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Rave Fashion Trends 2022: Where are EDM Outfits Going?

Rave Fashion Trends 2022: Where are EDM Outfits Going?

As of the end of 2021, we can already feel the wind of the rave blowing towards us straight from the future. So, we are about to give you a super-secret insight from the crystal ball of EDM fashion for 2022: the fabrics, the designs, the prints… And all the ways you can stay at the top of the rave wave!

So, what type of EDM outfits women will love in 2022? Let us take you on a future-proof tour through the mightiest rave fashion trends for the following year.

The Materials: Spandex and Its Flawless Victory

No surprises here, are there? High-quality spandex is obviously here to stay as the most preferred fabric for designing the best party outfits in town. In case you still don’t know why - here is a bunch of solid reasons for the flawless victory:

  • Spandex is highly elastic, lightweight, springy, and pliable - it fits all body shapes and sizes equally well and looks superb no matter what.
  • It provides the ultimate comfort and freedom of movement for the body, needed for having a memorable time during the party days and nights.
  • It has a gentle shape-sculpting effect, perfect for working on your body-image insecurities, in case you have any (and you shouldn’t, by the way!).
  • High-quality spandex is solid, durable, squat-proof, and non-see-through. You can use it long, and you can use it like a boss!
  • The material allows for mind-blowing and realistic all-over printing, including with UV-reactive inks that glow in the dark.

See? It can hardly get any better than this - not merely in 2022, but probably for a long, long time to come. 

The Designs: Bolder Than Ever!

Are there still any borders left uncrossed? Well, 2022 comes with a promise to work on that. 

What are some of the EDM fashion trends that we can clearly recognize just days before the new year kicks in? Here they come:

Asymmetric Costumes

One arm, one leg, one shoulder, and combinations of them are just the beginning. Then come long asymmetric dresses, skirts with front cuts and long backsides, uneven cuts… And the end of “streamlined” appearance as the leading player in the rave game. 

That’s right! You can quit feeling bad about not being able to match a pair of socks in the morning. It’s a trend now!

sexy woman wearing edm outfit that glows in the dark@keranakosmos Wearing Space Girl Sci-Fi One Leg Jumpsuit

Cheeky Cuts

Rave fashion has always been about freedom and boldness to stand out and provoke. It will stay this way, and it will get even better. So what does 2022 bring along, you might ask?

  • Cut out thong bodysuits with an extra spark of foxiness;
  • Savage high-hip designs that uncover the hips up to the waist;
  • Underboob cut tops, dresses, bodysuits, and costumes;
  • Cut out mini dresses with bare backs and wide front openings;
  • Cut out boob tubes with extra openings on the sides, etc.

Or else said: you are now dared to go beyond your limits and re-explore your definitions of freedom once again! The bolder - the better!

sexy women's cut out thong bodysuit for edm@sarahsergey Wearing Black Trip Thong Bodysuit

Multi-Piece Sets

Shortage of time, anyone? More and more people prefer to buy pre-made party sets with multiple pieces and steal the spotlight with no extra effort throughout the styling process. 2022 brings a variety of multi-piece outfits that can combine all of the following garments:

  • A printed bottom - leggings, booty shorts, biker shorts, or a skirt;
  • A matching top - a boob tube, a bra top, a classic crop top, etc.;
  • A suitable bandana - used as a neck gaiter, a beanie, or a hair accessory;
  • A face mask - perfect for dust and droplet protection;
  • Thumbhole sleeves - for extra top-style points;
  • Or crew socks - for rounding out your jaw-dropping appearance.

The good news? At the Devil Walking rave fashion boutique, you can already have all of these in bundles!

edm outfit matching set@summerbarkan Wearing Red Dragon Rave Matching Outfit

Multi-Purpose Outfits & Accessories

Yes, sometimes one purchase is still better than two purchases. So - multi-purpose garments and outfits are coming for smart shoppers around the globe. These can be:

  • Costumes that match both the EDM and the Halloween culture;
  • Rave costumes that are cosplay and roleplay-friendly;
  • Pride costumes that can be used for all types of party events;
  • Rave short overalls that are also good for everyday use;
  • Oversized printed dresses that you can wear as a snug hoodie;
  • Spacious printed onesies that can even serve as a soft pajama;
  • High-impact unitards for partying and working out, etc. 

Can one design fit all purposes? Probably not. But it can still manage to fit many of them in a row!

cyber edm outfits@keranakosmos Wearing Cyber Soldier Costume

The Prints: Holy Rave!

Now, let’s jump straight into the deep - the designs, motifs, and prints expected to own the landscape in 2022. Some of them might not surprise you. But, some of them might do…

The Space Age

Future is always a leitmotif for EDM lovers, and future-proof prints are forever in the game. Anime robots, sexy droids, biomechanical cyborgs, and cyber warriors are here to stay - but they get more realistic and high-tech than ever before!

What’s more - high-quality spandex costumes with space-age prints are not exclusively reserved for the ladies anymore. Gentlemen are invited to join the freak show, and it’s an invitation worth accepting. 

edm outfit and halloween costume in one@shellydinferno Wearing Circuit Board Costume

The Horror

The beauty of horror and the horror of beauty come together as a powerful trend - with love for the wicked and spotlight on the darkness. Skeletons, zombies, mermaids, and splashing brains are now way beyond Halloween - they are here to have a party!

Our crystal ball says that the classic horror motifs are expected to expand to the realms of mythology and demonology, goth and Wiccan culture, astrology, and the dark diaries of kawaii. And we kind of trust it! 

skeleton costumes that glows in the dark perfect for edm outfit@uzdaria Wearing Purple Skeleton Costume & @keranakosmos Wearing Purple Skeleton One Leg Jumpsuit

& The Rainbow

Being proud of who you are is not a fashion trend but a cultural and civilizational shift. Gladly, free-spirited fashion is always here to follow and support that vibe! 

Rainbow prints, spectrum colors, and splashing diversity are expected to keep their importance as a symbol of freedom to be who you are. Because love and fashion are both known to respect no boundaries!

love is love pride outfit for edm and rave evenets@uzdaria Wearing Love is Love Matching Set

Can You Feel it Coming?

It’s safe to say that party fashion only gets better in time, and 2022 will surely not take a step back. We are exhilarated to design the trends, share them, and experience them along with you - in the fashion boutique of the devils.

Stay with us to always keep posted on the freshest rave vogue and the most mesmerizing new ways to experience yourself!

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