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What To Wear To a Rave Party: 7 Savage Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To a Rave Party: 7 Savage Outfit Ideas

Ever wondered what to wear to a festival or an upcoming rave party? We’ve all been there, obviously. It needs to be sleek, it needs to be stretchy, it needs to be super-comfortable… And it also needs to be brute, right?

Here is our list of top seven rave and festival fashion picks that will make you look exactly the way you feel - out of this world. 


Scared of encountering style police? Worry no more! Nowadays, you can enjoy hundreds of options when it comes to pre-combined party outfit pieces. 

Quality 2 piece sets have a matching pattern of thematic prints - they look great together, and they will surely make you stand out wherever you go.

Depending on the season and your personal preferences, you can choose a suitable combination of elements, including booty shorts, leggings of different lengths, crop tops, hoodies, etc.

Women with Blue Hair is Wearing Shorts and Top While Posing
@freyjaphoria wearing Purple Pearl Shorts Set


Wanna put a little bit of yourself in your outfit? You can easily pick up the pieces and form the ultimate rave look yourself. Just choose a dominant color, pick a level of support, and decide how sexy you can exactly get. Then browse through your favourite rave fashion boutique and follow four simple steps: @freyjaphoria

  • Choose the bottom - be it cheeky shorts or printed leggings that match your concept;
  • Choose the top - a bra model, a cold shoulder design, a long-sleeve hoodie, or whatever you imagine to show up in;
  • Choose the accessories - polish your outfit with a specially picked set of accessories - a face mask, a neck gaiter, or this statement jewelry you’ve been dreaming of;
  • Finish with the right pair of shoes - skyrocket your looks by putting on your rave boots or your favourite heeled babes. 

You’re all ready to slay now!

 Girl has leaned Back while Wearing Crop Top and Black Shorts


When asking yourself how to dress for a music festival, a full-body costume is always the right answer. Here, you’ll have at least four distinct alternatives to choose from:


Covering yourself neck-to-feet is as epic as it could be. Catsuits are close-fitting one-piece garments that look mysterious and voluptuous enough to make you steal the show. What’s more - they will give you total freedom of movement and let you explode in full potential. Because dancing the night away is what rave is all about, is it not?


Women is Watching the Sun and wearing Red Jumpsuit
@jaekuro wearing Supernova Catsuit


Sexy, trippy, and appealing - a rave bodysuit is indeed among the bravest things to put on when trying to make a lasting impression. Bodysuits come in different shapes and sizes - with or without sleeves, with or without feet, with or without cut-out sections. What they have in common are a daring spirit and an eccentric look - put high-quality materials, and you have a one-of-a-kind rave apparel to rock out in. 

Women is Riding a Bike at Burning Man Festival
@carlz_louise wearing Lotus Leaf Cut Out Bodysuit at Burning Man


Slim fit or plus size, an adult onesie is another one-piece that will make them wow! out loud. Also perfect for thematic parties and couples’ outfits, onesies are enjoying an ever-increasing interest among the rave subculture members - bold enough to make a splash and cozy enough to keep you moving; they simply have it all. 


Fit in or stand out? You can bring your obsessions along by showing up in a chosen thematic adult costume - be it steampunk, sci-fi, nerd, or, well, whatever it is. When passion is concerned, too much is never enough - so go for it and express yourself as bravely as possible - in a fashion line that gives a field for expression to your inner world. Women is dancing with Levi Wand wearing Blue Adult Costume

@squiggly_mcpickins wearing Lightning Costume


Dresses are not merely a prom accessory, right? When deciding how to dress for a summer festival, you can surely consider some of the following kick-ass alternatives:

  • A special bodycon dress in your favourite print;
  • A blast skater dress in a chosen pattern;
  • halter neck dress with a length of your choice;
  • A T-shirt dress made to impress.

Also, if you feel like raving your soul out in your prom dress, no soul can stop you, ok?


A little hint: you’re in the very right place. 

At the fashion boutique of the devils, you will find hundreds of unique festival and rave outfits designed to elevate your party experience! 

Enjoy an ever-growing catalogue of high-quality fashion - for the rebels, for the ravers, for the goth girls, for the wicked ones! You can have it all, and you can have it right here, right now. All you need to do is keep your party spirit up, and let us take care of your appearance!

Ready to have a blast?

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