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What To Wear To Burning Man 2023

What To Wear To Burning Man 2023

Burning Man, a festival known for its blend of radical self-expression, creativity, and community, is on the horizon. So, are you ready to don your wildest animal print clothing and embody the raw spirit of the desert this year?

Below, we will help you immerse yourself in the festival's unique ethos as the sun dips and the playa comes to life.

What, Where, and When Is Burning Man?

Burning Man is an annual gathering taking place in the vast Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Usually occurring in the week leading up to Labor Day, it transforms into a city teeming with tens of thousands of participants. Art installations pepper the landscape, mutant vehicles roam the playa, and the spirit of imagination and ingenuity permeates the air.

Burning Man is not just a festival — it's a community. It is guided by ten principles: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy. 

These principles form the cultural ethos that cultivates a sense of community, fostering connections, and promoting self-expression.

What Is the Theme of Burning Man 2023?

Each year, the organizers propose a different theme for Burning Man. 

In 2023, the theme is ''Animalia'', drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing animal kingdom. It encourages participants to explore and manifest their primal instincts, celebrating our bond with nature through their fashion choices and art installations.

The Animalia theme promises an enchanting blend of the wild and whimsical. Expect to see costumes and art installations influenced by various animal forms, patterns, behaviors, and habitats. From the fierce felines of the jungle to the bright plumage of tropical birds, the possibilities are endless. And so, of course, will be your rave outfitting choices.

Finding the perfect Burning Man Clothing This Year: 8 Alternatives to Consider

As Black Rock City becomes a menagerie of human expression, finding the right costume to match the Animalia theme can be a thrilling journey. 

Here, we've gathered eight exciting animal-inspired fashion trends that can guide your outfit selection.

Leopard Prints

sexy woman wearing an orange and black leopard full body costume

Leopard print clothing has long been a staple in fashion. It embodies a sense of boldness, mystery, and raw power that's perfect for the Burning Man atmosphere. Whether you choose a full-body costume, a cut-out bodysuit, or a simple bikini set, this print will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowd.

The beauty of leopard print lies in its versatility. It pairs well with virtually any color, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content. Plus, its popularity means you can find a wide variety of clothing options in this print, making it easy to create a look that's uniquely you.

Tiger and Feline Outfits

sexy woman wearing an orange and black tiger print cut out romper

Another compelling choice for animal print lovers is the tiger and other feline prints. These prints capture the allure and mystery of the jungle, perfect for funneling your inner wilderness. A tiger-striped jumpsuit or a cheetah-print top can make a dramatic statement, can't it?

But it's not just about the clothes. You can also enhance your wild kitty look with accessories and makeup, add a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, some tribal jewelry, or go all out with feline-inspired face paint.

Zebra Prints

sexy woman wearing a black and white zebra print set of disco pants and cut out front zip crop top

Zebra prints are a splendid way to tap into the wilder side of your style. The monochromatic design allows for easy pairing with any color, giving you the freedom to experiment. Whether you go for a classic black and white zebra print bodysuit or try a colored version, the stark stripes are sure to turn heads.

Don't be afraid to play with textures and fabrics, either. A zebra print can look fantastic in various materials, from shiny spandex to fluffy faux fur.

Snakes and Reptiles

sexy woman wearing a grey snakeskin print cut out catsuit

Snakes and other reptiles are a rich source of inspiration for festival fashion. Their captivating patterns and textures can make for some genuinely stunning outfits. From python print bodysuits to crocodile skin leggings, these designs are sure to impress.

You can also add to this reptilian aura with some statement accessories. Think layered necklaces, wide-brimmed hats, and chunky boots. Finish the look with some metallic body paint to mimic the sheen of reptile scales.

Peacock Outfits

sexy woman wearing a green peacock print set of bell bottoms and v string crop top

Peacock prints and motifs are a beautiful way to channel the vibrant, flamboyant energy of Burning Man. Bright colors, sequins, and feathers can all help you embody this majestic bird as you let yourself fly wild.

Pair a peacock print dress with colorful, chunky jewelry for a dazzling look, and don't forget to incorporate feathers — whether in your hair, on your costume, or even in your makeup — for a truly cohesive ensemble.

Cows 'n' Chicks

sexy woman wearing a black and white cow print set of thong shorts and o ring halter neck crop top

For those looking for a more lighthearted, playful take on the Animalia theme, consider cow, chicken, or any other farm animal prints. Cow-print shorts or a chick-inspired dress can add a touch of whimsy to your Burning Man wardrobe.

Remember, part of the fun of Burning Man is not taking things too seriously. Enjoy the playfulness of these prints, and don't forget to accessorize with a healthy dose of humor.

And All The Rest

sexy woman wearing an orange giraffe print set of boob tube top and rave mini skirt

While these are some of the popular choices, the world of animal print is vast and diverse. From the bright colors of tropical birds to the intricate patterns of butterflies, bugs, and insects, there's no shortage of inspiration.

At the end of the day, the best outfit for Burning Man is one that expresses your individuality. So go wild, be creative, and most importantly, have fun with it.

How Much Is a Burning Man Ticket

Burning Man tickets generally range from $500 to over $2500, depending on the type and time of purchase. To plan your spending and budget, you can see the full purchasing options, sales, and ticket aid programs at the official Burning Man tickets page.

Remember, though, Burning Man is a cashless community, so be prepared to trade, barter, and gift while you're there. Don't forget to budget for travel, camping gear, food, water, and costumes as well — self-reliance is a key principle of the event. Remember to follow the ''leave no trace" principle by picking up after yourself to keep the desert clean for future generations.

In conclusion, whatever you decide to wear, let your Burning Man outfit be a celebration of your inner spirit, a symbol of the shared human-animal bond, and a canvas for your creativity. Dive into the wilderness of Animalia, and let the desert be your runway!

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