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Top 10 Rave Accessories You Need for Your Next Festival

Top 10 Rave Accessories You Need for Your Next Festival

When you’re dressing up for the next rave calendar event, you are probably putting considerable effort into choosing the most jaw-dropping party costume. And you’re totally on the right track! 

Anyway, once you’re done with the fundamental concept of your outfit, you’ll be going through the journey of accessorizing. As honorable veterans of this process, we are here to give you the hints you need in order to round out the ultimate rave apparel - head to toe!

So, are you in for a ride through the latest trends in the rave accessory world?

#1 Printed Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a sporty, off-beat, and punky look, putting on a pair of crew socks under your platform sneakers is a massive rave win indeed. These have a medium length, a breathable structure, and a variety of cheeky prints you can match with the rest of your outfit. 

What’s more - good-quality printed crew socks will give you the freedom of dynamic movements without ever causing your shoes to rub painfully or irritate your skin. You just need to pick the right print and finish your festival looks like a boss. 

#2 Women’s Neck Gaiters

Neck gaiters are not something revolutionary new in the rave fashion world. What’s different today are their forms, fabrics, and purpose range - and you will definitely love the change. Modern elastic bandanas can be easily transformed to serve various purposes - from a hand or head accessory to a little scarf, a face mask, or even a beanie. 

Usually, top-line women's neck gaiters are seamless, breathable, and perfectly moisture-wicking. Blended with the best print motif, this makes them one of the most valuable rave accessories you can consider purchasing for your next rave. 

women's neck gaiters for festivals@sarahsergey wearing Yellow Blaze Set & Yellow Blaze Neck Gaiter

#3 A Rave Face Mask

Feel like discussing the elephant in the room? In the last couple of years, partying is undergoing dynamic changes, made to help people stay healthy while still having some safe kind of group fun. As you may already know, many event organizers require visitors to wear a face mask during a festival, so the rave fashion adapts!

A rave face mask is protective enough to keep you safe and cool enough to not feel like a burden to you or your style. The masks are made in outfit-matching designs and are guaranteed to fit snug while you dance the night away. 

face mask for festival@bamkittybam wearing Circuit Board Set & Circuit Board Face Mask

#4 Thumbhole Sleeves

Sleek, streamlined, and absolutely gorgeous - thumbhole sleeves are an all-time classic in rave outfitting that simply never gets old. Today, you can find the spandex thumbhole sleeves as a part of many pre-made rave sets with sci-fi, futuristic, mythological, or Hawaii prints. 

Of course, you can also buy a monochrome pair and match it with the dominant color of your costume, in case you’re looking for a less detailed and more balanced look. In both cases, thumbhole sleeves will give you a massive amount of bonus festival-style points. 

festival two piece set with thumbholes sleeves@sarahsergey wearing Red Dragon Set

#5 A Glow Stick

Wanna help them see your moves? Glow sticks come in all sizes and forms but deliver the same result - many pairs of eyes on you. They are accessible, easy to find, and perfectly lightweight, so you can safely carry them in your festival backpack.

#6 A Kick-Ass Pair of Glasses

Glasses are a loveable rave accessory for a simple reason - they can look just the way you need them to! 

Are you wearing a hot pink neon costume? Cool - put on your fresh magenta pair and dance to the beat.

Are you a steampunk princess tonight? Then, go own the rave with a pair of badass mechanical glasses made to stand out.

Are you a future-proof mechanical droid? Put on the most savage carnival glasses with a mighty Robo vibe and join the game!

#7 Music Festival Face Stickers

Here, you are free to design the best version of yourself. Face stickers come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • 3D face modeling products;
  • Shiny and playful face jewelry;
  • Big or small single-use face stickers;
  • Temporary face tattoos;
  • Face gems and mermaid jewels;
  • Minimalistic rave masks, etc.

Feel the inspiration kicking in? You can have it as a step-by-step guide here:

#8 Glow in The Dark Jewelries

Are you looking for a way to make your jewelry stand out even front-stage? The happy news is that there are many UV-Reactive and glow-in-the-dark alternatives you can pick from for this purpose. 

From luminous glow rings, through LED-powered necklaces, to neon earrings in multiple designs - your opportunities are literally endless, and your fabulous looks - no more than a purchase away. 

#9 A UV-Reactive Makeup Palette

Of course, rave makeup is nothing like everyday makeup. It goes way beyond the ordinary and reaches some mesmerizing levels of epicness. To make your look noticeable in the dark, you can use a palette of UV-reactive colors that will make your face really shine under the dancefloor lights.

You can use the palette for both ordinary eye makeup and full-face makeup with forms, shapes, and an all-over face art design. 

@thefairydina wearing The Power of Ganesha Catsuit

#10 A Badass Wig

Last but not least - you can round out your savage rave look with the perfect wig - punk or ethereal, long or short, glistening white or candy pink. 

Make sure you fix the accessory property so that you can dance freely without worrying about the wig falling down.

Stay tuned in the Devil Walking’s blog to discover all things rave - fashion, accessories, trends, culture, and tips. Because it’s always a pleasure to inspire the play!

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