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woman standing still in a boho style for rave festivals with crop top and high waisted booty shorts

Rave Outfits 2023: Tube Top, Crop Top, Or Bikini Top

As we slowly enter the party calendar of 2023, the EDM world is buzzing with anticipation for the freshest trends in hi-tech rave fashion. As we witness a boom of graphic prints, 3D patterns, and brute visual designs, we also relish the return of some classic rave looks such as tube tops, crop tops, and bikini tops.

But, with so many options to choose from, how do you know which rave crop top is the one for you? In the paragraphs below, we'll explore all the pros and cons of various crop top designs, so you can pick a rave wardrobe to paint the town red in.

Ready or not, inspiration is about to kick in!

Tube Tops: Minimalistic Cheekiness

red dragon tube crop top for rave and festivals in red and black@summerbarkan Wearing Red Dragon Set

Strapless tube tops are an evergreen rave trend that never goes out of style. They look great with high-waisted bottoms and are versatile enough to make you feel sexy, comfy, and free to make all of your epic moves on the dancefloor.

An elastic tube top is also great for layering, as you can add a long-sleeved shirt or a cardigan to make the outfit more dressy or rich in colors and patterns.

Finally, tube tops are usually made from lightweight materials that are comfortable and breathable, making them perfect for hot and humid environments during weekend-long summer raves under the sunrays.

Classic Crop Tops: All The Looks You're Looking For

Classic crop tops are another splendid way to show off your curves without making an outfit too revealing. Except if a too-revealing outfit is precisely what you're looking for - because crop tops can do that little trick too.

When browsing through crop top designs, you'll find a world of possibilities. These include hooded crop tops, cropped tees, halter neck crop tops, and even long-sleeved crop tops with cold shoulders. They are usually made of stretchy and pliable fabric blends, such as spandex or lycra, which gives them plenty of flexibility and ease of movement.

Last but not least, crop tops correspond exceptionally well with virtually all types of bottoms - including booty shorts, skirts, or old-school baggy rave pants. As a result, they can be a superior option for indoor or open-air rave parties, regardless of the overall styling concept you'll be opting for.

Bikini Tops: Confidence and Freedom

bikini rave crop top for women in purple@trickykenicki Wearing Indigo Dance Set

Bikini tops are a well-favored fashion choice for those looking to make a powerful confidence statement. They can come in a clear-cut design or be complemented with adjustable strings, strappy cut-out designs, underboob cuts, and even buckles on the front of the chest.

To make things even better, bikini tops are usually pre-paired in matching two-piece sets, ready to get you on top of the rave wave. You can find them paired with booty shorts, high-waisted thong bottoms, and printed rave leggings that round out the ultimate summer look for EDM events all-year-round.

Cut to flatter your figure and boost your vibes, these rave crop tops are usually made from lightweight fabrics, such as nylon or spandex, and come in various tones and color palettes. So, it doesn't matter if you're in for a psychedelic trip or a space-age voyage - all you need to do is hop in and enjoy the ride.

And All The Other Possibilities

Still looking for a rave top alternative to take you to the next level? The hottest hi-tech rave trends are far from over, and we're about to take you deeper down into the rabbit hole where you can rock the rave in style.

Some extra exciting options beyond the classic tube tops, crop tops, and bikini tops are, for example:

  • Super crop tops are a gutsy, spirited, and super devilish way to instantly steal the show. They are comfortable and lightweight and allow for ultimate freedom of movement while still being easy to style and adjust in fit. You can combine a super crop top with high-waisted biker bottoms, a skirt, or booty shorts.
  • Hoodie crop tops are both a fashion-forward and practical way to add a bit of edge to your rave look - with a sweet gangsta twist added to the girly look. In addition, they can provide extra warmth and protection when needed or add a three-dimensional look with a graphically printed hood. You can wear a hoodie crop top with a pair of leggings or jeans and layer it with a denim jacket or a dazzlingly colored neon coat.
  • Tank tops can be either skin-tight or designed with a breezy and loose fit. They are stylishly adaptable, remarkably cozy, and effortlessly dressed up or down. Their cut is flattering for all body sizes and types, as they can provide a gentle breast-molding and push-up effect. Styling a tank top is as easy as one-two-three - jump into your favorite shorts, and layer it with a jacket or a wrap cardigan.

No matter what type of crop top you choose for your next rave, make sure it feels good, fits well, and matches your vibes. Remember that your rave look inspiration should go no further than your personal style - because raving in character feels best when you rave in your character.

Stay tuned to the fashion boutiques of the Devils and get the hottest rave trends as they unveil!

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