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Sexy woman wearing rave booty shorts for festivals with purple pearl print

7 Pairs of Booty Shorts You Absolutely Need for The Next Rave!

Rave culture? It is life, and love, and booty shorts!

Snug as Heaven, cheeky as Hell, and printed all over in different stately motifs, these rave booty shorts are a must-have for your wardrobe, are they not?

Below, you will find a list of Devil Walking’s essentials that can round out your rave outfit this summer. And the next one, and the one to come afterward. Because booty bottoms are totally timeless, and so is wildly raving in the night!

#1 X-Ray Skeleton Booty Shorts

X-ray skeleton rave booty shorts

Colors, patterns, and concepts blend in distinct contrast on the surface of these ones. They’re specially designed to fit the ambiance of any type of event - a summer EDM festival, a rave gathering, a cosplay event, and even the very Halloween night.

With illuminating x-ray bones and butterflies, they come in cold blue and neutral onyx black - stylish, sleek, and sensuous like no other. With a matching top or without - the x-ray skeleton booty shorts are the all-time number one on our list!

#2 Egypt Cat Booty Shorts

egypt cat printed booty shorts for women

Not all kitties are soft, and not all kitties are warm. Here, we have the three-eyed Sphynx booty shorts to skyrocket your savageness and make you stand out everywhere you go! The magnificent mystical print comes in black and gold - durable, high-quality, and bad to the bone.

The fabric and construction, on the other hand, make them picture-perfect. The high waist provides a mild tummy control effect, while the high-quality Italian Lycra is stretchy, supportive, solid, and non-see-through. So just jump in your motor boots and run ‘em wild!

#3 Lost Planets Booty Shorts

galaxy planets booty shorts for festivals

Galaxy prints are a notable trend, and you’ll be ready to conquer all frontiers in these babes! They are printed all over with colorful planets, drifting over the nebulae - glossy, off-beat, and utterly extraterrestrial.

The comfy friction fit will give you the freedom to dance and vibe with the rhythm - because our Lost Planets booty shorts are squat-proof and come in all sizes to match the shapes of your body type.

#4 Liquid Steel Rave Booty Shorts

rave booty shorts with liquid steel print

Mechanical designs and futuristic motifs are the beating heart of the rave, and so will be you in our Liquid Steel booty bottoms in black, white, and grey. They combine a hardcore robo-vibe with a satiny and tender liquified twist - both harsh and fragile, both brutish and noble.

Finished with a wide waistband on top, they feel just as exquisite as they look - tight on the skin, breathable, pliant, and supportive. Plus, their monochrome design makes them pairable with an infinite number of rave tops, accessories, shoes, makeups, and overall styling concepts.

#5 Rainbow Trip Booty Shorts

festival pride booty shorts with rainbow color print

A rainbow trip is a good kind of trip! Eccentric, lively, spirited, and all the way epic - these are our spectrum booty bottoms with curving ornaments of brilliance. As a part of our exclusive Pride Collection, they are dedicated to bringing the notion of freedom, inclusion, and unrestricted equity to be your most authentic self.

LGBT or not - the Rainbow Trip booty shorts are rightfully on our list of must-haves this season. They stand out with vividness and saturation - of colors, of motifs, or character, and of mind horizons.

#6 Purple Pearl Booty Shorts

purple pearl booty shorts women for festivals

Purplish and magenta hues come in hypnotizing ornamentation of opalescent supremacy - this pair can definitely add an extra overlay of grandeur to your rave vibe. As one of our officially most purchased items, the Purple booty shorts logically make it in our list of party essentials, especially when combined with a streamlined matching top.

Like all of the other garments in Devil Walking, they are available in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large - because style isn’t bound to the measures; it’s bound to the manner.

#7 Plain Black Booty Shorts

plain black booty shorts for rave festivals

Guess what? Nothing is the new black, because there is only one black, and it is straight eternal. So, our plain raven black booty shorts are here to help build the apparel concept of the hardcore rave classics.

They can be combined with virtually every top and shoe out there, serving as the ideal basis for unveiling your rave fashion potential. Old-school, single-colored, and highest-quality - this pair is indeed among the fundamentals in any rebel’s wardrobe. As solid and durable as they are, they are guaranteed to serve your party purposes well for years to come.

Ready... Steady... Rave!

How to style booty shorts? What to wear to the next rave? How to do the perfect glitter festival makeup? Oh, and what’s up with the upcoming festivals anyway?

Stay tuned on the Devil Walking’s blog to keep yourself posted about all things rave - from the culture to the style, from the outfit to the vibe!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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