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Rave Outfits: How to Style a Catsuit

Every raver out there will tell you that an EDM begins weeks before you hit the festival grounds, and it begins with outfitting.

From sexy crop tops to cut out bodysuits and from high-waisted booty shorts to tutus, there is a world of possibilities to complete a fun and eye-catching festival look. However, one trend has gained significant popularity among ravers in recent years, and it is the festival catsuit.

In today's fashion tips from the devils' boutique, we will explore how to style a catsuit for a rave. How to choose the right material, how to accessorize your catsuit, how to find the perfect shoes, and how to ultimately make yourself a piece of rave art?

Let's see!

What Is a Catsuit, and Why Is It Popular for Raves?

A catsuit is a skin-tight, one-piece garment wrapping the entire body from the neck to the ankles. Initially used for athletic activities such as gymnastics and ballet, the catsuit has later become a staple in the rave scene.

High-quality catsuits allow freedom of movement while offering a gutsy and stylish fashion statement. They are usually made of stretchy material such as spandex or lycra, and they fit snugly around the body, emphasizing curves and contours while providing support and coverage.

In a nutshell - festival catsuits are creative, versatile, and super attention-grabbing. They hug the body in all the right places, highlighting curves and creating a sleek and sensual silhouette. This, combined with the high-tech prints and patterns, is why you'll see a lot of these on the front covers of rave magazines, blogs, and communities.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Festival Catsuit

Several factors must be evaluated when choosing a suitable material for your catsuit. As you may guess, comfort, durability, and style are among the essential aspects to keep in mind when picking your festival outfit.

Since you will be dancing and moving around for hours on end, choose a lightweight, breathable, and flexible material. Spandex and lycra are popular choices for festival catsuits because they provide a snug fit while also allowing for easy movement.

Why durability? Well, since raves can get rather intense and energetic, choosing a material that can withstand the wear and tear of the night is also important. Therefore, look for a catsuit that is made of high-quality material and has reinforced seams to ensure that it will last through multiple events.

Finally, style is not to be mentored and guided - it's yours only to choose and enjoy! In 2023, you can browse hundreds and thousands of designs for a festival catsuit until you find the one that looks and feels right for your festival character.

Exploring Different Styles of Catsuits


Catsuits come in various styles, from classic solid colors to some rather bold and mind-boggling prints and patterns. So, in case you're asking yourself about the freshest trends this festival season, here are some of the hottest trends:

  • Solid color catsuits like black, white, neon, and metallics are classic and timeless. They're versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, mainly by using different accessory highlights.
  • Psychedelic prints, such as tie-dye, rainbow colors, and kaleidoscopic patterns, are also popular among ravers in 2023. They create a devilish look that's perfect for dancing the night away.
  • Alien and sci-fi prints, such as holographic and space-inspired designs, are also favored by festival lovers who want to embrace a futuristic and otherworldly look.
  • Abstract prints, such as geometric patterns and splatter prints, are another impish way to add some graphic magnet to your outfit.
  • Then again - skeleton prints are not exclusively booked for Halloween night. They remain a super edgy choice for ravers who want to embrace a darker aesthetic - be it a more playful or a more spooky one.

Accessorizing Your Festival Catsuit: What Are the Options?

While the catsuit is a fashion highlight in itself, there are still many ways to accessorize it to create a striking and personalized look. Here are some ideas for accessorizing your catsuit for a rave:

  • Statement jewelry: Add a pop of sparkle and shine to your outfit with bold statement earrings, necklaces, and neon bracelets.
  • Neon accents: From neon shoelaces to neon hair extensions, there are endless ways to add a neon twist to your outfit, so all you need to do is choose.
  • Body chains: Count a touch of edge and glam to your outfit with a body chain worn over your catsuit.
  • Face and body gems: Stick-on gems and jewels can also add a hint of dazzle to your festival fashion persona.

Last but not least - use festival props such as drawstring bags, rave sunglasses, and elastic bandanas to level up your looks and comfort all at once.

Finding the Perfect Shoes to Complete Your Look

When choosing shoes to wear with your catsuit, we have a (un)popular opinion to share. While style and character are indeed important, the only key factor to a good experience during a music festival - at least when it comes to footwear - is comfort.

In this line of thought, high-platform boots and heels will be perfect for your photo shoot before the festival. Anyway, when you hit the festival grounds, you will be on your feet for hours, probably jumping, dancing, and jigging around.

All of these can put a lot of strain on your feet and legs. Therefore, make sure to choose footwear that is both comfortable and supportive to avoid discomfort, blisters, and injuries. During the summer, sneakers and sandals will be your best friend, and during spring and autumn festivals held outdoors, you may need waterproof shoes that can withstand muddy conditions.

Hairstyles and Makeup Ideas to Sweeten Your Catsuit Look

You already know that brute hairstyles and makeup are a must-have for your overall festival style, don't you? So, here are some easy-to-implement options for your hair and makeup that will complete your festival catsuit look:

  • Glitter roots: Add a touch of sparkle by applying glitter to the roots of your hair. Temporary hair dyes can also do the trick, and a combination of both will totally skyrocket your glamor.
  • Space buns: Space buns are a popular hairstyle choice for ravers and festival lovers. They're cute and playful, keeping your hair out of your face while dancing.
  • Neon hair extensions: These festival deal-makers can be clipped in or sewn in, and they're a great way to embrace the neon trend without breaking the bank.
  • Bold makeup: EDM festivals are an excellent opportunity to experiment with bold and multicolor makeup, so consider using glowing eyeshadows, glitter, and bold lip colors in your makeup to create a playful vibe.

While a makeup tutorial or two will do the trick, we strongly advise you to try and test your looks before the festival - especially if you're not experienced enough for a first-time perfection.

Extra Tip: How to Choose the Proper Undergarments for a Catsuit

Choosing the right undergarments for a catsuit is essential to avoid ruining your style.

The best option you have is to invest in high-quality seamless underwear since it won't create any visible panty lines and will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

If you need to wear a bra under your catsuit, choose one that provides plenty of support. A sports bra or a bra with an underwire is a good choice as long as it's perfectly sized and remains invisible under your costume.

Finally, consider wearing shapewear if you want a more streamlined look under your catsuit. This can smooth out any bumps or lumps and create a more polished look.

Ready to Rave?

In conclusion, a festival catsuit is a versatile and rather popular choice for ravers, which is far from a coincidence. By choosing a suitable material, accessorizing creatively, and experimenting with hairstyles and makeup, you can come up with your own unique look and enjoy all eyes on you.

So, get ready to dance the night away in style with your catsuit, and stay tuned to the fashion boutique of the devils for more rave fashion tips!

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