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what to wear to burning man 2022

The Essential Guide to Burning Man Rave Outfits

If you’ve ever been to the parallel reality of Black Rock City, you already know that some things are better experienced than explained. And since the experience has been missing from the festival calendar for a while, 2022 promises to bring it all back more powerful, inspiring, and rejuvenating than ever before!

August 28 to September 5, the temporary community of Burning Man will re-explore the realms of creativity, freedom, and self-expression once again. And we’ve gathered the best Burning Man outfits and inspirations to get you voyaging towards your most authentic self.

So - sit back, give ‘em a close look, and see where you start recognizing yourself in the concept.

Burning Man Outfit Inspiration: 6 Looks That Will Blow Your Bind!

Radical inclusion and radical self-expression are among the underlying principles that Burning Man has been developed around. This being said, choosing your outfit shouldn’t be based on a recommendation or an advertisement; it should be based on inspiration!

Here are some of our all-time favorites that vibe with the spirit of Burning Man and its unique creative concept:

#1 The Lotus Leaf Cut Out Bodysuit

Bold, but gentle; kinky, but elegant; hot as the desert at day and cold as the desert night - the lotus leaf bodysuit is all about gathering contrasts and harmonizing them as a part of yourself. So - isn’t that what Burning Man actually stands for in the first place?

The Lotus Leaf bodysuit is 100% out of the box, and so will be you - blooming in the heart of Black Rock City.

sexy cut out bodysuit for burning man festival

#2 The Green Neon Clothes

The evolution of rave wear has been heavily marked by neon as a symbol of not merely nightlife and partying, but also rebellion through total freedom of thought. Not afraid to stand out, and not afraid to stand among people who stand out - that’s what neon brings beyond the fluorescent glow and uplifted spirits.

As of today, green neon can be found on virtually any type of high-tech spandex clothing - from cut-out bodysuits to tube tops, full-body costumes, catsuits, booty shorts, and leggings. All that’s left for you to do is pick up the pieces and round out your groundbreaking rave outfit.

neon green tube top with choker and monster printed leggings

#3 The Lightning Costume

One-piece spandex costumes are a deal-maker for anyone who wants to achieve the ultimate Burning Man appearance, day and night. They are all-over printed with 3D patterns, provide absolute freedom of movement, and can even shine under the UV lights. As for the Electric Blue Lightning Costume - it has all of these features, plus a few more!

Its abstract lightning patterns will cover your body like a second skin and will produce a literal “walking light” effect. As a result, your attendance at the desert city will look and feel magically electrifying - both for you and everyone around you.

lightning costume perfect for EDMPhoto by @squiggly_mcpickins

#4 The Broken Mirror Costume

The Broken Mirror Costume boldly makes it as a top choice for all types of festivals, raves, parties, and happenings. And still, it has a unique conceptual connection with the symbol of Burning Man - the burning man himself. It’s about letting go of broken things, shining when shattered, and finding a new beginning through the cracks.

Also, let’s tell it as it is - the thing is just epic. It is body-tight, gently shape-molding, reflective, and realistically printed so that it creates the perfect balance between a savage and alluring look. Because some pals simply like their Burning Man burning hot!

metallic broken mirror costumePhoto by @eyeamki

#5 The Liquid Steel Rave Shorts Set

Molten darkness and creeping light come together like the yin and yang of the Nevada desert - and the result looks like something out of this world. We have it on a multiple-piece spandex set with sexy booty shorts, a cut-out boob tube, and a pair of sleek thumbhole sleeves.

You can also add a matching bandana, a pair of platform boots, and a pinch of mood - then you can create your own version of reality, even if for a few short summer days.

liquid steel black and grey co-ord set for festivals

#6 The Burning Flower Rave Set

Burning men, burning women, burning flowers… They all blend together in the flame, and your fire will give some light to the show! The burning pink co-ord set has an abstract liquid flame pattern, put on a strapless boob tube and a pair of slick, high-waisted booty shorts.

The final result is nothing but striking, and so will be your royal phoenix presence at the spot where everyone’s reborn in the burning heat.

pink flower two-piece set festival wear

After You Choose the Outfit, Take Care of the Details!

Once you pick up the costume, you will have to complete it with a group of little details that will make both your appearance and your experience the way you like them - flawless.

So, here is what to consider beyond the basic garments of the outfit:

  • The footwear. Choose a pair you can dance into, or just bring along a second pair to put on during the wilder hours of the night!
  • The accessories. Nevada desert is not a joke, so make sure you bring along a protective face mask or a bandana, a pair of sunglasses and a suitable hat to keep the sunbeams away.
  • The backpack and liquids. Make sure you bring along a comfy backpack, and put enough water in it. Dehydration is a real thing during a summer festival, and it can damage your experience if you let it.
  • The power. Like, literally. Bringing along a power bank for your devices will keep you connected to your mates on and off-spot.

And sure - bring along the mood! Allow yourself to be free, connect with the people around you, and re-explore what society actually means - surrounded by like-minded people, creativity, and radical acceptance.

Because the Burning Man experience may begin with your outfit, but it will end within your very heart!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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