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how to wear neck gaiters

8 Trendy Ways to Use Your Multi-Purpose Rave Neck Gaiter

 A staggering rave appearance is all about paying attention to every little detail. Or else said - rave accessories are a massive part of what turns a good outfit into a fabulous outfit!

Today, we are about to focus our attention on one of the finest, most adaptable, and perfectly functional party accessories - the rave neck gaiter.

When made of high-quality spandex and conceived with a multi-purpose design in mind, the neck gaiter can serve a large-scale diversity of purposes. Below, you will find the eight most comfortable, chic, and stylish ways to round out your rave appearance with the ideal elastic bandana.

Ready to explore all the possibilities?

#1 A Protective Face Covering

The dust of Coachella, the smoke of the Burning Man, or just the extra level of indoor protection - an elastic neck gaiter can serve as a snug face covering for multiple occasions. 

Need some more good news here? These super comfy rave accessories can already come as a built-in part of your festival gear. All you need to do is look for a rave top with a high-neck collar and have the pre-set combo ready to make you shine!

purple skeleton neck gaiter face mask@keranakosmos wearing Purple Skeleton Set

#2 A Fashionable Hairband

Do hairbands look old-school to you? Wait until you see them made of high-tech textile, printed in badass rave leitmotifs, and finished up with striking UV-reactive inks. 

Their flexible structure can help you create a distinct hairstyle, while your spandex bandana can quickly turn into a delicate tiara, a wider hair wrap, and even a soft yoga sweatband. Add a horror teeth print to that, and you get nothing but a next-level super rave flash.

#3 A Soft Neck Warmer

Got your little rave scarf ready for the following summer festival? The good thing is - you can keep on using it as a gentle neck warmer every other day of the year. As a matching EDM costume accessory or a focal point of your casual look - it will give you the vibes of alternativeness you’ve been looking for all along.

Highly breathable and utterly windproof, the designer-touch neck gaiters of Devil Walking are excellent for both the chilly autumn evenings and the hot summer nights. 

soft neck warmer @sarahsergey wearing Red Dragon Set with Neck Gaiter

#4 An Artistic Hair Wrap

Hair wrapping is an off-beat, exotic, and eccentric way to complement your appearance - no matter if you’re having a bad hair day or just an urge to be gracefully quirky. An elastic bandana, on the other hand, is among the easiest ways to style a headwrap with minimum effort and maximum durability, even during vigorous activities like dancing and partying. 

By the way, did you know that there are literally tens of ways to look gorgeous with a hair wrap neck gaiter? You are welcome to begin your inspiration journey with the video below. 

#5 A Light Beanie

That’s right - a printed spandex neck gaiter can turn into a tight beanie easier than one-two-three. But then, it gets even better - your beanie will remain property fixed all night long without falling down, getting displaced, or interfering with your scope of vision. 

To get to picture-perfect, we’ve designed our neck gaiters with a high-tech sunscreen fabric that resists ultraviolet rays. Summer festivals, here comes the blow!

#6 А Soft Wristband

Why wear uncomfortable and easily damaged jewelry when you can accessorize with the softness of a soft and seamless printed supremacy? Your neck gaiter can take several shapes and sizes, thus forming a smart and snazzy handwear - for your wrist, your elbow, or your upper arm. 

Once you don’t feel like wearing your cloth jewel anymore, you can repurpose it for a couple of seconds and turn it into any of the alternatives above and below. 

#7 A Balaclava Face Mask

For managing an extra-badass look, you can turn your printed neck gaiter into a full-face balaclava face mask - pure gold for raving, trick or treating, or just keeping yourself warm all over. 

This type of newly-formed cloth headgear can also be used for skiing and hiking, as well as a base moisture-wicking layer put underneath a motorcycle helmet. 

#8 A Useful Handkerchief

Last but not least - the handy moisture-wicking effect can convert your neck gaiter into a practical handkerchief during a party, a workout, or even a SPA procedure. It can comfortably fit in your pocket, your backpack, or your purse - it takes no extra space, guarantees quick drying, and takes the rave vibe wherever you go.

At the end of the day, a high-quality and durable neck gaiter can change shapes, sizes, and purposes on the go - thus proving to be your best friend both during party hours and all the rest on your daily to-do list. 

All you need to do is pick the pattern and make it work for you - with the kind support of the fashion boutique of the devils! 

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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