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Safe And Legal Raves During A Pandemic: Drive-in, Vertical, Pod & More

Safe And Legal Raves During A Pandemic: Drive-in, Vertical, Pod & More

Among the hundreds and thousands of things we already miss desperately, dancing our souls away hits the hardest, doesn’t it? 

In the last couple of years, party lovers had been frantically searching for a suitable way to get that precious serotonin hit, and they’ve even reached some great heights of creativity to do so. Leaving secret, private, and illegal raves behind, what are the thoroughly safe, legal, and well-organized ways of having a blast as of the middle of 2021? 

Obviously, things are not as simple and easy to manage as they were before the pandemic ever broke in. Anyway, simple is a highly overrated concept. Below, you will find a list of ways how the party, festival, and rave environment is currently evolving in order to meet the specifics of our immediate present situation. 

So, how do we rave now, folks?

Rave girl dancing with close eyes at festival.

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Pod Raves

Pod raves are held outdoors in vast open spaces, where separate fenced-in dancing spots are installed and pre-booked under certain conditions. A single sport can host different numbers of people that cover different sets of criteria, depending on the organizer’s policy. Normally, these are people who share a household or another indoor space in their everyday lives so that everyone remains as safe as possible.

In front of the individual dancing pods, there is either a live performer playing a set or a large screen that broadcasts an audio-visual rave atmosphere. So - screaming, shouting, headbanging and clubbing under the stars during a pandemic? Achievement unlocked!

Vertical Raves

The so-called “vertical raves” are typically held at hotels, where attendees book a room with a balcony facing an inner open space. In that open space, a stage is installed, and music is played, while every single terrace fills with alternative clubbers, safely distanced from one another. 

The vertical alignment in the outdoor space guarantees proper distancing and absolute safety while people share a unique vibe and a one-of-a-kind experience worth cherishing. 

Drive-in “Park’ n Rave” Parties

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theater? Either way, you probably know how things work in such a place - you park your car on the spot and enjoy what happens from inside of it. A minor yet crucial difference is that during legally approved park ‘n rave events, each vehicle is being rounded off with an extra outdoor space where guests can step out and dance. 

Separate parking lots are cautiously outlined with an indicative band that defines how far exactly you can go until u’re dancing the night away. Of course, drinking and driving is strongly prohibited, so visitors are typically asked to spend the night at the spot and leave in the morning when they are legally able to drive themselves home. 

Virtual Rave Events

All of the rave alternatives mentioned above are already gaining massive popularity throughout metropolitan regions and cultures that have an underlined thing for raving. Anyway, there are lots of places around the globe where virtual parties are still the only opportunity to share an experience, be it not physically. 

All throughout the pandemic, people had marketed hundreds of virtual rave parties online. You can probably pick up how that happens - all you need is the right mood and a stable internet connection. Free or ticket-based, these events are broadcasted worldwide while performers play their sets and ravers share audio and video connection between themselves. 

Because a virtual rave is still better than no rave at all, is it not?


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The Show Must Go On!

Troubled times can’t trouble our spirits, can they? At the fashion boutique of the devils, the rave goes on and on! We believe that blowing the steam off every now and then is kind of mandatory, especially when we’ve all been through too much for too long. 

With us, you can style up with the most savage rave outfits, draw inspiration, and vibe with fellow party animals - because rave is a culture; rave is a community; rave is a philosophy of not taking life too seriously.

So, are you ready to dive into the depths of all the possibilities? Stay tuned on our website and our blog, cuz we have a lot to share, and u’ve got a long way to go if you wanna rave ‘n roll!

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