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Tips & Advice: The 7 Essentials of Going To Festivals Alone

Raving is done better alone than in bad company, so you won’t be the first one to consider buying a solo ticket for the next EDM festival. Gladly, many have walked down this path, and there is plenty of feedback and guidance for having a good time all by yourself in front of the stage.

Below, we are giving you the basics on going to festivals alone - and we recommend you take your time to prepare a bit before you go and make the most epic memories.

#1 Get to Know The Area of the Fest

Maybe you’re visiting a fest in your town, maybe you’re visiting a fest across the country, and perhaps you’re hitting a destination on another continent. Whatever the case, it is strongly recommended to do your homework and learn more about the place you’re about to visit.

GPS coordinates, mobility alternatives, and different routes to the stages and the campgrounds are just the beginning. Then, make sure you research more about the climate, the local cultural etiquette, the emergency phone numbers, and the nearest hotels, hospitals, shops, and pharmacies. When you do so, you will be independent enough to rely on yourself and stay out of confusing situations.

#2 Search For Event Groups or Local Community Groups

It’s okay to hit that epic EDM festival alone, but it is also wise to be aware of the community you’ll be raving in. Many music festival visitors gather in closed groups on social media in order to share tips, make plans, and provide support for anyone who might need it on their way there.

Social groups are a good way to stay in touch with the people around you both beforehand and on-site. Local community members will answer your organizational questions, and on-site visitors will be ready to provide assistance if you get in trouble while raving solo.

#3 Equip Yourself Well… And Bring Some Extra Too!

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Picking your rave clothing remains essential, but your list of essentials will be slightly longer if you go to an EDM solo.

A tricky thing about going to festivals alone is that you won’t have your close friends’ support if you happen to forget your phone charger, your shampoo, or your sleeping bag. So you shall bear the cross of lone ravers and be 101% well-prepared to have everything you need without relying on others.

Of course, making a list is a good ol’ classic that will help you a lot. And a pro tip would be to bring some extra stuff even to help those around you. For example, handing out sunscreen, a bottle of fresh water, or a solar charger can help you make instant friends and form your clique on the go.

#4 Keep in Touch With Your Friends or Family

When you decide to travel and camp alone, your common sense will sooner or later take you to consider the risks. But, you can also be sure that your closest ones will be thinking of the ways things can go wrong. So, don’t make them worry too much and plan a way to stay in touch every now and then, just in case.

It can be an instant messaging platform, a group chat, or any social media. It all works well as long as it works easily and gives you the tools to ping your buddies if you’re okay… Or if you’re not. In case you get in trouble, pre-set a secret code message that’s swift to send and easy to understand. It will help your crew react and seek support if you’re in danger.

#5 Enjoy Your Solo Festival Experience to the Fullest

No matter the reasons for going alone, make sure you make the event memorable! Solo raving gives you the total freedom to switch stages, pick sets, enjoy shows, and shift between festival groups without having to continually keep an eye for someone else. That’s a pretty good strategy for social butterflies to live their best life, and there’s nothing that will hold you back!

When raving free from constraints, you can meet different people, listen to various artists, and even switch sleepover locations if you feel like it. If you’re the type to measure an experience by its dynamics and abundance, now is the time for you to paint the town red.

#6 Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out For Help or Support

There is no need to constantly think about the risks and potential hazards of solo festival visits. But, of course, you shall always have your plan B and know how to react if you’re feeling unwell, stressed out, or endangered in any way.

Most festivals have security personnel, and virtually all of them have an emergency medical team. If your personal space is being violated or you’re being treated disrespectfully, immediately look out for the security crew. If you’re having hints of physical uneasiness, head to the medical tent without hesitation. When alone, you have to take care of yourself - so you can make a comeback and experience the rest of the fest to the fullest.

#7 Stay Smart & Stay Safe

Rave culture is all about respect, acceptance, and support in a temporary community. Therefore, you will rarely undergo negative encounters, and that’s why many ravers of all ages and genders go to festivals alone every now and then.

Anyway, your sober judgment of the situation is more important when you have no second opinion to reach out for, and it is strongly advisable to keep that judgment functional. That’s right - when partying alone, alcohol and substance intake should be taken to the bare minimum, and a clear mind should be kept at all times if you want to stay on the safe side.

So, are you ready to be the dreamer of your own dreams? Hit the road and stay tuned to the Devil Walking blog to get more precious tips for festivals and raves!

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