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Women Outfits: How To Dress For Burning Man 2022

Women Outfits: How To Dress For Burning Man 2022

Three years after its last edition, Burning Man is officially happening again, and it’s the biggest thing on the festival calendar for 2022. Since most of us have spent these three years imagining what the next Black Rock Desert temporary city will look like, we are more than thrilled to join the buzz!

In the paragraphs below, you will get our full guide on the themes, motifs, and outfit trends for Burning Man this August. So sit back and allow yourself to have a little dream - because this year, it’s all about dreaming in colors!

What’s the Burning Man Theme for Summer 2022?

The Burning Man theme for 2022 is “Waking Dreams.”

The theme triggers reflection on the meaning, the purpose, and the transformative power of dreams - both literally and figuratively. It explores the subconscious layers of our minds, perpetually drawing pictures for us and trying to convey a message - about ourselves and about the world we live in.

Dreaming as a way to decipher reality; dreaming as a doorway into the surreal; dreaming as a way to live, and dreaming as a way to wake. This externalized vision will be yours to experience in the desert city this summer, and you better dress for the surreal!

What are the Best Burning Man Outfits to Dream in This Year?

The burning man outfits female dreamers can choose from this year are mind-blowing, to say the least. They are perfectly aligned with the motif of visualization, manifestation, and creative expression of our inner images and muses. What’s more - they are hypnotically fluid, entrancingly abstract, visionary, and sensational.

And if that still sounds kind of abstract, that’s because it is such! So, here is a short description of the most powerful Burning Man outfit trends for the “Waking Dreams” festival edition.

The Colors and Patterns

If there is just one word that depicts the full grandeur of this year’s Burning Man outfits, it is probably surrealistic.

Because you know how dreams are, right? Always so dense with feeling and always so difficult to explain once you wake up to the real world. Burning Man festival fashion 2022 tries to capture this phantasm and constructs the most stunning patterns - by mixing colors, palettes, shapes, and sentiments.

From crystalline neons to dissolved waves and blasts of graphic vividness - it’s all about drawing a picture of something that a picture can never depict. Was it a desert storm that you saw under the moonlight? Or was it an astral projection of you into the dawn of time? In the perfect outfit for Burning Man 2022, everyone will see what they’ve already seen while stargazing deep into themselves.

And that’s not fashion. That’s the poetry of living it all - all at once!

colorful outfit for Burning Man 2022

The Designs and Cuts

There is nothing ordinary about the designs and cuts of the Burning Man outfits this summer. Just on the contrary - they bring together the best of all worlds, thus building a brand-new form of expressing yourself through the choice of your garments.

Elastic straps, adjustable buckets, multipurpose accessories, and personalizable sets are how you can cater your outfit to your fancies. And you’ll have plenty to choose from! Beginning from the classic triangle tops and booty shorts and reaching to alternative designs with underboob cuts and high-hip outlines - limits are only where you choose to put them.

Given the fact that you’ll dance your soul away into the literal desert, the cuts are logically as minimalistic as you can imagine. Anyway, they are designed to stay put and give you full freedom of movement without making you worry about displacement.

pink and blue strappy two-piece set for festivals

The Themes and Motifs

Envisioning the invisible and traveling deep into the debris of worlds unknown - this is the only leitmotif worth exploring in the Burning Man 2022 outfits. So, can you imagine how broad of a choice this creates?

Indigo dancers, green serpents, trippy cosmic chicks, and psychedelic time travelers will gather in their shared mirage - the magic of Black Rock City. Women pick outfits for Burning Man 2022 based on their inner revenant, and the result will be nothing but a city of dreamers, all sharing the same dream.

So, what about the theme, you might ask? Of course, the theme is you, and it always has been.

burning man 2022 costume

How To Choose a Top-Tier Outfit for Burning Man?

Are you still wondering what outfits to wear for the Burning Man festival this summer? In fact, you can make an entire extended selection, reflecting each and every castle in the air you’ve built for yourself.

When selecting your best picks, you’ll probably start from the cuts and decide on the one that best suits your body type and your personal taste. Then, you’ll go through the colors and prints before you step into accessorizing the ultimate look.

Anyway, you can also keep it practical by considering a couple of extra details, such as:

  • A solid and non-see-through material that will feel thick and supportive;
  • A proper size that won’t create any discomfort or form any muffin tops;
  • A suitable design for the daytime and nighttime temperatures in Black Rock City;
  • A breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that will keep sweat away;
  • A durable print design that will keep your outfit ready to use for years to come.

The good news is that you’ve landed in the very right place! In the catalog of Devil Walking, you’ll find only the highest quality of materials, inks, designs, and patterns to reimagine yourself in. Because nothing feels like enjoying your inner experience while we take care of your outer appearance!

Enjoy fast worldwide delivery and satisfaction guarantee from the fashion boutique of the devils - the place where dreaming is a way of life now and always.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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