini set is made of a bralette crop top, a pair of booty bottoms, and a couple of matching sleeves.

So - how far out of the box can you actually get?

#7 The Raving Diva Set & The Purple Swirl Set

sexy blue rave outfit with super crop top and arm warmers

Wanna be unstoppable as you spiral up and down the rhythm? The Raving Dive and Purple Swirl sets are both printed all over with hypnotic twisting spirals - one in deep blue and the other in radiant violet combined with toxic pink.
When it comes to combining components, the sets are made of super crop top, a strappy triangle top, and a pair of super hot booty shorts. You can add a couple of elastic sleeves to each set, thus rounding out your ultimate rave diva look.

matching co-ord set for women in purple to wear at rave and music festivals

At the end of the day (or the night), matching festival outfits with your friends can be a truly novel experience that creates a shared backdrop for expressing yourselves. So whether you want to coordinate your looks or complete a playful and distinctive style, there are plenty of rave fashion alternatives to choose from - and we bring them all to the tips of your fingers.

All that's left is to design your experience and enjoy it!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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