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Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Devil Walking's Wholesale Halloween Costumes, where imagination meets style in a spectacularly spooky way! This Halloween, offer your customers the ultimate experience in self-expression with our exclusive and imaginative costumes, all designed and manufactured from start to finish by our skilled team. Perfect for adults who love to stand out, our collection is a playground of horror and allure.


1. Check our terms & conditions for wholesale buying and selling below.

2. Click on "ENTER WHOLESALE". You will be redirected to the registration page.

3. Fill in the required fields and tell us more about you.

4. Within 1-2 business days, you will receive a password to our wholesale website to see our prices.

Devil Walking’s Official Wholesale Terms and Conditions

As part of our wholesale community, there are some important rules and terms that we need you to follow. These aren't just guidelines; they're official terms that help us work together smoothly and professionally. Let’s take a look:

1. Special Wholesale Prices: Our exclusive wholesale rates are specially designed for businesses looking to resell our products in their stores or online platforms.

2. Joining Our Wholesale Family: When you choose to order from us, it means you agree to follow these terms. Think of it as a mutual promise for a great partnership.

3. How to Order: Placing your wholesale order is easy! Just head to the ‘Wholesale’ section on the Devil Walking website.

4. Payment Options:

Bank Transfers: Available in USD & EUR.

Credit Card Payments: Accepted with an additional 3% charge.

PayPal Payments: Also accepted, but with a 6.4% extra fee.

Full Payment in Advance: Please complete your payment before we ship your order.

5. Suggested Retail Prices: We recommend prices on our website, but you're free to set your own.

6. Keep Our Prices Secret: The special prices we give you are confidential. Please don’t share them with others or give out your password.

7. Shipping Details: The cost of shipping is extra and depends on the weight of the package. We’ll let you know the cost after you place your order.

8. Duty Fees: We cover these for our friends in the US, European Union, and Australia. Buyers from other countries will need to handle these fees themselves.

9. Returns: If something’s not right, please write to us within 5 days of delivery, including the invoice number and your reasons. We need to approve your return before you send anything back.

10. Inspect for Damage: Check your order on arrival and report any problems within 5 business days. We’ll review it, and if we agree, we’ll make it right. Just a heads up: we can’t accept items back if they’re held for over 15 days or damaged due to mishandling.

11. Delivery Timeline: Orders typically get ready in 5-15 business days. This depends on the order size and time of year. Please note, we’re not responsible for delays caused by major events or other companies.

12. Respecting Our Brand: “Devil Walking®”, our website content, and product photos are ours alone. You can use them to sell our products, but that’s all. If we ask, please show us how you’re using them.

13. Agreeing to Our Terms: By deciding to buy our products wholesale, you’re not just getting fantastic clothes – you’re becoming a part of our creative journey. It’s important to remember that these terms are here to ensure a fair and successful partnership for both of us. When you place your wholesale order with us, it means you understand and agree to these terms. We take this seriously, and we’re thrilled to have partners who do the same.

Why Stock Devil Walking's Halloween Costumes?

Our range of Halloween costumes is a testament to our commitment to originality and quality. We understand the appeal of unique, well-crafted costumes, and we deliver just that – products designed and created entirely in-house, ensuring exclusivity and high quality that sets your business apart.

What We Bring to Your Business:

Adult Halloween Costumes

Explore a variety of styles – from tops and bottoms to two-piece sets and all-in-ones. Perfect for those who want to add a bit of devilry to their Halloween.

Women's Sexy Halloween Costumes

 A collection that blends horror with sexiness, featuring everything from classic skeletons to daring cyberpunk designs.

Men's Slim Fit Halloween Costumes

 Offer the men in your clientele the chance to embody their inner hero or villain with our range of zombies, mummies, robots, and more.

Couples Costumes for Halloween 2024

 Help couples steal the show with our matching Halloween costumes, perfect for a night of mischief and fun.

In-House Design and Manufacturing

At Devil Walking, every costume begins as an idea that is brought to life in our studio. Our design and manufacturing process is entirely in-house, ensuring that each costume is not just a garment but a piece of wearable art. This means your customers will enjoy unique, high-quality costumes that truly stand out.

Diverse, Inclusive, and Always Exciting

Our Halloween costumes are designed with everyone in mind. We believe in celebrating individuality and offer a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure there's a perfect fit for every customer.

Join Us in Making Halloween Extraordinary

Partner with us and bring a fresh, exciting range to your store this Halloween. We are committed to supporting your business with seamless order processing, timely delivery, and dedicated customer service.

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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