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EDM Festival Makeup: Tutorial & Tips

EDM Festival Makeup: Tutorial & Tips

This year’s festival season hits harder than ever before, and we are nothing but ready for it all the way! Now that you’ve probably already bought the ticket for some of the best EDM festivals in the world, all you need to do is get styled for the blast. 

First comes choosing a festival costume or a rave two piece set, right? But you’ve already done that. So, today we will guide you through the final round - getting your EDM festival makeup done and glorious. 

Let us go then, you and us. 

Are You Ready to Go Vivid?

When festival makeup is concerned, there are a couple of fundamentals to be listed, above all:

  • Festival makeup is not everyday makeup. Instead, it is supposed to be bright, vivid, bold, and off-beat. 
  • No one will judge. An EDM festival is all about expression, diversity, freedom, and inclusion. The braver the makeup, the better!
  • Bright and vivid means visible. If you don’t want your makeup to be noticed, that’s totally fine, and you can go with anything. If you instead want to use makeup as an outfit round-out, you are expected to make it rich, glistening, daring, and intense. Why? Well, because otherwise, no one will even notice it in the dancing jumble.

Now, Let’s Make it Stand Out!

Striking colors mean nothing if you only use them carefully and sparingly. Or else said: don’t be afraid to make the outlines bigger, put some extra quantity next to quality, and enjoy the result. 

This includes not merely your eyeshadows but every other little detail of the makeup also. Contouring, highlighting, lashes, brows, blush, and lipstick - you have the toolset; you make the rules.

In that line of thought, professional makeup artists often compare festival makeup to stage makeup. Because “All the EDM’s a stage, and all the men and women - merely players…

What About Adding Some Glitter?

Let’s put things this way - you can either immerse in the thousands of shining lights and neon illuminations of the EDM or reflect them instead. 

Glitter palettes, reflective cosmetics, and sparkling finishes will do the thing if you want to give out some extra light yourself. In the embedded video tutorial, you can notice the difference a bunch of glitters can make - and you will surely love it.  

...And Some Extra Shine?

There are literally hundreds of makeup enhancements that won’t go perfectly with your everyday life. But boy, they just fit the EDM makeup concept like a glove! These include, but are not limited to:

  • Colorful face gems;
  • Glitter face stickers;
  • Temporary face and eye tattoos;
  • Head and face jewelry;
  • Etc. 

Once again, you can see the difference those make to the final appearance - just go to the last couple of minutes in the EDM festival makeup tutorial embedded in this article.

Put Some Extra Effort to Make it Last!

Rapid movements, sweating, and lengthy partying can be a challenge for your makeup, no matter how high-quality and durable your structure details are. 

So finally, it would be very wise of you to use some specially made products for fixing your festival makeup in place. This can be a makeup fixing spray, for example, that you can mist every couple of hours. 

Then Go Hit the Roof!

Now that you are all set and done… It is time for owning the spotlight and going up the wall! 

With the wildest rave outfits in town and the continual tip updates in our blog section, Devil Walking shall be your truest partner in the rave!

Great choice! You are one step closer to enjoying your gear!


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